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"F r o m u n d e r g r o u n d t o t h e c l u b"


S69 DJ's (Sweden)
- Viktor Karlsson
- Bastian Vinkestijn

S69 is a Swedish up and coming House Music Production/DJ crew with a Dutch twist consisting of Viktor Karlsson, Anders Lindberg, Joakim Trädgårdh & Bastiaan Vinkestijn.

S69 has even though it is new and up and coming Djs already had 2 drop in the Armada, which is one of the world's largest labels in the dance music scene, and released a few other remixes that have been made aware. S69 has also been featured on Tiesto radio show "Club Life".

Orion (YleX, Misc Managment)

Orion hosts a monthly electronic music radio show on both YleX, the National Radio 1 and Radio NRJ Finland and is also one of the former hosts of Tiistain Tanssi-ilta, the oldest EDM radio show in Finland. Next to his work at Misc. Management, the first Finnish dance music oriented DJ booking agency, he also runs and co-produces the long-lived Jack club in Helsinki and holds a residency in Tampere-based club One.

As a DJ, Orion loves to blend styles and genres – build the set up with house & progressive vibes and vitalize it with breakbeat and techno. On the era of digital music, he doesn’t just rely on the easiness of latest MP3-releases:

“I love to use my music collection on a wide scale, not just the records I’ve bought in the past two months. Forgotten classics, old vinyl gems, they are all there – combining that old sound with the fresh releases has really proved its power on the dancefloor. That’s what electronic music is at its best – timeless.”

Warming up the legendary Altern8 and Ian Ossia, performing at Finlandia Hall, Laserpoint, Pacifique, Koneisto, Labyrinth, Hallmark, Danceteria and Time Tunnel, spinning at 30C pool parties and -15C outdoor events, representing corporations like Mini Cooper and Philip Morris and releasing the debut single “One Sunday” on Solarstone’s Solaris Recordings are among his most memorable moments during the past years.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have people around me who haven’t been there for money and fame but for the love to music. I guess none of us ever believed how big things could get far in the Finnish outback and I can’t give enough credit to all those who have been co-producing, supporting and helping with all the countless productions.”

Vertigo (Resident)

DJ Vertigo, born in Turku (Finland) in 1980, became a DJ in nineties and since then has kept up a busy schedule DJing in Finland and abord. Although he stared playing various music in his early days, six months after the first gigs Vertigo found his path to house music. It didn't take long before DJ Vertigo started to promote his own nights in Turku. Club Ccino, Spin, Attick and Funkin Dump helped Vertigo to gain respect and make those very needed contacts across Finland. Soon he found himself spinning records in neighbouring town.

2000 was a big break for Vertigo as he played his favourite house music at one of the biggest Scandinavian music events Koneisto. A year later, Vertigo debuted in Estonia playing at various gigs aswell as a set at the Sun Dance Music Festival which attracted more than 30 000 clubbers across the region. Since 2001, Vertigo has performed at every SDMF to date.

Nowdays Dj Vertigo promotes 3 parties in Finland with his friend Dj Lank - the parties are Superfint and Club Zanziday which are more house oriented, and Diiva UG which is more tech oriented underground party. Besides his own parties Vertigo plays gigs in every weekend and has played basicly every big club event in Finalnd, for example thebiggest midsummer festival in Finalnd - RMJ festival (where he has been involed from year 2000 and last 3 years he has had his own stage in there called Dance Factory). Vertigo has also been doing dj gigs in abroad - countries like Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Russia, and in near future plans are to go countries like England and Canada...

Beside all these things Vertigo has made a great connection with the legendaric swedish deejay and producer Stonebridge who has helped Vertigo to getting in more professional in dance scene.


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Orionin haastis Turun Sanomien viikkoliite, Extra:


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Hyvä juttu. Ja komea kuva musta, kalja jäillä, kiitos Lankki ;)

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Tästä tulee isoa ja mahtavaa! Näistä kemuista on hyvä alottaa lämmin kesäkuu <3

Dj Rocca

yes, ROBIN, i`ve become a human fish!


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Sebastian Ingrosso ft. Agnes - Release Kidsos (S69 mashup) SAMPLE video


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Ei näitä nyt sit varmaan ole kun Syke on sulkenut ovensa? :O