Unity, Misc. & The Circus present: LOVE feat. PETE TONG

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#22 • • Sampson Bujashaka

Individual, 18.5.2009 12:13:
Sampson, 18.5.2009 12:03:
*sydän*PETE TONG!*sydän* Ei paha!


Teh Lähde??

Club Unityltä tuli maili jossa ilmotettiin pääartisti ja muut infot. Pete Tongin eka visiitti Suomeen. Nice!

It soul good, bros and hos


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#24 • • Homegrove Further
Hmmmmm. Nyt kun Tong soittelee Abletonilla vois harkitakin, biisit yleensä ollut hallussa jos miksaaminen onkin mennyt yleensä harakoille.

Forward thinking house music

La Petite

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#25 • • La Petite Killed by selfish game, burned by acid rain...
Uuh, Pete Tong *sydän*

Rem tene, verba seqventur


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#26 • • Edited LOVE

Love Story 2: The Artist

There are many reasons why Pete Tong has been called 'The most powerful person in dance music' by Muzik Magazine. Or even 'The god of dance music' by The Independent. It might be the fact that on a weekly basis, there are more than 30 million live listeners to his BBC1 radio shows 'Essential Selection' and 'Essential Mix'. It might also be the fact that Daft Punk, Underworld, Tiësto, Basement Jaxx, Justice, Eric Prydz and pretty much everybody in dance music hope to get him to be the first to introduce their music to the world. Maybe it's the fact that since releasing the first ever house music compilation in the UK -- 'The House Sound of Chicago Vol 1' in 1986 -- he has sold millions of compilations for brands such as Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Cream, Mixmag and his very own FFRR label where he's signed such artists as Orbital and Goldie.

As the icon that he is, Tong was the inspiration behind the film "It's All Gone Pete Tong". As a producer he has assembled the music for movie soundtracks such as The Beach, Human Traffic and 24 Hour Party People, and has produced his own material under various guises. He's one of the biggest crowd pullers in clubland, including his legendery residencies at Pacha Ibiza and Ministry of Sound in London, and headlining slots all over the globe. It seems as if everything Pete touches turns into a long-lasting memory. Which explains why he's one of the most sought after figures in a scene that's built around music that turns into an experience.

The dance scene has changed a lot since Pete started, but one thing remains the same: "People love music, make no mistake about that, whether and how they buy it right now is one thing, but people still want to party... it's our job to come up with new parties, new nights, new venues, new themes to keep the scene fresh and exciting." Pete still sees his vocation as he did when he started out, playing other people's records to get an audience dancing. "We need to constantly remember why people want to come to clubs - which is simply to have a great time and feel the music." And here we are, ready to do just that.

LOVE is delighted to have Mr. Tong play his debut gig in Finland on a night that will be remembered for a long time.

www.myspace.com/petetong - www.petetong.com


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#27 • • LOVE
Full info updated. See the first post.

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#28 • • Amnesia
Hmm, vois päättää täällä mun kesäloman ekan osuuden *nauru* Tosin tulen ko. päivänä Kaakkois-Aasiasta ja olisin varmaan aika helvetin koomassa, maanantain työpäivästä nyt puhumattakaan :D

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Nice one!

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#30 • • thomas
tonkin pete, kyllähän tuo ois kiva

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#31 • • ValaX
tää olis kyllä kova juttu*tanssittel*

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#34 • • Zapa Mr Wrangler
Kyllä Tongin setit on ollut aina Pure Pachassa helvetin kovia, saaren parhaimpia iltoja vuosi toisensa jälkeen. Mulle tää on 2000-luvun kovin bookki Suomessa, joten jopa toiseen kertaan voin samassa topikissa ilmoittaa olevani NIIN täällä.


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#35 • • Mark d a n c e m a c h i n e s
no helvetti, tänne! *aplodit*




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#36 • • Wiko Jääpaappikakastin / Jätepuristin
Saattaapi olla että joutuu tääl parit tahdit heittään...EHDOTTOMASTI *jiihaa*

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#37 • • UzU [33100]

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#38 • • epicuros

Nuff 'said.

Valid criticism does you a favor.

dj upi

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#39 • • dj upi
Siis mitä helvettiä :D Pitäisköhän sitä puskee metsästä ekaan bussiin kohti himaa lol :D:D:D -JOOOO!!!
Roope Ankka

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#40 • • Roope Ankka

Tapi, 7.5.2009 18:14:
En tiedä kuinka teema Love sopii Circuksen tapaiseen wannabe-cooliin ja -blingiin mestaan, joka ei periaatteessa poikkea Onnelasta millään tavalla.

Tilana minusta se on erinomainen. Perusillat siellä ovat sitten niitä perusiltoja (tosin kaksi kolme astetta kympin skaalalla Onnelasta parempi). Odotusarvo on korkealla.