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Dj Axl Knight

Hometown/Kotikaupunki: Turku,Finland

Upcoming Gigs 2020 :

Past Gigs 2020:
22.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
21.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
08.02 [email protected] Rento, Turku
07.02 [email protected] Rento, Turku

Past Gigs 2019:
31.12 [email protected] Rento, Turku
13.12 [email protected] Grill-it, Turku
07.12 [email protected] Grill-it, Turku

30.11 [email protected] Rento, Turku

02.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

27.07 [email protected] DBTL Svarte Rudolf, Turku
26.07 [email protected] DBTL Rento, Turku
20.07 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
13.07 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
12.07 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

09.06 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
07.06 [email protected] Rento, Turku
01.06 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

25.05 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku

19.04 [email protected] Rento, Turku

30.03 [email protected] Marina Palace Grill It, Turku
16.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
01.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

16.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
01.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

08.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
19.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

Past Gigs 2018:
29.12 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
28.12 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
14.12 [email protected] Grill-It, Turku
01.12 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku

30.11 [email protected] Upseerikerho Private Party, Turku
24.11 [email protected] Kaupunginteatteri Private Party, Turku
17.11 [email protected] Rento, Turku
09.11 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
02.11 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku

07.09 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
01.09 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

31.08 [email protected] Raffaello Terassi, Helsinki
24.08 [email protected] Raffaello Terassi, Helsinki
18.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
17.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
03.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

21.07 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
14.07 [email protected] Raffaello Terassi, Helsinki

28.06 [email protected] Raffaello Terassi, Helsinki
16.06 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

26.05 [email protected] Storage365, Turku
18.05 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
12.05 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
04.05 [email protected] Olavin krouvi, Turku

30.04 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
28.04 [email protected] Rento, Turku
21.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
20.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
06.04 [email protected] Storage, Turku

17.03 [email protected] Marina Palace, Turku

Past Gigs 2017:
16.12 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
15.12 [email protected] Marina Palace Grill It, Turku
02.12 [email protected] Private Party, Turku

25.11 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
10.11 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
03.11 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku

28.10 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
27.10 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
21.10 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
07.10 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
06.10 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku

30.09 [email protected] Venus Nightlife, Turku
16.09 [email protected] Venus Nightlife, Turku
09.09 [email protected] Venus Nightlife, Turku

19.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
18.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
12.08 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
11.08 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
04.08 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku

28.07 [email protected] Venus Nightlife DBTL, Turku
27.07 [email protected] Venus Nightlife DBTL, Turku
21.07 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
14.07 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku

30.06 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
16.06 [email protected] Venus Bar, Turku
10.06 [email protected] Private Party, Turku
09.06 [email protected] Venus Bar, Turku

26.05 [email protected] Venus Nightlife, Turku
19.05 [email protected] Venus Nightlife, Turku
13.05 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
12.05 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
06.05 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
05.05 [email protected] Venus Nightlife, Turku
01.05 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku

22.04 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
21.04 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
15.04 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
14.04 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
06.04 [email protected] Venus Nightlife, Turku
01.04 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku

31.03 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
24.03 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
11.03 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
04.03 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
03.03 [email protected] Galax Disco,Turku

25.02 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
24.02 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
11.02 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
10.02 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku
03.02 [email protected] Galax Disco, Turku

28.01 [email protected] Hotel Julia, Turku
27.01 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
14.01 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
13.01 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku

Past Gigs 2016:
31.12 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
30.12 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
17.12 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
16.12 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
10.12 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
09.12 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
03.12 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

26.11 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
25.11 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
19.11 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
12.11 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
11.11 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

22.10 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
15.10 [email protected] Trattoria Sogno, Helsinki
14.10 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
07.10 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku

24.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
23.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
17.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
16.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
07.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
01.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki

27.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
26.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
19.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
18.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
17.08 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
08.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
06.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
05.08 [email protected] Erottaja Aurinkoterassi, Helsinki
05.08 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
04.08 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
03.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
02.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
01.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki

30.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi,Helsinki
29.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
28.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
27.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi,Helsinki
25.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
23.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
22.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
20.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi,Helsinki
18.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi,Helsinki
16.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi,Helsinki
15.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

11.06 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
10.06 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
02.06 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

27.05 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
25.05 [email protected] Michel Diner & Coctail, Helsinki
14.05 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
13.05 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
07.05 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
07.05 [email protected] Erottaja Aurinkoterassi, Helsinki
06.05 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

30.04 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
23.04 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
16.04 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
15.04 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
02.04 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
01.04 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

27.03 [email protected] MILLENNIUM "Extended", Turku
19.03 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
18.03 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
11.03 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

26.02 [email protected] Nightclub Z-One, Varkaus
27.02 [email protected] Nightclub Z-One, Varkaus
20.02 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
19.02 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
03.02 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

23.01 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
22.01 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
09.01 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
08.01 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
02.01 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

Past Gigs 2015:
31.12 [email protected] Radisson Blu Marina Palace, Turku
05.12 [email protected] Kappeli, Helsinki

28.11 [email protected] Kappeli, Helsinki
27.11 [email protected] Radisson Blu Marina Palace, Turku
13.11 [email protected] Radisson Blu Marina Palace, Turku

17.10 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
03.10 [email protected] Nightclub Z-One, Varkaus
02.10 [email protected] Nightclub Z-One, Varkaus

25.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
19.09 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
10.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
09.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
04.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki

27.08 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
26.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
22.08 [email protected] Erottajan Kesäterassi/Club LeRoy, Helsinki
20.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
15.08 [email protected] Erottajan Kesäterassi/Club LeRoy, Helsinki
14.08 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
13.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
04.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki

31.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
30.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
29.07 [email protected] Terassi, Helsinki
24.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
23.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
22.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
18.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
16.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
15.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
14.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
09.07 [email protected] Maxine, Helsinki
08.07 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
01.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki

27.06 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
26.06 [email protected] Svarte Rudolf, Turku
24.06 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
18.06 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
17.06 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
12.06 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
04.06 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki

30.05 [email protected] Club LeRoy, Helsinki
29.05 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
23.05 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
22.05 [email protected] Baari "70's", Turku
16.05 [email protected] Nightclub Forte, Turku
15.05 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku
08.05 [email protected] Baari "70's", Turku
02.05 [email protected] Nightclub Forte, Turku

30.04 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi Vappuaatto, Helsinki
11.04 [email protected] Nightclub Forte, Turku
05.04 [email protected] MILLENNIUM "movement", Turku

20.03 [email protected] Teerenpeli, Turku

27.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
20.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
07.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
06.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

30.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
24.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
23.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
16.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

Past Gigs 2014:
12.12 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
05.12 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku

28.11 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
21.11 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
14.11 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
07.11 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
01.11 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

31.10 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
25.10 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
24.10 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
11.10 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
10.10 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
04.10 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
03.10 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki

26.09 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
12.09 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
06.09 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki

29.08 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
28.08 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
27.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
21.08 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
20.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
14.08 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
13.08 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
09.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
08.08 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
02.08 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
01.08 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki

25.07 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
19.07 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
18.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
17.07 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
15.07 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
05.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
03.07 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki

28.06 [email protected] Raffaellon Terassi, Helsinki
27.06 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
25.06 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
20.06 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
13.06 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
07.06 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
06.06 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

30.05 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
28.05 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
23.05 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
22.05 [email protected] König Club, helsinki
17.05 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
16.05 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
10.05 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
09.05 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
02.05 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku

30.04 [email protected] Vappu Olavin Krouvi, Turku
26.04 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
25.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
18.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
17.04 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
05.04 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
04.04 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku

29.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
28.03 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
21.03 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku
15.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
14.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
08.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
07.03 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe Finnhits, Turku

28.02 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
22.02 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
14.02 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
07.02 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
01.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

31.01 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
25.01 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
24.01 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
18.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
17.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
11.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
10.01 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
03.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

Past Gigs 2013:
31.12 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe New Years Party
21.12 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
20.12 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
14.12 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
13.12 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
07.12 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe,Helsinki

30.11 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
29.11 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe,Turku
22.11 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
16.11 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
15.11 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe,Turku
08.11 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
02.11 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe Halloween Party, Helsinki
01.11 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku

26.10 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
25.10 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
11.10 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
05.10 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki

28.09 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
27.09 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
21.09 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
13.09 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
07.09 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
06.09 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki

31.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
30.08 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
24.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
17.08 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
16.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
15.08 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
10.08 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
09.08 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
02.08 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
03.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

27.07 [email protected] Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki
20.07 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
13.07 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
12.07 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
05.07 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

29.06 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
28.06 [email protected] Baker's Night. Helsinki
22.06 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
20.06 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
14.06 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
13.06 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
08.06 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
07.06 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku

31.05 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
25.05 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
24.05 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
18.05 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
17.05 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
10.05 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
04.05 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki

30.04 [email protected] Börs Bar & Cafe, Turku
27.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
26.04 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
19.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
13.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
12.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi,Turku
06.04 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
05.04 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

29.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
28.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
23.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
22.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
16.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
15.03 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
09.03 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
02.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
01.03 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

22.02 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
21.02 [email protected] Lebonk, Helsinki
15.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
09.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
08.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
07.02 [email protected] Lebonk, Helsinki
02.02 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

26.01 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
25.01 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
19.01 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
05.01 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
04.01 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki

Past Gigs 2012:
31.12 [email protected] "NEW YEAR PARTY" Lebonk, Helsinki
29.12 [email protected] TBA, Turku
28.12 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
22.12 [email protected] Lebonk, Helsinki
21.12 [email protected] Lebonk, Helsinki
15.12 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
08.12 [email protected] Lebonk, Helsinki
07.12 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
01.12 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki

30.11 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
24.11 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
17.11 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
10.11 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
09.11 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki

27.10 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
26.10 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
20.10 [email protected] Prima Night, Turku
19.10 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
05.10 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki

29.09 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
28.09 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
22.09 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
21.09 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
14.09 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku
08.09 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
07.09 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
01.09 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki

31.08 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
25.08 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
24.08 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
11.08 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
10.08 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
08.08 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
04.08 [email protected] Olavin Krouvi, Turku

28.07 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
26.07 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
14.07 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
13.07 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki

30.06 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
29.06 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
20.06 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
16.06 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
15.06 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
09.06 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
08.06 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
02.06 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku

25.05 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
19.05 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
18.05 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
16.05 [email protected] Upcider Summer Disco Opening, Turku
12.05 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
11.05 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
06.05 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
04.05 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
05.05 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku

27.04 [email protected] Aura Summer Disco, Turku
21.04 [email protected] Pub PrimALe, Turku
20.04 [email protected] Teatteriravintola, Turku
14.04 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku
13.04 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
08.04 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku
07.04 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku

31.03 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
30.03 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
24.03 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku
23.03 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku
17.03 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku
16.03 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku
10.03 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku
09.03 [email protected] Pub PrimAle, Turku
02.03 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku

25.02 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
24.02 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
18.02 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
17.02 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
14.02 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
04.02 [email protected] Baker's Night, Helsinki
03.02 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki

28.01 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
21.01 [email protected] Molly Malone's, Vantaa
20.01 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
14.01 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
07.01 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
05.01 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku

Past Gigs 2011:
25.12 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
17.12 [email protected] Bakers Night, Helsinki
16.12 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
10.12 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
09.12 [email protected] Lebonk,Helsinki
03.12 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
02.12 [email protected] Cafe Baker's, Helsinki

26.11 [email protected] Cafe Baker's, Helsinki
25.11 [email protected] Bakers Night, Helsinki
18.11 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
13.11 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
12.11 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
05.11 [email protected] Cafe Baker's , Helsinki
04.11 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku

29.10 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
28.10 [email protected] Molly Malone's, Vantaa
22.10 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku
21.10 [email protected] Bakers Night, Helsinki
09.10 [email protected] Rento Bar, Turku
08.10 [email protected] Molly Malone's, Vantaa
07.10 [email protected] Streetbar Aura, Turku

29.09 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
24.09 [email protected] Bakers Night, Helsinki
23.09 [email protected] Molly Malone's, Vantaa
17.09 [email protected] Bakers Night, Helsinki
16.09 [email protected] Cafe Baker's ,Helsinki
10.09 [email protected] Raffaello terassi, Helsinki
09.09 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
03.09 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki

27.08 [email protected] Molly Malone's, Vantaa
26.08 [email protected] Bakers Night, Helsinki
20.08 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
19.08 [email protected] König Club, Helsinki
13.08 [email protected] Molly Malone's, Vantaa
06.08 [email protected] Pearly Bay Beach Party Bakers Night,Helsinki

23.07 [email protected] König Club,Helsinki
22.07 [email protected] Molly Malone's, Vantaa
21.07 [email protected] Raffaello Terassi,Helsinki
15.07 [email protected] Bakers Night,Helsinki
14.07 [email protected] König Club,Helsinki
02.07 [email protected] Streetbar Aura,Turku
01.07 [email protected] Streetbar Aura,Turku

18.06 [email protected] Bakers Night,Helsinki
11.06 [email protected] Malone's,Vantaa
03.06 [email protected] Bakers Night,Helsinki

20.05 [email protected] König Club,Helsinki
07.05 [email protected] Molly Malone's,Vantaa
06.05 [email protected] Bakers Night,Hki

29.04 [email protected] Molly Malone's ,Hki
15.04 [email protected] Molly Malone's ,Vantaa

26.03 [email protected] Cafe Baker's ,Hki
25.03 [email protected] Cafe Baker's ,Hki
11.03 [email protected] Molly Malone's ,Hki
05.03 [email protected] Molly Malone's ,Vantaa

29.01 [email protected] Molly Malone's ,Hki
15.01 [email protected] Molly Malone's ,Hki
05.01 [email protected] Cafe Baker's ,Hki

Past Gigs 2010:
31.12 Fri New Years 90's Party @ Börs Night Club ,Tku
17.12 [email protected] Molly Malon's ,Hki
11.12 [email protected] Cafe Baker's ,Hki

26.11 [email protected] Cafe Baker's ,Hki
19.11 [email protected] Molly Malone's ,Hki
13.11 [email protected] Cafe Baker's ,Hki

23.10 Sat @ Molly Malone's,Hki
09.10 Sat @ Cafe Baker's,Hki

11.09 Sat @Cafe Baker's,Hki

05.06 Sat Summer Holiday [email protected]

12.05 Wed MILLENNIUM ”fenix”@BNC,Tku

1990-1997 Resident Dj Börs Night Club, Turku

Past Gigs 1980-1997....many :)

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Dj ura alkoi -82 Smiling Sun discon (Tampere)dj kisasta.Soittelut jatkuivat Porissa Dj kurssilla ja pestautumalla ohjelmatoimiston leipiin.Tiivis keikkailu erinäisissä nuoriso discoissa piti miehen kiireisenä.Keikkailu päättyi Porin vaakunaan soittamaan residenttinä vuosiksi 1987-89,josta Turku kutsui soittamaan Börs Night Clubiin residentiksi 1990-97.Näinä päivinäkin Axl Knight keikkailee tiiviisti Turku-helsinki alueella.Ota rohkeasti yhteyttä ja buukkaa Axl Knight keikalle.

Axl Knight started his DJ career early 80s In Town Tampere and moving from there to Pori Finland.Loving performing and mixing music to audience keeps Axel Knight spirit in Electronic music and Club schene.Closely following music genres development from past to today he has taken influences of that in to her playing.Music styles has been various those days and nowdays from electro synth pop to Disco Funk House and loving also Trance.
Axl Knight has been played in various places.From 1987 to 1989 he was playing resident in Pori Vaakuna nightclub (mainly mainstream music). In 1990 he moved to Turku as resident player in famous Finnish Börs Night Club till 1997.Big love to music keeps Axl Knight fully influenced in music chene also nowdays.Playing regulary Turku-Helsinki region.

Available for booking.
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syyskuu 2012 keikkapäivitystä..see yo:)
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Axl Knight

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keikkapäivityksiä loka/marraskuu *jiihaa**ökkö*