Robodisco presents Teknotika w/ Perttu Lindroos live 31.7.2010 @ Lappeenranta

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Robodisco presents Teknotika

Perttu Lindroos (Frozen North Recordings) live!


Perttu Lindroos was born in Lapinjärvi, Finland. His interest in electronic music began in mid-nineties when his older brother Marko introduced him with the sound of The Prodigy. Perttu bought Marko's old Amiga 500 computer and started making music of his own with Protracker. At first it was just playing around with ripped samples just for fun, but in time he started getting positive feedback concerning his tracks. In 1999 Perttu decided to buy his first piece of gear, which was Roland MC-303 and he found the new production method way more pleasant than the old one. Since then he has used computers only for recording.

In 2002 Perttu teamed up with Michael Diekmann and together they started playing live at finnish techno events. In 2003 they got their first EP released on FAK Records, which was "Virta - Countryside Crackheads EP". Nowadays Perttu lives in Helsinki and works a lot on his own material in addition to the Virta project.

:: DJ's:
Radar (Techmu)
Nikke (Robodisco)
Pepeto (Robodisco)

:: Aika: lauantai 31.7.2010, klo 22:00 - 04:00
:: Paikka: Golden Apple, Lappeenranta
:: Hinta: 5 €
:: K-20


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#4 • • Radarski
Iteltä tulossa jotain deepimpää housea ja jotain tekno soundia, kattoo mitä tuolta hyllystä nyt löytyy :)