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Tyranoid/Strongstream, also known as Tyranoid vs Michael Strongstream, is a producer duo making hard electronic dance music. They are based in Helsinki, Finland.

Tyranoid (Rauli Valo) and Strongstream (Mikael Wahlström) made their first tracks together in 2003. Both Tyranoid and Strongstream have been into electronic music since the early 90's, although until 1998 their primary musical interest was in metal and industrial music.

Their liking for hard and aggressive music is still evident. Tyranoid/Strongstream's tracks are a mixture of different influences from various genres of electronic dance music, e.g. hard nrg, techno, acid, freeform, industrial and psy. They prefer real analogue synthesizers and effect units for edgier and warmer sound. Their tracks include lots of samples from films, television, games and beyond. Tyranoid/Strongstream try to make tunes that differ from mainstream hard dance while still being enjoyable to listen and dance to.

Most of all, Tyranoid/Strongstream is a live act. They love playing on stage and having a good contact with the audience. Duo's live gig highlights so far include Konemetsä festival, Säde parties in Helsinki and a two-club mini tour in Poland. Tyranoid/Strongstream's tracks have been released on vinyl, CD and digital by labels such as FINRG, Stay Up Forever Projects, Scythe Squadron and Kreatrix.

Tyranoid/Strongstream's music is influenced and inspired by bands and DJs such as Carbon Based, Hardfloor, The KLF, Kraftwerk, Lab4, Ministry, DJ Neon, Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy and DJ Proteus.


Osmo - 2023 (Tyranoid vs Michael Strongstream remix)
[Scythe Squadron, SCYTHE002]

Epyx & Cyrez vs Tyranoid/Strongstream - Usurper
[Kreatrix Evilution, EECD029]
Tyranoid/Strongstream vs Substanced - Still Hope?
[Kreatrix Evilution, EECD035]

Tyranoid vs Michael Strongstream - Stalingrad
[40 Tons Of Dead, 40TOD09]
Tyranoid/Strongstream - New Age
[FINRG Hybridize, HDIZE1046]
Tyranoid/Strongstream - Return to Base
[FINRG Hybridize, HDIZE1047]
Tyranoid/Strongstream - Saturn
[FINRG Hybridize, HDIZE1048]
Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss - Massive Line (Tyranoid/Strongstream remix)
Stay Up Forever Projects, SUFPROJECTS002A4

Future gigs:
13.07.2013 @ Anthema Open Air, Road 66, Kotka.
27.07.2013 @ Thirteen Festival, Räyskälä
13.09.2013 @ TBA, Finland

Past gigs:
05.01.2013 @ After Mayhem, Playground, Helsinki (Strongstream DJ/live set)
14.11.2012 @ Club Vatican, Helsinki (Strongstream DJ set)
10.11.2012 @ Hard Sounds 5 Years, Moscow (Tyranoid DJ/live set)
12.10.2012 @ Club Vatican, Helsinki (techno dj/live)
06.10.2012 @ MegaHardUgParty, UG, Helsinki (live set b2b Epyx & Cyrez)
15.09.2012 @ 4x4, UG, Helsinki (Tyranoid DJ set)
31.08.2012 @ Harder.fi @ Playground, Helsinki (Tyranoid DJ set)
18.08.2012 @ SÄDE TOUR 2012 - SÄDE & FINRG, Senssi, Lahti
10.08.2012 @ Futuristics & Harder.fi Summer Mashup, Club10, Tampere (Tyranoid DJ set)
01.06.2012 @ KOLINA-PRODUKTIO: Summer Starter, Laterna, Tampere
12.05.2012 @ Harder.fi: HEAVEN vs HELL, Playground, Helsinki
08.04.2012 @ INNOWATION presents: Super Sunnuntai, Tivoli, Rovaniemi
06.04.2012 @ INNOWATION presents: We Live For The Weekends!, Tivoli, Rovaniemi
03.03.2012 @ 10 YEARS OF FINRG, Senssi, Lahti
15.10.2011 @ SÄDE - 13TH BIRTHDAY, Gloria, Helsinki
20.08.2011 @ E <3 H Kesäsiirtola, UG
08.07.2011 @ Raveisland 2011, Kuusisaari, Oulu
12.03.2011 @ KOLINA-PRODUKTIO presents RujoNic 24th birthday bash, Laterna, Tampere
10.12.2010 @ Innowation presents: One Night In Rovaniemi
30.10.2010 @ Halloween 2010, Kuusisaari, Oulu
10.09.2010 @ Säde UG 3, Helsinki
06.08.2010 @ BErmuDA - The Third Touch, UG, Etelä-Savo
24.07.2010 @ E <3 H Kesäsiirtola, UG
09.07.2010 @ Raveisland 2010, Kuusisaari, Oulu
13.05.2010 @ Electroday, Club Griboedov, St Petersburg, Russia
03.10.2009 @ HYTKY: KLONKS, Helsinki
22.08.2009 @ E <3 H Kesäsiirtola, UG
04.07.2009 @ Konemetsä 2009, Marttila
27.06.2009 @ Fusion Drive presents: Final Fallout, Helsinki
25.04.2009 @ The Day X 2009, Oulu
05.12.2008 @ FINRG 512, Helsinki (Tyranoid in Hybridize collective)
01.11.2008 @ The Halloween, Oulu
09.08.2008 @ Lawatanssit, Virrat
02.08.2008 @ Assembly Rave, Helsinki
05.07.2008 @ Fallout 2, Helsinki
18.01.2008 @ Koneradio Birthday Massacre, Ylöjärvi
24.08.2007 @ Teisko UG 3, Tampere
03.08.2007 @ Säde, Gloria, Helsinki
25.07.2007 @ Fury 3rd Birthday Tour, Nightclub Diva, Lahti
30.06.2007 @ Fallout, Helsinki UG
28.10.2006 @ Private Halloween party, Jyväskylä
07.10.2006 @ Crossed, Szczecin, Poland
06.10.2006 @ Wagon, Wroclaw, Poland
18.08.2006 @ Teisko UG 2, Tampere
21.07.2006 @ The Barefoot Party 2006, Kajaani
26.08.2005 @ Teisko UG, Tampere
22.01.2005 @ Club Alternative, Helsinki

Website: www.tyranoid.net

E-Mail: [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tyranoidstrongstream

Tel: +358-50-5872757

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Päivitystä, keikkaa ulkomaassa ja muuta.

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#6 • • Tyranoid FINRG
Tehtiinpä guestmix New Tech Pirates -radiossa pyörivään Space Sentinelz Showhun. Sunnuntaina 14.1. klo 16-18 on ohjelma kuultavissa, meidän tunnin mittainen setti alkanee joskus 16.30 aikoihin.

Ja osoite on: www.newtechpirates.com

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Yleistä päivitystä. Keikat, bio ja muuta.

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#11 • • nomic Finrg / Hybridize / Paine / Nu-Energy / Kreatix
Dune-setti ollut kovassa soitossa. Juuri sitä oikeaa myrskyilyä. Jatkakaa, olkaa hyvät! *grr* *plur* *jiihaa* *sydän* *örörörörörörör*

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#13 • • Tyranoid FINRG
Three tracks defining the new sound of Tyranoid/Strongstream have been released on Finland's leading hard dance label FINRG Hybridize. New Age, Return to Base and Saturn are more techno influenced and a few bpms slower than Tyranoid/Strongstream's previous tracks but not a bit less hard and energetic.

Now available for FREE download from FINRG website. Grab yours and prepare for more tracks to be released very soon!

FINRG download page: http://www.finrg.com/downloads/

Direct download links:




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#16 • • Tyranoid FINRG
Tyranoid/Strongstream will appear on radio show Dark Side hosted by DJ Proteus on Tue Aug 3rd! Expect lots of unreleased material and some erratic discussion. Tune in at 102,8 MHz (Helsinki area) or http://www.basso.fi/popup_player.php (rest of the world) from 9 pm to 11 pm Finnish time.

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#19 • • Tyranoid FINRG
New gig dates:

12.03.2011: KOLINA-PRODUKTIO presents RujoNic 24th birthday bash @ Laterna, Tampere
08.07.2011: Raveisland 2011 @ Kuusisaari, Oulu