Unity, Misc & the Circus present LOVE feat. SASHA

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house, techno, trance

Unity, Misc Management & The Circus present

SASHA (Renaissance / Global Underground - UK) - http://www.djsasha.com/


"The son of God?" - Mixmag
"Sasha is the master of the musical mix" - John Digweed
"My alltime favorite DJ" - Orkidea

- Voted as the #1 DJ in the world by DJ Mag (year 2000).
- Progressive house pioneer & legend and the very first true superstar DJ.
- Known for his Renaissance, Global Underground and Involver mix CDs.
- Producer of classics like Xpander, Scorchio and Wavy Gravy.
- Grammy nominated remixer of Madonna, Moby and Chemical Brothers.
- Winner of countless "Best DJ", "Best Remixer" and "Best Album" awards.
- Held residencies at Renaissance (UK), Twilo (NYC) and Amnesia (Ibiza).

"The acid house boom in the late 1980’s packed the hard-beaten clubs, which had suffered a big loss of crowd and vibe since “disco died” in the early 80’s. It was a time before the Internet. In order to catch up with the latest trends you had to go out every weekend and follow the international press closely.

In early 1990’s, one could notice more and more articles on the UK press praising a young DJ on his way to super-stardom, a DJ, whose sets packed a club called Shelley’s week after week. As the word spread around, pilgrims started to wander to Stoke-on-Trent every weekend from all the UK. A star named Sasha was born.

For a person not living in the UK, the next encounter with Sasha was via a DiscoMixClub / MixMag presented mix-tape, which allowed one to witness – through a hissing and humming c-cassette - not only faultless beatmatching in master class, but also an interesting selection of music combining Italo House with melodic tracks with euphoric undertones – which was something not too common during that time and era. It was music that some years later become to be known as trance and progressive house – the very basis of modern club sound alongside house.

A couple of years later Sasha left Shelley’s and teamed up with another talented lad, John Digweed as the resident DJ’s for Renaissance. In 1993, they released the world’s first ever DJ-mixed compilation, ‘Renaissance The Mix Collection’, which still almost 20 years after its initial release is regarded by many as the best DJ album ever made. Everything Sasha touched turned into gold.

All pieces fell into place in September 2003 on a dark Thrusday night at Hesperia Night Club in Helsinki. A night that anybody involved in any way in the Finnish club scene couldn’t afford to miss. For the first time, Alexander “Sasha” Coe put his feet (and mark) on the Finnish. More than a 10 years wait became a reality and the Experience, probably the best word to describe that night out, was living up to ones expectation – an ordinary looking guy behind the mixing desk, deceptively looking inattentive to what is passing, yet very much aware of the crowd, its moods and that exact moment. No hired dancers jumping up and down on the stage, no loud pyrotechnics or fancy effects. Only the Man and his Music – just the way it should be."

- DJ Jokke – Street Beat – Electronic Music Lover since the 70’s.

THE EVENTSalomonkatu 1-3, Narinkkatori, 00100 Helsinki
Saturday 23rd of July 2011
22:00 - 04:00
Age Limit 20

SASHA (Renaissance / Global Underground - UK) - 3 hour set
ORKIDEA (Unity / Jack )
ODED PELED (Misc Management / Basso)


Light design by TEA & SEVERI (Unity)
VJ XPLOITEC (Flow / Laserpoint)

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19€ from the door at the night of the event

There is a 1€ booking fee for each ticket sold from Helsinki10, which will be given out directly to the Arts Kid Can Do charity organisation - http://artskidcando.fi/

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Love Story 1. The NowMathematically speaking, if you put the past and the future together, the result would be 'NOW'. That is where we are, at any given moment of time. You see, the truth is that there is no past or future. The only thing that truly exists is this moment, which is by now gone and given room to the next true moment. Which is gone again.

We are drawn towards people that connect with the moment. We get cold shivers, get high, laugh and cry when we see someone being right here, right now. He might be a superstar DJ, a dancer, a cook, an athlete, an actor, a painter or just someone doing his gardening in the purest and truest form. That is what we consider a higher form of being, although the truth is, that it is just 'being'.

True LOVE lies within ourselves, all of the time. And loving together, takes us higher than we could imagine. So let's come together again, under one roof, with big stack of sound and the most open and happy people around town. LOVE is here this summer. Not yet, but very soon. The event is headlined by one of the first true superstar DJ's in history, a man that has been a big part of the sound of now, for nearly 20 years. So check out the date, open your calendar and mark it as: 'Be here. Now'.

LOVE. Brings us all together.