Best digital music distribution service 2018

By MondoTunes, Thursday 9.8.2018

Your music promoted by experienced and knowledgeable musicians who care. From production to publish, your success is our success. MondoTunes is the only global distribution company that offers custom press releases written by industry experts to help independent artists reach the world. Anyone can place ads on social media or music blogs, but your music fans can smell advertising a mile away.

Benefits of Joining Music Distribution channels

By MondoTunes, Wednesday 8.8.2018

What happens after I get my music in practically every available digital outlet on planet Earth.Well, first start by giving yourself a hand! Be proud that you wrote great tunes that new fans across the globe can download or stream while you get paid.You can get cheapest digital music distribution services at MondoTunes.By Joining MondoTunes Sell your music on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, and hundreds more.

Benefits of Online music Websites

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Online music web sites has bought an entertaining method for all the music lovers. Online music sites are now more in style then music TV channels.Online music web sites additionally offers you all kind of information related to music and likewise supplies you totally different wallpapers of music artists, bands and new albums to download.Music site give you opportunity to sell your music through digital music distribution.


What are best methods to sell music online

By MondoTunes, Monday 6.8.2018

If you have already got a following online then that's nice. It will likely be a lot simpler to sell to your followers who are already on-line listening to your music If you don't have a fan base on-line I extremely suggest that you try this earlier than you begin attempting to sell your music online. MondoTunes is the only company in the world that provides major label digital distribution of music to independent artists and labels globally. MondoTunes is the only global distribution company that offers custom press releases written by industry experts to help independent artists reach the can sell your music online with the world best digital distribution agency.

Ways of Online Music Distribution

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When you are waiting to your CDs to sell, you're part of the inventive technique of music making. You might be introduced to real-world situations to gain precious insights into the ins and outs of the music industry.
We make it easy to sell your music on hundreds of online retailers, mobile partners and streaming companies in 140+ countries.You can learn here more about Digital distribution

In order to promote music getting followers on your own is crucial. Major report firms decide artist and musicians who already establish a following. This doesn't simply mean having a MySpace with 20,000 associates however having true followers. These are the ones who support you, remark in your music and big you up by talking about you and spreading the phrase. Phrase of mouth is still one of the best form of viral promotion. Create or do one thing that will get individuals speaking. In hip hop that is normally carried out with dis information earlier than issues started getting right into a violent nature. You possibly can establish <a Social Network for MondoTunes an understanding between one other camp and do this forwards and backwards with no hurt meant and hold it on wax. 50 cent did this in considered one of his early records dissing everybody within the industry.

Get your music online

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In today’s music industry, there is a set, quality standard across the board. Listeners, labels, and other forms of artist support, look for albums that provide a similar quality sound to those that are making millions.We will push your levels so they can compete with all the top radio hits. However, we believe it is important to take the time to preserve the wonderful colors you, as the artist, has spent so much time creating.Join MondoTunes today to sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and 600+ more.

Granted plenty of musicians started their carriers by first getting hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube earlier than they had been signed right into a multi-million recording contract. This type of business mannequin, in reality, has this page confirmed to achieve success and efficient, and music producers have now shifted from the previous mannequin of on the lookout for abilities and building their names to the present mannequin of signing talents with established fan base.

Blame it the evolution of technology which provides just about anybody with Web and low cost mixing software the chance to submit his/her music. In fact, there's additionally unlawful downloads on-line that additional strain the already ailing industry.
To become profitable with music you want first you have to take a look at a Main Document Label like a Huge corporate financial institution or mortgage shark. They are corporate minded and company driven. It's not like the times of Motown, when talent was onerous to seek out and a real potential artist or track was a diamond within the rough. They'd put all their cash and heart into growing an artist maybe even mortgaging the house. These Here is Social Profile for MondoTunes days, record labels want to see that you're cash drawing potential. Higher yet they need to know that you are already getting cash selling cd's or promoting tickets to shows. They want to see a potential business partner already in motion. This is the way Rocafella data or Money Cash Millionaires began. They were already a working crew unit hustling exhausting getting cash lengthy earlier than they caught interest from a label.

Sell your music online

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sell music using distribution is all about digital movement MondoTunes help musicians sell their music in every area of their craft. From attracting new fans to putting on a great live can sell your music on iTunes,spotify,and on Google Play.If you want to sell your music online and looking for more Information about Digital music distribution


Dovie Cote’ Luna En Red CJ178

By Malcolm Starchild, Friday 30.12.2016

Dovie Cote’ Luna En Red CJ178

By Malcolm Starchild, Friday 30.12.2016

Playback42 " Will That Be all ??? "

By Malcolm Starchild, Monday 24.10.2016

Playback42 " Will That Be all ??? "
Enjoy The track below

DJ T- Rell “Beatdown Compilation Vol 1“

By Malcolm Starchild, Sunday 15.2.2015

It’s Da “Beatdown Compilation Vol 1” DJ T- Rell
DJ T-Rell / Itunes
DJ T-Rell / Juno
DJ T-Rell / Amazon

DJ T-Rell / Social Media
DJ T-Rell - Instagram



By Morfin Mafer, Saturday 22.11.2014


Pay The DJ!

By Beatsy, Monday 17.11.2014

Ota kantaa ja tue DJ -kulttuuria!

Tsekkaa video ja jaa hashtageilla #paythedj #homelessdj #beatsy


By JiiV3e, Saturday 27.9.2014


Beatsy - lisää keikkoja ja varma tapa saada esiintymispalkkiot

By Beatsy, Thursday 25.9.2014

Suomesta käsin toimiva, syksyllä 2013 aloittanut 'Beatsy' on lyhyessä ajassa noussut maailman suurimmaksi Electronic / Urban DJ'itä ja artisteja välittäväksi booking -alustaksi.

Rekisteröityminen on helppoa ja aina 100% ilmaista:

DJ't ja artistit voivat luoda platformille artisti -profiilin (signup as a DJ) ja käyttää hyväkseen useita ilmaisia promootiotyökaluja joiden avulla keikkamyynti ja tarjousten vastaanottaminen vaikkapa omalta Facebook -sivulta onnistuu helposti ja nopeasti.

Palvelua käyttää jo lähes 600 DJ:itä ja artistia, yli 40 eri maassa. Tsekkaa palvelu osoitteessa ja liity mukaan jo tänään.

Kun olet liittynyt heitä tähän alle kommenttina oma DJ nimesi niin annamme sinulle pienen shout-outin Beatsy FB -sivulla.

Beatsy Mixtape Platform

By Beatsy, Tuesday 23.9.2014


Finnish based 'Beatsy' is the leading online marketplace for booking live electronic music for your event.

Our new mixtape competition platform is meant for event organizers to maximize the social reach of their event through an engaging mixtape competition - field tested with the best event organizers in the dance music industry.

Check it out today at:

Beatsy - Book Electronic Music & Hip Hop DJs and Bands


By Malcolm Starchild, Monday 28.7.2014

Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP - MAMSW8

By Malcolm Starchild, Tuesday 13.5.2014

Chicago producer Donnie Tempo delivers another solid old school EP of Chicago House & Techno jamz for moreaboutmusic.

Listen & Go on a journey with Donnie Tempo
Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP Soundcloud Page
Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP CLONE.NL Page

Donnie Tempo Social Media
4tha3rdtime Facebook Page
4tha3rdtime Twitter Page
4tha3rdtime Myspace Page


Donnie Tempo - Switch Burnt EP - MAMSW8

By Malcolm Starchild, Tuesday 13.5.2014




By JiiV3e, Tuesday 18.2.2014

VicTor miKe:n nopea, sekä lyhyen opetuksen innoittamana sain tämän aikaan:
Ja seuraavalla kerralla parempi työ!