Høuse & Clinic present Sidney Charles (Avotre, GER)

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Club Holvi

Clinic ja Høuse jatkavat yhteistyötä läpi kesän. Kesäkuun viimeisenä lauantaina panoksia nostetaan kunnolla, kun paikalle saapuu Avotre levy-yhtiön Sidney Charles. Avotren lisäksi hänen tuotantoaan on tullut ulos mm. 8bit, Truesoul, Moda Black, Hot Creations, KDIS, SCI+TEC ja Area Remote levy-yhtiöiltä, unohtamatta remixejä Mobylle ja Basement Jaxxille.

Sidney Charlesin house- & teknosettejä kuulee Lontoosta Berliiniin, Ibizalta Aasiaan ja Yhdysvaltoihin asti. Kalenterin ollessa täynnä lähes joka viikonloppu, olimmekin onnekkaita saadessamme herran vieraaksi Club Holviin.

Ilta jatkuu sulavasti Aftherapyn merkeissä aina aamuyhteentoista saakka.

Holvin molemmissa kerroksissa on Danleyn tehokas äänentoisto


CLINIC 22:00-05:00

Sidney Charles (AVOTRE, GER)


Jekaterina (Clinic)


Joonas L (Clinic, Kuukou Records)


HØUSE 22:00-05:00

DJ Alimo (Beats and Styles)

Jeku (Local Deep)

AFTHERAPY 05:00-11:00

Newhouse (Mind Records)

Jules Sheng (Local Deep)

Jekaterina (Clinic)


Saturday 30.6.2018
Club Holvi
Annankatu 10
00120 Helsinki


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Sidney Charles bio:

Born Sidney Charles Hurricane Vieljans, his journey towards the world of house and techno began when he first started mixing hip-hop, soul and funk at the age of 15. Taking his cues from the golden age of turntablism and associated culture in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, his attentions were led towards other sounds of the era also enjoying their first heyday.

For a producer who only started releasing music in 2011, Sidney’s achievements are all the more impressive. In the space of just five years, his works have graced bastions of house and techno such as AVOTRE, 8bit, Truesoul, Moda Black, Hot Creations, KDIS, SCI+TEC, Area Remote, plus remixes for Moby and Basement Jaxx - each release adding to his clout and helping him to become one of the biggest names in the underground.

Looking to the future, Sidney continues his upward trajectory, with a plethora of roadblock shows in the diary for summer 2018, including dates throughout the world’s key dance music destinations such as London, Berlin, Ibiza, and further tours planned for South America, Asia, and The US. Sidney has also locked in several key festival appearances for summer 2018 and will be sharing the stage with Santé at the forthcoming CAVE RAVE shows, a brand new event concept that combines sate of the art 3D projection and lighting with groundbreaking sound engineering and a forward thinking booking policy.

Release wise, Sidney has continued to go from strength to strength after taking part in the remix album of Moby’s seminal ‘Play’ at the end of 2017, on which he put his unique spin on ‘Natural Blues’. Looking ahead he also has tracks in the can for Moon Harbour, a return to AVOTRE.