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It’s soon Christmas time and we are ready for the final blast before the holidays!!!

7th Heaven Lab & Future Shamans proudly presents :
X”MAS ROAST PART II with legendary Trance Master from Parvati Records - JAHBO ( LIVE + DJ)

Suomisaundi Stage will be taken over by some of the most weirdest artist you can find from Finland.
110% guaranteed spugedelia!!!

Jahbo was born in 1981 in a hippie society in the north of Denmark. As a basic member of Parvati Records he started to appear on this label acts like a pioneer in the psytrance scene since it's beginning as well as the confidential person for Giuseppe, and relentless helped building up this special base for the extraordinariness in the music scene.
Working in a music shop in his real life he is always refining his production skills meticulously to define his extraordinary and most definitely recognizable style at his recent state of the art and his tracks basically have this special charme of a tripped out mushroom atmosphere.
Morphing soundscapes, wobbling basslines and an immense potion of the right humor spangled with a lot of twisted effects and surrealistic leads are a defined earmark of Jahbo tracks and so he was playing all around the globe on almost all important festivals with his exceptional live gigs and absorbing sets.
He appeared on many releases, mainly on his homelabel in Denmark as well as on leading psytrance labels with the ideology of twisted trippy psytrance, with his solo project Jahbo, as well as under different collaborations as Abracadabra, Red Eye Jah, Psilo Cowboys.

Resent releases and albums

Last event and festivals:
Universo Paralello, Freags of nature, Eclipce, Ozora, Psy-Fi, Free Earth and many more...


JAHBO (Parvati Records, DK) - 1,5 H LIVE + DJ


VERTICAL (Parvati Records, FIN) – LIVE


DREADLOCK TALES ( Green Tree Records, FIN) – LIVE


EVOCATONE (AURA / Blue Hour Sounds, FIN) – LIVE


INVERSE OUT (Bmss Records/Original Pranksters, FIN) – LIVE


SUNSHINE ( Insomnia Records, RU)


RAHUMAN (Future Shamans, FIN)


TURBULENCE ( AURA, Purple Hexagon Records, FIN)















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FLYER: PsyflyArt

Advance: 25€ Cybershop ( Helsinki Railway station)
Door: 30€

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SUNSHINE (Insomnia Records, RU)
DJ Sunshine also known as Konstantin got acquainted with psychedelic trance music in early 2000s. He played first dj-set in 2003 and during 2005 has established the label Technical Freaks Family running and supporting nighttime psytrance parties in Moscow. Sunshine was one of the pioneers of night psytrance sounds in Russia, from 2005 till 2009 he has successfully arranged parties with almost all innovative artists of the genre during that time.
Since 2009 Sunshine is the active member of Insomnia Records where he contributes as a dj, label manager and co-organizer of the parties. He has performed on a huge amount of festivals and openairs in Russia, India, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Ukraine, Belgium, Thailand and Lithuania.
Kostya is the constant participant of many Russian and foreign psytrance events such as Tangra, FreqsofNature, LostTheory, YagaGathering and many more. During 2014 DJSunshine along with Insomnia Records founder DJ Becar compiled VA – Crash Test, in 2016 he released his own compilation VA – Sink or Swim and in 2018 the new compilation is on the way which will be also released by the homelabel Insomnia Records.

Evocatone is a co-operation of Viktor Storm & A.Sarvela, two avid explorers of nightly psychedelic soundscapes. The project is characterized by phat cunning basslines, abstract sound design, evocative sounds to excite the ear ,body & brain. We aim to keep the project deep & surreal yet maintain a strong level of positively psychedelic dancefloor-action.

Dreadlock Tales is a Helsinki based DUB project founded and operated by Kimmo Tyni since 1999. Performing strictly with original Dreadlock Tales music. Preferably with a Reggae Sound System.
"SynchroniCity (Remaster)" 2x 12" Vinyl + Digital
[GreenTree Records 2018]
VA "Escape Velocity" 2x12" Vinyl + Digital
[Dub Flash Records 2018]
"Serigne Touba/Shaykh Ibra Fall Dub" w/Tree of Dub feat. Meissa Niang 7"Single
[Floating Mountain Records 2015]
"Seeker/Seeker dub" w/Tree of Dub 7"Single
[Floating Mountain Records 2014]
"Mixtape" C-Cassette + Digital Album
[Floating Mountain Records 2014]
"Prana Dub" Digital Single
[Self Released 2014]
"Gravity Equals Love" CD Album
[GreenTree Records 2013]
"From the Earth" Digital EP
[Mean Seed Records 2013]
"Gravity Equals Love Remixer" Digital EP
[GreenTree Records 2013]
VA "Mean Seed Records Vol.1" 2013 (2x12")
VA "Cultivation" CD
[GreenTree Records 2012]
VA "The Next Mission Part 2" Digital
[Dubmission Records 2012]
"SynchroniCity" CD Album
[Cosmic Theatre Records 2007]
Free downloads from 2001-2006:
Live Recordings:

Inverse Out is the vigorous Psytrance duo hailing from Finland. These guys are well known faces in the global psychedelic scene with their other projects Frosty Fennic (Jukka Surakka) & Tim Duster of Rye Smugglers (Timo Kollin).
Jukka has already been playing since 2004 under his other Psytrance projects. Of these, the most familiar to the audience will be Frosty Fennic, which is kicking up dust on dancefloors around the world. Timo is one of the most respected and experienced psychedelic Djs in Finland. He is creating danceable style of modern Psytrance music that keeps the dancefloor moving all night long.
Together they have over three decades of gigging, playing hundreds of parties & festivals worldwide from Brazil to Japan and from northern parts of Europe all the way to South-Africa, with numerous releases on well-known labels such as Sangoma, Forestdelic, Vertigo, Z-Plane & Ovnimoon Records, just to name a few.
Their diverse music gets the dance-floor groove on within seconds you hit the play. They continue the journey with the most danceable rhythms and psychedelic atmosphere imaginable. This combination of smooth harmonic Full On and twisted elements will push you to your limits on the dancefloor. Now part of BMSS Records' artist roster.
Out now on BMSS Records: Inverse Out [Frosty Fennic & Tim Duster of Rye Smugglers] - Grand Theft Psychedelics EP
Release Date: 30 July 2018

n 1996 a new kind of music reached the ears of Turo Markkanen and caused major turbulence within. Although hailing from far in the north close to the Russian border, where finding good music was a major issue he managed to obtain the necessary technology and sounds to satisfy his increasingly curious mind. His move to Helsinki found him in the middle of underground rave parties which inspired him to start spinning the decks himself, starting out on vinyl and techno vibes. After a year of bedroom- beatmatching it was time to showcase his skills to a live audience.
In 2008 Turo found psychedelic trance and there was no going back. The full audiovisual experience at underground pay parties combined with the sense of unity and belonging had him focus his attention there. It was time to leave the vinyl crates behind in favor of lighter cd's along with a genre change to psytrance.
DJ Turbulence has played many venues and events all over Finland, and internationally at Systo, Yaga Gathering, Transylvania Calling, Totally Resurraction and smaller parties in Goa, Thailand, Russia, Romania, Cambodia, Slovakia and Lithuania.
His sound can be described night and twisted full-on trance flavored with shamanistic, totemic aspects and deep and grooving rhythms. When needed his sets can be transformed in to a floating morning progressive trance as well as so called uplifting day full-on.
Turbu is known also from his legendary party organization Bermuda which concentrates mainly organizing parties in his East Finland Slavic Ranch in beautiful summer of Finland next to great lake Saimaa. He is also one of the main character and founding member of the Aura crew where he is working as a label manager, organisator and as a resident dj. In the beginning of 2013 Turbulence was signed as a label DJ for PURPLE HEXAGON RECORDS.

DJ Dogora is a music project created by Sebastian Sandberg, born and raised in Finland. He is known for his dark organic soundscapes. He has a unique skill to provide intense atmospheres which bend your body and mind.

His passion for Psytrance started around 2004 when he got to know the enthusiastic Finnish scene. After some years on the dance floor he felt ready to take over the stage, in 2011 he played his first gig at a club in Helsinki. Since that magical experience, he has been committing himself to the cause more and more. He has been performing in Psytrance festivals around Europe and has even joined the Finnish Aura Crew as a party organizer.
This is private event for attending/interested/ invitation only