30.7.2011 Summer Sound Festival 2011

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#21 • • Edited tiberiuz Afecto // Rex Terrazza // Baleric Sunset
propsit kyl sanchezin sekä rivieran buukkaamisesta! En olis uskonu että ne hetkeen tulee suomeen mutta ilo olla väärässä :)... muutenki tuo suvilahden fasiliteetti sopii tälläiselle open air tapahtumalle hyvin vrt. flow & kraftwerk..

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#22 • • FunkyDee
Kovat bookkaukset. Vois ehkä piipahtaa paikalle.

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#23 • • Nigel-D
Aivan satavarmasti paikalle jo hyvissä ajoin ku tapahtuma alkaa. Toivottavasti ois vielä aurinkoista ja lämmintä. Vesi jo kielellä :P

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#24 • • Edited Timce
Kovasti tulee julisteesta ja nimestä mieleen muinainen Labyrinth Summer Sound System, jotka pidettiin muutamana vuotena RMJ:n ohessa.

Paikalla aivan ehdottomasti. Hyvin näyttäis olevan housea ja se jos mikä sopii kesään.

-Cook the man some fucking eggs-

-Jake the Muss


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#25 • • Edited SummerSoundFestival
Summer Sound Festival 2011

Huomenna virallisesti alkaa kesä! Summer Sound Festivaalien liput tulevat myyntiin Tiketiin 1.6 klo: 09:00! Varaa omasi nopeasti nimittäin vain 3000 nopeinta pääsevät nauttimaan tapahtumasta ja lippuja ei varmasti tule riittämään kaikille halukkaille.

Liput: www.tiketti.fi

Line UP:

Alex Kunnari (FIN)
Orkidea (FIN)
Heikki L (FIN)
K-System (FIN)
Something Good (FIN)
Lovetone (FIN)
Tom Fall (FIN)
Dosse (FIN)
Sergei Shkuroff (FIN)
Markus Maison & Will Dragen (FIN)
Jay Mellin (FIN)
Kaasi (FIN)

Lisää infoa: www.summersound.fi

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#27 • • Marjanpoimija
Mieletöntä, Mahtavaa!

Tällasii on odotettu 10 vuotta Stadiin, 7 lippuu varattu!
Bermudas Call

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#28 • • Edited Bermudas Call
Vähän mehustelua by Roger:

Ja vielä itselle ehkä se ikimuistoisin hetki A & B:n keikoilta tuolla pienessä, mutta tunnelmaa täynnä olleessa Onnelassa vuonna 2009:

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#29 • • Edited SummerSoundFestival
Tälläistä on luvassa! Juuri julkaistu Above & Beyound "Group Therapy"

"The biggest artist album of the year" Mixmag

"The emotion poured into these tracks is hard to fake" DJ Magazine


Youtube Video:

Firmly established as the UK’s most popular DJ/producers, Above & Beyond are at a tipping point with the release of their second album ‘Group Therapy’. Selling out famed concert halls on both sides of the Atlantic (including solo shows at L.A.’s Hollywood Palladium and Brixton Academy), the globetrotting Anjunabeats bosses have maintained a relentless weekly gigging diary at the biggest dance events on the planet

The first single from the album, the synth-driven stadium dance of ‘Sun & Moon’ is hooking major props from dance music mogul Pete Tong and getting playlisted on BBC Radio 1 - topping both the iTunes Dance and Beatport Trance charts along the way.

The success is the result of years of hard work for Above & Beyond, with a CV that includes performing to 1 million people on Barra Beach in Rio and soundtracking the launch of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo. Building up an unstoppable momentum in the past 12 months, the UK-based trio made their debut at the legendary Glastonbury festival last year and saw the 350th episode of their TATW radio show become the world’s top trending topic on social network Twitter in December.

Long respected as musicians of pedigree, Above & Beyond’s debut album ‘Tri State’ in 2006 was celebrated as “the fulfilment of any dance act’s ultimate album aspiration” in DJ Magazine’s 5/5 review. Unanimously praised, it transformed them from the standard-bearers of classy modern trance to genre-crossing electronic music greats.

Bringing Above & Beyond’s renowned blend of classic song-writing values and sleek electronic production into a contemporary context, their second album ‘Group Therapy’ will extend their appeal into the furthest reaches yet.

Combining elements of trance 2.0, house, electronica and even modern classical, ‘Group Therapy’ is a complete listening experience that includes the bittersweet orchestral beauty of piano opener ‘Filmic’, the dark tale of edgy electronic-house anthem ‘Black Room Boy’ and the ambient electronica of ‘Sun In Your Eyes’ – a track which recalls ambient’s early-90s glory days of Global Communication, Pete Namlook et al.

With tales of loves lost, found and confused at ‘Group Therapy’s heart, highlights like ‘Alchemy’, ‘You Got To Go’ (both sung by former Faithless/Bent vocalist Zöe Johnston) and future single ‘Thing Called Love’ (feat. Richard Bedford) are the antithesis of throwaway club music – adding depth, meaning and classic songwriting values to an album destined to go down as one of electronic music’s classic moments.

01. Filmic
02. Alchemy feat. Zoë Johnston
03. Sun & Moon feat. Richard Bedford
04. You Got To Go feat. Zoë Johnston
05. Black Room Boy (vocals by Tony McGuinness and Richard Bedford)
06. Giving It Out feat. Zoë Johnston
07. On My Way To Heaven feat. Richard Bedford
08. Prelude
09. Sun In Your Eyes
10. Love Is Not Enough feat. Zoë Johnston
11. Every Little Beat feat. Richard Bedford
12. Sweetest Heart feat. Zoë Johnston
13. Thing Called Love feat. Richard Bedford
14. Only A Few Things feat. Zoë Johnston
15. Eternal


“The UK’s new dance superstars”
Pete Tong, BBC Radio 1

“Glastonbury is not a Dance Music Festival and the Dance Area strives to bring the most popular and cutting edge acts from the many genres that make up Dance Music to the festival. Our aim is to represent the diversity of the scene to the 150,000 people on site. Above and Beyond have constantly been among the top dance acts in the world and we thought they would be the perfect act to close the Dance Village for Glastonbury Festival’s 40th Anniversary”
Biff Mitchell, Dance Village Programmer (Glastonbury Festival)

“One of the most discerning trance outfits in the business”

“The leading exponents of quality underground trance are changing people’s perceptions of the T-word”
DJ Magazine

"Above & Beyond are always head and shoulders above the rest" DJ Magazine

“There’s more to trance than extended drum rolls and arpeggiated riffs and Above & Beyond are here to prove it”
iDJ Magazine

“The saviours of trance”
DJ Magazine

“It's no surprise that A&B are such a global phenomenon as songs like this speak a hundred languages”


There are DJs who can rock a party, a club, a festival. And there are acts that can write songs that will bring out the goose bumps in you. But there’s only one group that can do both: Above & Beyond. Currently fifth in the DJ Magazine annual poll – the highest-placed Brits – in the last year alone, they have celebrated 10 years of their pioneering Anjunabeats label, made their debut at the 40th anniversary of Glastonbury festival, soundtracked the launch of Richard Branson’s new Spaceship and celebrated 350 episodes of their TATW radio show with a live broadcast from a sold out L.A.’s Hollywood Palladium – an event which became the top trending topic in the world on social network Twitter

While the trio remain resolutely humble, such achievements are becoming par for the course for Above & Beyond. In the year before (2009), they performed an acoustic show in a hot air balloon, and entranced a crowd of 8,000 in Beirut with their first full live show. For the world’s most famous trance trio, there are no limits. “There’s so much going on,” says Tony McGuinness. “We’re trying to do so many things.”

From remixing Madonna (2001), to winning Essential Mix of the Year (2004) or playing to one million people on the beach in Rio de Janeiro (New Year’s Eve 2007), Above & Beyond’s career has been a constant upward curve since the trio formed in 2000. Because Above & Beyond make music, pure and simple. That music happens to be electronic. And it connects. “We’re a group,” says Tony. “And we’re trying to connect with people. When you see people singing along as passionately as they do, I guess you’re getting it right.” The key difference is this: Above & Beyond are DJs, producers – and musicians. “We like to think of ourselves as songwriters first,” says Paavo Siljamaki, who with Jono Grant makes up the trio. “The most challenging thing is to write a song that really touches the listener.”

Creatively and geographically, Above & Beyond don’t believe in borders. Hence 2009’s full live band show in Beirut, Lebanon. “What an undertaking,” says Tony. “We decided to do a really big, high production live show. It was an enormous undertaking and a risk.” It was the first time they had translated the Above & Beyond sound to a live line-up – drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, singers Zoe Johnston and Richard Bedford. “People were blown away and we felt blown away by it ourselves,” says Tony. And Beirut left its mark. “They rebuilt the town centre, it’s beautiful,” says Tony. “But we did a photo shoot in an old Chevrolet showroom and it had bullet holes, and the driver had fought on that very roof, and was picking up shell cases and explaining what happened.”

At the other end of the scale, the group played an acoustic show for two fans and BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong in a hot air balloon as it sailed serenely over the English countryside. At one point, the driver flew the balloon at little more than a metre over a field of wheat. “It’s like a dream sequence in a movie, because you’re not flying fast or up and down, you’re looking at something you would never see in nature,” says Tony.

And when Richard Branson needed a theme tune for the unveiling of his new Virgin Galactic spaceship in the Mojave Desert with California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, he turned to Above & Beyond. Jono DJed at the event. And ‘Buzz’, the track Above & Beyond provided, delighted the ‘ship’s designers with its sleek, rocket-fuelled, trance dynamics and crackly radio dialogue by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. “They thought it was perfect, thought it had the right resonance,” says Jono.

From sold out solo shows at venues such as London’s prestigious Brixton Academy to major festivals like America’s Coachella, Above & Beyond have a unique ability to captivate and engage audiences. Their music has grandeur and melody, but it’s edged with steel too. There are dark shadows among the sweet moments. Trance is too small a word for their cinematic, ambitious sound - it’s bigger than genres.

THE trio are experienced musicians who know their way around a studio. Tony McGuinness was marketing director for Warner Brothers Records – but for years previously was the guitarist/songwriter of cult indie band Sad Lovers & Giants. Asked to organize a remix of Chakra’s ‘Home’ in 2000, he joined together with Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamaki - and Above & Beyond was born. “By coincidence we ended up putting three individuals with complimentary and different talents into the mix,” says Tony.

Jono Grant first discovered dance music when he borrowed his brother James’s cassette of Paul Oakenfold’s classic Goa mix – and fell in love with its sweeping melodrama. Already training as a classical pianist and guitarist, he was inspired him to build his own studio, taking on part time jobs to fund his equipment. “I managed to save up enough money from mowing the lawn to buy a drum machine,” he laughs. When he arrived at London’s University of Westminster, he had a small, yet compact studio. His first production was a remix of Strike’s Top Five hit ‘U Sure Do’.

Paavo had arrived at the same university from his native Finland. Also classically trained on cello and piano, he was studying music business. The two met one beery night and Jono proceeded to play his latest productions. “Let’s write a track together,” Paavo told Jono. They pooled their studio resources in one mad taxi dash, and Anjunabeats was born. It is now one of the most famous labels on the world stage.

In 2001, Above & Beyond remixed Madonna’s ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’ after Tony talked his way into her manager’s office – and into a remix. “We were pitching for the stars at that point,” smiles Paavo. Madonna used their mix for her controversial hot rod rampage video, directed by her husband Guy Ritchie. Other remixes have included Dido’s ‘Sand In My Shoes’ and Britney Spears’s ‘Everytime’. Their first single proper, 2002’s ‘Far From In Love’ with Kate Cameron, became a dance anthem. Their 2006 album ‘Tri-State’ was greeted with rave reviews. “Brilliant,” said DJ Magazine. “The ultimate fulfilment of any dance act’s ambition.” It was the song-writing that shone through - sweeping from euphoric melodies to atmospheric down-tempo moments. “We felt the perfect album wouldn’t be 12 club tracks but a collection of songs that take you on a journey,” says Paavo. “There were moments where we weren’t really sure. But in the end we feel we made something we could be proud of.”

One of the album’s many standouts is ‘Alone Tonight’ whose otherworldly melodies and heartfelt vocal performance from Richard Bedford resonate with audiences all over the world. “A lot of people who go to clubs are single, and that song is about being in a relationship but feeling alone,” says Jono. “So it resonates.” Under their Oceanlab alias with singer/songwriter Justine Suissa, they also produced the unforgettable ‘Satellite’. Another lyric with universal appeal – which Tony wrote about Paavo and his Japanese wife, when both were on opposite sides of the world – coupled with melodies to make you shiver and a vocal drenched in emotion. It too has become a vocal trance classic and live favourite.

Yet Above & Beyond aren’t just consummate musicians and songwriters, they are also world class DJs. Their Trance Around The World radio show airs on over 20 FM, Internet and Satellite stations worldwide and has just celebrated its 350th show. They began their DJing career in front of 8,000 people in Tokyo in 2002. In 2004 they won BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the Year. They are Number Five in DJ magazine’s prestigious poll. “To be among such great DJs is a real honour,” says Paavo. “There are people above and below that I really, truly respect.”

Their ‘Anjunabeats 100’ album – a collection of the very best tracks from their universally respected label - included a DVD documentary of the shows the group played over the Christmas holidays in 2007 in Goa, India and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they celebrated New Year with a million people. A peak in a career that has been full of them. “It was life-changing,” says Tony. “Amazing to look out and see that many people. In some ways it was too big to comprehend!”

WHAT audiences around the world also respond to is the professionalism and enthusiasm that Above & Beyond bring to their art. There is a warmth about the trio that people love. Tony is the one who gives it all on stage. “Tony is really the rock n’ roll star of the whole crew,” says Paavo. Tony sums up his band members with equal enthusiasm. “Jono is ambivalent about the incredible talent he has. He has a lot of energy, he is fearless when he’s DJing and is always in a good mood.” If Jono’s contribution is an effortless musicality, says Tony, Paavo adds heart and soul. “What he brings is a sense is how to bring out the emotion in a track.”

The ongoing Above & Beyond world tour continues. They recently sold out L.A.’s Hollywood Palladium in just over an hour and added a second show at the venue due to overwhelming demand. In the studio, they moved towards a fusion of house and trance with their gorgeously anthemic remix of Dirty Vegas’s ‘Tonight’ – recorded in just 24 hours as part of the Ibiza Winter Music Conference – a trend they are extending with much of the material on their eagerly anticipated ‘Group Therapy’ album. It’s a direction the group are also following with their Anjunadeep label, which hit Number One on the US iTunes album chart for the third year running with its annual mix compilation. “It felt to us like the road between house and trance used to be fairly empty,” notes Tony. “Now that has turned into an eight lane highway.” The ‘Anjunadeep:01’ album included a daring, soaring remix of Radiohead’s ‘Reckoner’. “We always wanted to work with a Thom Yorke vocal, they’re one of the most distinctive groups in the world,” says Tony. Meanwhile their Oceanlab ‘Sirens Of The Sea’ album also reached Number One in the itunes Dance Album chart with hits like ‘On A Good Day’ and ‘Lonely Girl’.

Now they’re set to enter a new phase in their evolution with the release of their anticipated ‘Group Therapy’ album – the follow-up to 2006’s critically acclaimed ‘Tri-State’. Above & Beyond are a team of perfectionists, constantly striving to get better. With the album’s first single ‘Sun & Moon’ currently riding high on BBC Radio 1’s playlist and receiving club support from all the key trance tastemakers across a variety of genres, it looks like they’re hitting their high targets.

“You get more out of life by collaborating,” notes Tony. “We’re always trying to grow.” And what they do is make music with melody, movement – and meaning. Music, in short, that matters to people across the globe. “You can do stuff that is popular without selling out,” says Jono. “If you do something with quality, people respond to that.” Which is why even when they are half a world away, audiences always make Above & Beyond feel at home.

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#30 • • Edited Zuho
Lippu hankittu, pitää nyt vaan toivoa, että viikonloppuvapaa osuu kohdilleen :) PS: Todella hyvä line up Suomeen.

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#31 • • SummerSoundFestival
Hei ihmiset,
nyt teillä on mahdollisuus osallistua artisti haastatteluihin!
Mitä haluaisitte kysyä:
1. Above & Beyond
2. Roger Sanchez
3. Chicane
4. Robbie Rivera
5. Kaskade
6. Judge Jules

Teemme minihaastattelun kustakin artistista ja haluamme antaa teille mahdollisuuden kysyä heiltä jotain. Parhaat kysymykset viedään eteenpäin.

Olkaa nopeita niin saadaan haastikset eteenpäin ajoissa!

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#32 • • Mikcore Eternity has passed
Onhan tuolla ainakin Jules :)

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#33 • • Wolverine

Replying to 30.7.2011 Summer Sound Festival 2011 :

Hei ihmiset,
nyt teillä on mahdollisuus osallistua artisti haastatteluihin!
Mitä haluaisitte kysyä:
1. Above & Beyond
2. Roger Sanchez
3. Chicane
4. Robbie Rivera
5. Kaskade
6. Judge Jules

Teemme minihaastattelun kustakin artistista ja haluamme antaa teille mahdollisuuden kysyä heiltä jotain. Parhaat kysymykset viedään eteenpäin.

Olkaa nopeita niin saadaan haastikset eteenpäin ajoissa!

Chicanelta kysyisin että minkälaista oli työskennellä aikanaan Walesin Tiikerin (Tom Jones) ja mistä ne edes sai päähänsä tehdä yhteistyötä? Stoned in love oli kyllä niin kesän 2006 biisi, hyviä muistoja <3

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#34 • • Edited SummerSoundFestival
SUMMER SOUND FESTIVAL 2011 - artisti haastattatelu no.1 - DJ K-System (Push Up)

1. Hei K-System, hienoa saada sut mukaan Summer Sound Festivaaliin!
Kiitoksia, on mielestäni tosi siistiä saada olla osallisena tälläisessä ainutlaatuisessa tapahtumassa!

2. Mitä kuuluu, mitä oot puuhaillut viimeaikoina?
Ihan hyvää kuuluu kiitos, Kevät ja alkukesä on kulunut ahkerasti studion penkkiä kuluttaen, ja meitsin pitkä-aikainen K-System projekti on saanut rinnalleen enempi Houseen keskittyneen "Kimble K" aliaksen. Ensimmäinen sinkku tuolla nimellä on jo julkaistu jenkkiläisellä Nervous-levymerkillä ja lisää on vielä tulossa.. :)
Kimble K & Flight - Dandadei (Original Mix)

3. Kuvaile itseäsi deejiinä ja ihmisenä?
Deejiinä energinen ja yllättävä, ihmisenä mukava ja huumorintajuinen mies.

4. Kaikkien aikojen kesäbiisi?
Hmm.. aika vaikea laittaa järjestykseen, mutta heitetään nyt vaikka Funkstar Deluxe F. Bob Marley - Sun is shining
Funkstar Deluxe F. Bob Marley - Sun is shining

5. Lopuksi oma tweet Summer Sound Festivaaliin osallistuville ihmisille?
Summer Sound Festival 2011, K-System's gonna rock the house!

Summer Sound Festival homepage:

Summer Sound Festival event:

Summer Sound Facebook page:

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SUMMER SOUND FESTIVAL 2011 - artisti haastattatelu no.2 - Something Good (Nocturnal Groove)

1. Moikka Something Goodies, hienoa saada teidät mukaan Summer Sound Festivaaliin!
Moikkamoi! Huikeeta päästä messiin Suvilahteen. On tosi siistiä nähdä, että Suomessa on kysyntää laadukkaille EDM tapahtumille ja tällä kertaa myös lineup on kansainvälistä tasoa! Good!

2. Mitä kuuluu, mitä ootte puuhailleet viimeaikoina?
Kevät on menny varmaanki nopeemmin ku koskaan.. Vuosi alko Danceterian keikalla ja siitä rynnättiinki melkein heti ekalle ulkomaankeikalle Saksan Hannoveriin. Soitettiin vanhassa olutpanimossa vajaalle tuhannelle hengelle. Meidän ensimmäinen isompi julkasu, 'Ride', tuli Nocturnalilta maaliskuun tuntumassa.

Kevät on tuonu mukanaan hauskoja keikkoja Vaasasta Helsinkiin, maalta merelle (tai vesihuvipuistoon). Studiohuone on käyny tasasella lämmöllä ja kesää vasten on tulossa uus EP sekä uus taiteellisempi julkasu Maratonin hengessä johon ollaan kuvattu myös musavideo. Ja tässä nyt sit ollaan, kesää vasten. Luvassa mm. Loveboatia, Mixxediä, Kappelia ja Keilaniemen kattoterassia.
Something Good - Ride (Nocturnal Groove)

Something Good (On Tour Hannover)

3. Kuvailkaa itseänne deejiinä ja ihmisenä?
Me ollaan realistisen pessimistisiä optimisteja joilla riittää energiaa ja draivia. Meidän ydinjuttu on lavalla, kun päästään vetää yhdessä ja se mieletön energia vetää muitaki mukaan mukaan. Toinen juttu mikä on meille hirveen ominaista on se, että meillä ei oo mitään superselkeetä signature-saundia. Ku käy meidän julkasuja läpi, huomaa pian että me ollaan tehty progea, housea, techiä, indiä ja melkein jopa rokkia. Niin ja tietty ollaan (tietääksemme) Suomen ainoa DJ-kaksikko joka on juossut kaks maratonia yhdessä? Orion on vedelly noita puolikkaita, mutta toivon mukaan liittyy herrasmiesklubiin ens kesänä.
Something Good - Marathon (Nellie)

4. Kaikkien aikojen kesäbiisi?
Maarit - Jäätelökesä

5. Lopuksi oma tweet Summer Sound Festivaaliin osallistuville ihmisille?
Töttöröö! Muistakaa käydä lenkillä ja juoda tarpeeks karpalolonkeroa.

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Summer Sound Festival Facebook page:

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SUMMER SOUND FESTIVAL 2011 - artisti haastattatelu no.3 - Sergei Shkuroff (Madwave)

1. Terve Sergei, hienoa saada myös sut mukaan Summer Sound Festivaaliin!
Morjens! :) Ilo on täysin puolellani, on erittäin siistiä olla osa tämän luokan artistikokoonpanoa!

2. Miten menee, mitä oot puuhaillut viimeaikoina?
Kesä on startannut tosi makeasti, on ollut muutama siisti ulkomaan keikka Lontoossa ja Amsterdamissa, myös Suomessa menee tosi lujaa. Pian on vuotuinen Ibizan keikkareissu, ja sen jälkeen luonnollisesti SSF!

3. Kuvaile itseäsi deejiinä ja ihmisenä?
DJ:na olen aina panostanut tyylien hienoiseen sekoitteluun, aina letkeästä housesta technon ja progen kautta tranceen, jotta setti olisi aina yllätyksellinen ja monipuolinen, eikä jättäisi ketään kylmäksi. Muutama klassikkokin on settiini aina mahtunut. :) Ihmisenä näkisin itseni avoimena hedonistina, ilman sitä olisi aika hankalaa soittaa levyjäkin :)

4. Kaikkien aikojen kesäbiisi?
Saako olla kaksi? :) Filterheadz - Yimanya tai Pitto - Feelin' (District One remix) , vaikea päättää kumpi on parempi!
Filterheadz - Yimanya

Pitto - Feelin' (District One remix)

5. Lopuksi oma tweet Summer Sound Festivaaliin osallistuville ihmisille?
SSF on ehdottomasti kovin konemusajuttu Suomessa tänä kesänä, kaikki messiin! :)

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Summer Sound Festival Facebook page:

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#37 • • Edited SummerSoundFestival
SUMMER SOUND FESTIVAL 2011- artisti haastattatelu no.4 - Dosse (Radio NRJ)

1. Hei DOSSE!!!, hienoa saada sut mukaan Summer Sound Festivaaliin!
Ilo on täysin mun puolella... ja jännitys... ja sydämentykytykset! Onpa reilua kutsua mut soittamaan teidän nimekkäiden starojen kanssa samaan tapahtumaan, että joudunki jännittämään näin paljon :)

2. Mitä kuuluu, mitä oot puuhaillut viimeaikoina?
Päivätyössä radiossa on menny hyvin useesti iltaan asti. Oikeestaan jäljelle jääny vapaa-aika onkin menny kuntoillessa ja studiossa valmistellessa mun uuden artistiminän esiintuomista… josta lisää myöhemmin.

3. Kuvaile itseäsi deejiinä ja ihmisenä?
DJ:nä oon aikalailla samanlainen kuin ihmisenäkin, eli vähän sählä. En tykkää liian sliipatusta meiningistä, mikä bäkyy ja kuuluu mun soittamisessa eklektisinä biisivalintoina ja erityylisinä vaihtoina. Vaikka arvostankin teknisesti taitavia jätkiä, mä annan itse enemmän arvoa sellaselle showlle mikä saa jengin fiiliksen kattoon keinoja kaihtamatta ;)

4. Kaikkien aikojen kesäbiisi?
Macar.. *kröhöm* jostain syystä mulle kiteytyy se kesän kiireettömyys ja ihmisten iloisempi olemus Kerri Chandlerin Bar A Thym-kipaleesta. Eikä se lehmänkellokaan biisiä pahenna, päinvastoin.
Kerri Chandlerin - Bar A Thym

5. Lopuksi oma tweet Summer Sound Festivaaliin osallistuville ihmisille?
It don’t get much bigger than this! Tuu ni tiedät mistä lapsenlapsille sit puhutaan ;)

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the tourist

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#38 • • the tourist
Roger Sanchez, Robbie Rivera ja Kaskade, JEJ!!!

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#39 • • UkeUke
Onpas aika menny nopeesti, kohta tää on ihan käsillä jo!*aplodit*

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#40 • • milessi Jai
Pahasti keskellä lomaa mutta pakko tulla! *joo*

josko sitä sitten tanssahtelemaan