Standard with LAOS, Wispy and Mizfire

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Standard is a monthly drum and bass event hosted below the decks of Merikerho. This time, we give the resident djs a change to present their selection with longer individual sets.
L.A.O.S, Wispy & Mizfire will be teaming up to bring their own selections to the table and share the sounds we love.

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YouTube playlist of L.A.O.S releases:



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L.A.O.S (Viper, High Tea, Liquicity, Bass=Win)
Aka Large Amount Of Soul, the team was established when three long-term DJs and producers: Abraham, D-bex and JayEm decided to join forces in music making. They share the same passion for music and their mission was to create earth-shaking dance-floor rollers that stand out from any set.

Vocalist & songwriter Alexx joined L.A.O.S. in 2010 and she is featured in most of the vocal tracks that come out from the L.A.O.S studio. The first track that she released with L.A.O.S. was "Fire and Water", released on Viper Recordings, which currently has over 1 million listens on UKF.
L.A.O.S also have a release on Hospital Records, and multiple on Liquicity.

Alexx also brings soul to the evening as she MCs, gathering a unique vibe to the table with the co-creators of havoc behind the decks.

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Wispy (Basso, Standard)

Wispy, has been a notable part of the Finnish Drum & Bass scene for over a decade. Residing in Tampere, he runs a radio show called Etkoplasma at Basso and also monthly club nights in Tampere and Helsinki with guys like L.A.O.S. and Rico Tubbs.

Wispy began spinning records back in 2002 pushing the more House and Trance beats. However, he established his roots quickly after Drum & Bass captivated this young talent. For Wispy, there was no turning back. Over the following years his technical skills soared and proof was awarded by winning the 2006 Drum & Bass DJ competition arranged by the Tampere based organisation '33100'. With 2006 being a successful year, 2007 brought even more! Wispy worked his way to become a winner in Helsinki's now annual 'Laserpoint 2008 DJ Competition' (The biggest dj competition in Finland). In the year of 2011 Wispy was the first guest ever at the YleX XmiX show (Essential mix of Finland) and since that he has done a new guest mix to the show every year.

These days Wispy’s D&B tastes revolve around uplifting, groovy and rolling dance-floor killers with Jazz influences and big bass-lines. This DJ seems to always come equipped with a tastefuly packed record bag... always finding a solution to play for any kind of occasion. His aim is clearly to bring good vibes to any dance-floor and build up an atmosphere to raise the roof.

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Mizfire (Standard)

Beginning her mixing journey back in 2013, Mizfire approaches the sound with some intense atmosphere with a range of style from melodic, energetic DnB, to some dark, more "harder" tracks.

Since her first gig in 2015 at Mbar, she has gone on to play alongside the likes of Mistabishi, T & Sugah, Atomic Hooligan, Dexcell, L.A.O.S, MC Mota and plenty more, keeping herself rooted in the Finnish DnB scene.

She has featured mixes with (previous Standard guest) DJ Orion's XmiX-show on YleX, and had gone on to win Drop Zone's DJ competition to play Critical Sound's event alongside Kasra, Enei, Hyroglifics & Science HKI.