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#1 • • Opulent
ive just posted a mix on on my page. and would like to post it here, but havent got a clue how to. The instructions say to put it it the chart's section but i cant see any where there that allows me to post. Help please!! cheers in advance for the advice

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#2 • • ipe X-Rust / Holvi
push the 'lisää miksaus' button. :)

I am 100% certain that Elwira and Miss Jarea are just two sides of the same person and this whole thread is just a really good promotion/publicity trick. And this is a fact.
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#3 • • Opulent
*blush*which page is that on? i cant seem to find it anywhere!!!

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#4 • • Caro² Fiilis / SESSIONS2
First of all, you have to put a "dj status" to your profile:

Just under the main "Klubitus"-banner there is something like this:

[#number] Nick :: kaveri :: bannerit :: asetukset :: ulos

Press "asetukset" -> [lisäasetukset]


[x] DJ


And from the bottom: [Tallenna] (which means "Save")


Then go to the charts-section

press: [lisää miksaus]


Nimi (name of the set, preferred style: dj name - name of the set)
url (link to the file)
kesto (lenght)
koko (size of the file)

kuvaus (description)

kansi etupuoli (picture of the sets sleeve, front)
kansi takapuoli (picture of the sets sleeve, backside)

The rest is quite obvious :)

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#5 • • Opulent
nice 1 bruv. ur a *super*kiitos

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mayah, 20.11.2006 07:35:
And you can also press the little flag of england in the right corner and the language changes into english... :)