Terrace: die BOX (Hilla Liila & Mora)

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Sunshine week ahead, Merikerho's windless terrace is open on all week wed-sun 14-19 ☀

Friday sounds by Hilla Liila & Mora (die BOX)

Free entry, welcome
Please respect the safety measures:
- Come to the venue only if you are free of any flu or covid19 symptoms
- Wear a mask until you are at a table with your own company. Please wear a mask when visiting toilets.
- Use hand disinfectant upon entry to the venue and mind hand hygiene
- No dance floor is allowed at this point. But you may dance at your own table with your friends.
- We are a cashless, card and smart payment only venue
Let’s keep on maintaining safety to finally bring the infections down. After all, we are all in the same boat