VOEMA - The 4th Dimension 27.2.2010 @ Kuopio

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VOEMA The 4th Dimension

Once again VOEMA is bringing DJ Meke to Kuopio!

DJ Meke:
Always having been deeply in love with all things hardcore & hardtrance, Meke has been widely known in Finland during past 10 years as one of these few DJs remaining faithful to the roots of rave music. Arguably the best old school rave DJ in the country, Meke always played a lot of true hardcore classics and early rave sound in his sets, giving people a lovely glimpse of the music which started it all. That does not mean though that Meke is just an old beard, stuck in the past. Constantly evolving along with dance music, this extremely talented DJ not only skillfully combines UK hardcore & freeform, Meke is also responsible for bringing makina to Finland, being only one spinner in the country playing this exciting combination of hard trance and happy hardcore. Not only the regular DJ, sometimes Meke likes to bring some new twist to his set, using the microphone as MC to make people go completely loco. So you can be sure, Meke will definitely not leave you unsatisfied!
Meke's passion for the music has seen him spinning as regular guest at such respected event as Madwave, holding long term residencies at Force and Battle Royale nights, being part of Dancewise roster. He also hosted monthly show at famous Digitally Imported radio (DI.fm) over 3 years. In 2008 he was chosen to be resident DJ of Madwave events and also he did gain place from Finrg agency. During the years, Meke has been playing alongside such names as Proteus, Lee Haslam, Amber D, Phil Reynolds, Gareth Emery, Choose, Simon Eve, Garbo and Carbon Based to mention a few. So if you are up to hardcore vibes - Meke will deliver

DJ Meke - winner (1st place) of SÄDE pres. Dont F*ck With Me DJ COMPETITION 2010 DJ Meke - finalist of LASERPOINT DJ COMPETITION 2008

More Info:

Le Petit T€Pi:
Resident DJ from the beginning of VOEMA. Strongly influenced by all the different layers of electronic music that have been the driving force in his life since the 80's. Le Petit T€Pi has been a co-organizer in such clubs as Jytke and the late 21 Steps club, doing DJing and VJing in the process. All the time expanding the range of music styles to play in his sets, not settling for simple one genre solution, but broadening the scale, being versatile and adaptable for many different genres of music.
Most recent DJing gigs done in Helsinki-Stockholm cruise lines, playing internationally in Vietnam and venues in Helsinki.
Le Petit T€Pi will be the starting act at the big room laying the foundation bricks for the evening with smooth melodies and progressive soundscapes. Moving from there to play a psydub induced set in the chill area and finally to play the first time in history, Meke b2b Le Petit T€Pi - Oldschool Rave set!

More Info:

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One good reason to be in Kuopio that evening, is Voema. We in Voema bring some nice exchange to what you've used to hear and feel in local bars and nightclubs. Where nightclubs end, we will begin.

I'll be your dj in the chill area playing some psychedelic ambient stuff for the starters, then I make room for Le Petit T€Pi and will be back to play some Schiller. And for the rest of the evening there will be a special guest star named "Forced Happiness".

- Morden

Jos se ei usko, sitä on lyötävä.


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aijaijai, ei oo tullut Voeman bileissä enää käytyä kun ei tämmöinen puli jaksa (yleensä) selvin päin olla. Jos sitä tulis pitkästä aikaa tsekkaamaan meiningin kun toi Jytke ei tarjoa tarpeeks hyvää tanssimusiikkia, kuolema teknolle!

Tanssijalkaa vipattaa jo!

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#4 • • Meke GT Digital, BCN Records
Pari tuntia ja junamatka alkaa.
Kovaa settiä luvassa oldskoolin ja uuden soundin puolelta *pahis*

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#7 • • reinoh

Replying to VOEMA - The 4th Dimension 27.2.2010 @ Kuopio:

FallenRuby, 26.2.2010 20:41:
aijaijai, ei oo tullut Voeman bileissä enää käytyä kun ei tämmöinen puli jaksa (yleensä) selvin päin olla. Jos sitä tulis pitkästä aikaa tsekkaamaan meiningin kun toi Jytke ei tarjoa tarpeeks hyvää tanssimusiikkia, kuolema teknolle!

Tanssijalkaa vipattaa jo!

elä ny nillitä ku just seuraavaan jytkeeseen on tulossa jotain muutakin kun teknoa. EHKÄ.

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#8 • • cletus
harmi kun en pääse paikalle illan meininkeihin.*nyyh*..no pitäkääs tanssijalat korkealla.*nauru*

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#9 • • Morden
Kylläpä oli melkoset setit! Ite vastasin osittain chill-puolen tarjonnasta, tuli kuitenkin napsittua kuvia omien settien jälkeen ja nautittua Meken ja Le Petit T€Pin b2b-setistä sekä Meken omasta setistä joka oli ihan omaa luokkaansa. Iso kiitos! Kuopion keinovalo ylitti myös itsensä jälleen kerran tarjoten uusia juttuja, mitähän sitä seuraavalla kerralla? :)

Seuraavassa tapahtumassa olisi mukana taas toivon mukaan jotain uutta ja ennenkuulumatonta ja ehkä myös -näkemätöntä. ;)

- Morden

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