naks - sellout ep [otto001]

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naks - sellout ep (tsr records 2007) [otto001]

a1 - passive attack
a2 - don't u get it
b1 - bongoloid
b2 - gnaeae edit
b3 - bergen

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Also available from juno records, decks records

The first memory Naks has is when he was naked deep in the woods, kicking pine trees? As years to come he mastered his skill (kicking down trees), so that he became a lumberjack. But the lumberjack business had a dark side to it. Naks got connected with "Kilju" (Bad liquor) and a few years went by in a blur.

Naks parents took him by the ear and through him down the hill to the local college. Naks studied but got more attached to the local college raveparties. So he got connected with Gabber and became all of a sudden the resident dj of the pack. But there was a downside, any drug you can think of went up his nose or ear? But during a higher state of consciousness he bought a Amiga 500 that had a disk in it with the famous "Pro Tracker". Naks started to produce music with this ultimate software. One day when he was blasting his music from his 25kg (about 55lbs) boombox, a few guys went by his crib. They throwed themselves through his livingroom window (ninja style!). They all just fitted together like a glove and started the demo/music group "dA JoRMaS". It became a huge cook

Naks bought a phatass studio, including mom ja dads old tape player, a monkey in a closet, a super (duper?) computer (broken amiga!) and of course the guitar distortion pad (also broke). He produced these tracks your are about to listen to. So put the needle on the record and enjoy!....

btw. Naks got his alias from the swedish meat company "Scan". He turned the word backwards to "Nacs" and changed the C to a K. There you have it! More infos soon.

(Almost!) everything you have read right now is a splendid lie! So ignore it and go back to your ordinary life (milking cows!) damnit... hihiihihi! (written by tsr)

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uuh kunnon jrm-soundia *sydän*

tulee mieleen halcyonin saint *pahis*

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Ai hitto todellakin vanhaa kunnon da Jormas -saundia. *joo* Pitää varmaan kaivaa levylaatikosta vanhoja nAKS-raitoja. Muistanutkaan kuinka tiukkaa kolinaa herra vääntää. *uros*

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