Force presents STORM Finland 20.5.2011 @ Tampere

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STORM Finland

Galaxy : Tampere

Planet : YO-talo

Date : 20th May 2011 A.D

Length: 22:00 - 04:00

Damage: 10 euros


F O R C E is here again. Prepare your lightsabers, prepare yourselves for the STORM.
Let the F O R C E be with you. Always.

- HDA Best Hard Dance Club 2008-2010 and the world's longest standing monthly hard dance club.
- Most decorated hard dance club in history of dance music, the flagship of international hard scene.
- One of these legendary UK superclubs, which changed the course of EDM scene forever.
- Honour spot for all major harder edge artists and DJs worldwide.


JIMMY DEAN ( Storm, Tidy )
- HDA Best Resident nominee 2011, the main resident of Storm and Xstatic. One of the leaders of UK new school hard dance, extremely talented DJ and producer with a regular gigs all over UK and Ibiza under his belt, and several hit releases on almighty Tidy record label, supported by all the big guns in hard dance. Jimmy Dean will make his Finland debute appearance at Force this May, be there to witness the true hard dance phenomena!

PROTEUS ( Säde )
- HDA Best Hard Dance DJ 2004-2005 and the most famous hard dance DJ to hail from Northern Europe so far. One of the very few Finnish DJs who made it to DJ Mag TOP 100. True globetrotter, with constant gigs all over UK, Holland, Australia and Russia, for such festivals as Dance Valley, Creamfileds, Global Gathering and Colourfest. Arguably the biggest ever Finnish dance music export to date. The undisputed king of harder sounds is a frequent guest at Storm nights in UK, so its natural he will help to deliver the same authentic atmosphere to Tampere!

SERGEI SHKUROFF ( Armada, Madwave )
- Arguably the most known Russian DJ in Finland. The main resident of Madwave, one of the longest running clubs in country. Widely known for his eclectic multistyle sets, which brought him to regular performances at such clubs as Amnesia and Eden in Ibiza, Ministry of Sound, Cream, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, Tidy and Storm. Headlines events and festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Norway, Estonia, Holland, UK and Spain.
Releases on Armada and Spinnin, with constant support from Tiesto, Sander van Doorn, Axwell, Mark Knight, Gareth Emery and Matt Darey.
Expect to hear some unexpected things in May from Sergei Shkuroff!

MEKE ( Force, Finrg Agency, S|deffect )
- True hard dance music specialist and probably the most known harder edge DJ in Tampere. Long term resident of Force events and ambassador of makina sound in Northern Europe. The man behind the popular Battle Royale brand, versatile spinner with unique selection skills and life-long experience of classic old skool hardcore. Regular appearances all around Finland at all major hard dance events and recent headline slots abroad in Poland. Meke is one of the key figures responsible for bringing the Force nights to their present level, so expect pure hard euphoria in his set, as always!

JAYVEE ( Finrg, Supercharged )
- The guy who revives Lahti hard dance scene. Main resident of Supercharged events, familiar face at Monday Bar harder floors and Eastern Europe raves. Regular guest at such as Säde, Fury and Innowation, signed to FINRG imprint. Known for his expertise of bouncey UK hard house and tech influenced German trance. Debute set for Storm, debute for Force, Jayvee will put up his best sounds for your pleasure!

DJANE J7 ( Finrg, Supercharged, )
- Without a single doubt a first lady of Finnish hard dance, and definately the most beautiful part of FINRG crew. Multitalented artist with a wide range of sounds, from freeform to psychedelic trance. Resident of Supercharged brand and frequent guest at Monday Bar events in Sweden and massive raves in Poland. Played alongside all the big names in hard dance on their Finland tours. Its J7 debute appearance at Force and also a debute set for Storm, so prepare for a bit of hurricane behind the decks!

Still remember Force teaser video by Aztee?

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No voe perkele! Oon menosa poikain kanssa leikkimään sotaa ja juuri tänä viikonloppuna....*nyyh*



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tulee tili 20pv. täälä.

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Täytynee tulla Forcettaa kunnon myrskyhumala taasen *nauru*

Ootko hieman ryynejä vedellyt kenties kun aivot tuntuu vähän flippaavan?
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Vuosi sitten mentiin nostalgia fiiliksissä...vanhaa polkkaa, freeformia, reiviä ja hardtrancea.

Tässä muistoja viime vuodelta:

Carbon Based



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Lineup revealed

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Jimmy Dean *kuolaa*


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#12 • • anis Nainen vailla historiaa.
Tänne : ) Vaikka seuraavana päivänä en taida välttyä työn teolta :/

Pidätte minusta vain koska minäkin pidän itsestäni.


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Varsin kiva lineuppi - paikalla!

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Tännehän on melkein pakko tulla

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ei oo vaihtoehtoja

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James Dean, or better-known as Jimmy Dean, is the lead man behind the UK Hard Dance Brand, Storm.. not only a promoter and head man for one of the biggest nights/brands, but in the last few years he has also managed to climb the ladder to become a Hard Dance DJ and Producer.. Sensation.

Next month, May 2011, will see the first release on the new Digital Label, Storm Digital.. also the next release for Jimmy Dean, with the track 'Searching For More'

The Hard House track features catchy hi-tech vocals, with lines of 'I keep on Searchin For More', 'Music makes me higher, Baby' and 'I don't want to fight this no more'.. with a huge breakdown half way through the track, that will send shivers down your spine.

Original Hard House melodies, huge breaks.. with a bassline kick to get anyone stomping around, I can definitely see this track hitting all dance floors around the Globe.

You can preview the track, via SoundClound;

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voisko nää olla huomenna jo, jookos? :D

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Force presents STORM Finland facebookissa

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JIMMY DEAN ( Storm, Tidy UK ) // Exclusive interview!

FORCE: Hello Jimmy! How are things in England so far, how was your 2011 by far?
JIMMY DEAN: Hey guys, England is sunny at the moment!!! 2011 has been my best year as a DJ & producer and is set to get even better.

FORCE: You have been quite on fire both gigs and productions wise lately, what excitements are to be expected from you this spring and summer?
JIMMY DEAN: Thanks mate! I've got gigs booked in Canada, Ibiza, Ireland, obviously with you guys and all across the UK this summer plus a few of the big festivals thrown in for good measure!

FORCE: This will be your debute set in Finland, what do you know about the land and the scene here? What do you expect to confront here?
JIMMY DEAN: I know that you guys love to party!!! I've known Proteus for a good few years now and everytime he comes over he tells me all about the homeland, I'm extremely looking forward to seeing how you guys react to my sound.

FORCE: You have been playing some unique b2b sets with leading names in hard dance, who is the most memorable partner in crime for these?
JIMMY DEAN: Hmmm, I need to be careful here!!!! I think maybe playing b2b with The Tidy Boys (Amo) has been the most memorable, but I've also loved playing b2b with Karim and Andy Farley this year too.

FORCE: Please describe your sound and your dj performance in a few sentence?
JIMMY DEAN: Unique, progressive, Hard, Uplifitng, Vocally!

FORCE: You have been releasing a lot of material on legendary Tidy imprint, what is your tips for a future sounds of this label?
JIMMY DEAN: I think Sam is really pointing Tidy Trax in the right direction at the moment, it really covers every spectrum of Hard Dance and Hard House, im excited for its future.

FORCE: You have taken Ibiza by storm literally in a past few years, is it hard to play hard dance on the island nowadays, in the era of all things house?
JIMMY DEAN: I've been really lucky to be honest, this is my 6th year book to play Hard Dance on the island. Its actually on the up on the island, they love House music but slightly harder! :)

FORCE: Your current Top 5?
Jimmy Dean 'Searchin for more' (Storm Digital)
Frank Farrell 'Match Point' (Storm Digital)
Jimmy Dean & Frank Farrell 'Das Storm Haus' (Storm Red)
Valex 'Jaw Rocker' (Bazurk)
Crocker 'and this' CDR

Can't wait to meet you guys in May

Warmest Regards