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Ilokivi - OnStage

·۰•●○● Aamu presents: SAMHAIN
·۰•●○● 26.10.2018 @ Ilokivi, Jkl
·۰•●○● 22.00 - 05.00 8€ K18

◈ Join us on our journey from light into darkness. Rid your mind of the past sunshine, and embrace the upcoming winter. Be brave but kind, dance alone but together, get freaky but stay cool. This rite of passage will go on for seven hours and it is accompanied by an intensive psychedelic soundtrack, which is delivered by the following experienced shamen:

◐ Witch Freak (Banyan Records, IT)
◑ Uncool Tom (Color Reef)
◐ Looney Boon
◑ Delic
◐ Luulisin
◑ Köpä

◈ Festive decorations will be conjured by Hexagon, Color Reef and Aamu.