Romance 17.3.2007 @ Tampere

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- Commence Your Romance -

Here we are. Finally. Romance begins in a legendary and lovely place - Laterna - and we are ready for it. So let's keep this short. Romance brings the old and new friends together to live and keep alive the memorable moments of our lives. Romance's intention is to offer soulful but energetic sounds - music that wakes up Our emotions and in the end gets Us moving with one another. Nevertheless, the heart of Romance is You people and the spirit that coexists between Us.

Moment: 22oo-04oo | 17.03.2007
Place: Laterna | Puutarhankatu 11, Tampere
Ticket: 7 euros | 18+

Foreplay for Romance
Commence Your Romance - mixtape
mixed & compiled by Flight


Mr.A [danceteria]


Mr.A has been tipped as the number one house / prog / tribal DJ in Finland. At 35 years of age, his career spuns now close to 15 years. From the early days of more uplifing and balearic sounds through hard edged techno, the evolution has taught him well. He was voted Dj of the Year in his hometown Helsinki in 2002, and so far has placed twice in top 4 at the annual Finnish Club Awards.

You can find Mr.A playing regularly all over Finland, Scandinavia, Baltic and Europe, making guest appearances in radio and various other media. He has played in every major Event and Club in Finland including Koneisto Festival, Ministry Of Sound Tours, Konemetsä Festival and played alongside the world renown superstars such as Sasha, Danny Howells, Sander Kleinenberg, Desyn Masiello, Omid 16b, Tom 'Superchumbo' Stephan, Rob Di Stefano, John Creamer, Smokin Jo, Kings Of Tomorrow and Dave Clarke.

Juju [aero]


Juju, the 28 year old Tampere-born DJ, has been mastering the turntables for the past seven years. Having been influenced throughout the years by such names as Tiga, Desyn Masiello and 2many dj's, his musical style could these days be filed under the category of electro house. That being said, it's not uncommon to hear the Aero main man blend together a wide range of music and styles, all woven together with precision, good taste and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheekiness. From deep and sexy vocal house to raw, bass-heavy electro and techno - it's all there if you happen to catch him at his best.

Flight [resident]


Have you already heard of a Finnish dj called Flight? If not, you definately will soon, as this bloke is with no doubt one of the most promising young talents in Finland at the moment. Started playing records in 2002, in past 4 years Flight has gained huge respect among finnish clubbers with his outstanding online mixes, combining excellent mixing skills with solid-as-rock track selection. Playing a unique blend of electro house, progressive trance and techno, in 2006 Flight finally made himself noticed properly with a residency at Madwave nites and an evergrowing gig list with such clubs as Laserpoint and Millennium on it. So, if you’re up to have it large, our advice is to watch this youngster, as he will rock big time!



Who's your daddy?


drS is well known for being one of the smallest dj's in Tampere. And small people aren't that good with alcohol. Other positive aspects of drS include a very eclective taste in music, which can be heard in his dj-sets. While he is practically in love with styles like psytrance or glitchy techhouse madness, his plaugesound(tm) mostly consists of funky lounge jamming, groovy house and dancefloor-oriented breakbeats. He also co-hosts a radio show dedicated to electronic music with Sergei Shkuroff & Flight on Radio Moreeni (Tampere 98,4MHz).

Herman Prime

The founder of our collective most likely gets his inspiration from the gloomy forests of Pirkkala. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as you can boogie your ass off to his blend of funky-as-fook party music. Herman's record collection has probably all the records that you can find at your parents attic (if they had a good taste.) In addition to his ambition towards oldskool funk and all that, he loves to set the roofs on fire with broken beats, breakbeats, 4/4 beats and beats. And his own music, too. Which is beats.


LJ Uzu
VJ Aca



In association with Foster's


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#3 • • Edited UzU [33100]
Laterna pitkästä aikaa <3

edit: ainii ja mr. a <3

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#4 • • meisi maiu naki
aiks LOVEE <3

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Täällähän voisi piipahtaa :)

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#6 • • thomas
melkoset ihquilut luvassa.

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#7 • • AaKo Tosi veivaaja
Aikamoista! *sydän*

En se mää ollut!!!


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#8 • • Hartsa
Housee morijes *sydän*

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#9 • • Link

Menee kyl vapaaks duunista samantien.
Mr. A on niin tiukkis.
Juju on erinomanen random peesaaja :D
Flightia on kans mukava kuulla kerrankin.
En voi itselleni mitään mut Plauge lounge
kuulostaa myös enemmän kuin hyvältä...

Tääl vois vetää juomakisaa. Ketkä lähtee beesiin?
Tumpsi? ;)

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#10 • • kmmo and The Predators
ooh la la, tämä menee vakavaan harkintaan kyl!
ajankohtakin olis kerranki just passeli <3

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#13 • • drS
miksei loungedj:stä oo tollasia hehkutuksia :(((((((((

mut tosiaan, tällasta klubia oon kyl kaivannu tampereelle! toivottavasti auttais ees vähäsen miau-vieroitusoireisiin *pupu*

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#14 • • villelope Lope of Lope & Kantola

drS, 2.2.2007 10:33:
miksei loungedj:stä oo tollasia hehkutuksia :(((((((((

Dörssi on kyl loungepuolen kovin perässähiihtäjä.

Juon sut pöydän alle!

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#16 • • drS
..juksterin bioonkin meni vuosi ja tossa kaikki mitä saatiin aikaan. *sydän*

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#17 • • tumpsi rekisteröitymätön

Link, 2.2.2007 03:34:

Menee kyl vapaaks duunista samantien.
Mr. A on niin tiukkis.
Juju on erinomanen random peesaaja :D
Flightia on kans mukava kuulla kerrankin.
En voi itselleni mitään mut Plauge lounge
kuulostaa myös enemmän kuin hyvältä...

Tääl vois vetää juomakisaa. Ketkä lähtee beesiin?
Tumpsi? ;)

count me in.

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#19 • • bubbelgum ~sylikissa~
Hmm... Tiedän ainakin muutaman tamperelaisen joka ois mulle sidukan tai uusemman velkaa. *vink* Et ehkäpä sitä pitäs tulla vähän lunastaa takasin... *tirsk* What U say?

Hullu ku pullosta tullu.