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NAME: Gavin
BORN: North London, England
LIVING: Turku / Helsinki, Finland
GENRES CURRENTLY DJ'ed: Deep House, Tech-House, Progressive House, Techno, Progressive Trance


"Born in London, Progression's connectivity with electronic music began in the late 80's. The emergence of Acid House and Rave music within the UK created a prolific underground dance scene. It was this scene that captured Progression's attention! Artists such as The Prodigy, Altern8, Carl Cox, Ratpack and EllisDee were just some of the producers that fuelled his early record collection.

As the underground music scene expanded, so did Progression's vinyl collection and his musical tastes diversed. Genres such as Hardcore, Jungle, Intelligent Drum n’ Bass and early House music began to fill his box. With an already extensive stockpile forming, his emergence into the DJ scene began with the purchase of turntables in late 94'. It wasn't long before Progression became the instigator of organising small illegal parties and events held in local bars/clubs in neighbouring towns of London.

In 98' the big break in DJ'ing came with the start of University in central London. For over four years Progression ran his own club nights at the university's student union nightclub. By that time period his musical tastes had advanced to deeper Progressive House and Trance. The weekend parties soon became renowned luring in droves of clubbers. During his residency many legendary guest DJ's such as Tall Paul, Scott Bond, Jean-Jacques Smoothie, Tim Deluxe and Grooverider played alongside Progression.

A move to Finland came in 2003 with his DJ career continuing in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Oulu, Vaasa and other major Finnish cities. Progression found himself playing alongside some of Finland's finest DJ's at nightspots: Laserpoint, Labyrinth, System Bar, Gloria, Kerma, Soda, Mother, Super Bar, Liberte, M-Bar, Uniq Nightlife, Bar Loop, Stockholm / Åbo Diskotek, Barbi, Superstereo and Klubi. These Scandinavian experiences brought another change in his turntable-ism: A careful balance of underground yet upfront tunes laced with a mix of timeless classics to ensure a twist of nostalgia!

In late 2006, Progression rekindled his promotorship skills. Club event organisation 'Liquid Crystal Sounds' (LCS) was born. Established by Progression and Ali King, LCS is Finland's only British run electronic music organisation. LCS fills a niche experience and offers a different perspective of music and perceptions from back in UK. Progression is one of the resident DJ connoisseurs aiming to build upon his previous London promotorship experiences. With over four years on the Finnish clubbing scene, Progression's LCS brand has risen from strength to strength setting a benchmark standard as a trademark nighterie.

November 2008 saw Progression's activity on the Finnish music scene extend even further. Club 'Affinity' was born. Yet another unique concept merging the musical ambitions of three DJ's to offer something different from other events. Unifying clubbers from contrastive genres.

Progression's roots have firmly settled within House and Progressive. The emphasis of his live sets concentrate on driving basslines, deep breakdowns and techy atmospheric synths and strings. A DJ whose sets are never tiresome and enriched with emotion. In collaboration with some of Finland's finest DJ talents and the development of the 'Liquid Crystal Sounds' and 'Affinity' concepts, expect to hear much more from this Londoner as he clearly becomes a key figure in the Finnish electronic music scene."


[email protected] | [email protected]


4years in London being a promoter & resident DJ at weekly club nights:
'Trancecend' | 'Your Weekend Starts Here'

- Founder, Manager & Resident DJ of 'Liquid Crystal Sounds'.
- Co-Founder, Co-Manager & Resident DJ of "Affinity" Club Organisations.
- Resident DJ of Finland's legendary 'Millennium' club events. |


Alex Kunnari, Alextom, Aki A, Aslak, Bio, Boot, Bigga Rane, Caro², Chantola, Cinnamon, Cosmo, Cosmicman (Matti Laamanen), Cobalt, Defa, D.N.A, Eliot Ness, Elysion, Emm, Flight, Flaikku, Frankie Wells, Gismo, Gravel, Homegrove, Ilsu, Infekto, Ipe, Jace, Jaques, Jay Lamar, Jay Mellin, John Major, Joonas Hahmo, Josh, Jussi Soro, Kaleb, Klabi, Laos, Lil' Tony, Luka, Lank, Laite, Mark Sense, Mekha, Miika Kuisma, Mio, Mr. A, Muffler, Nescio, Nega, Nenna, Orion, Orkidea, OlliS, OCS, Poliisi, Pecu, Pete.S, Proteus, Rico Tubbs, Rocca, Reb, Rossi, Sasha F, Sergei Shkuroff, Smirker, Stephen Hoaks, Super8, DJ Seb, DJ TAB, Tarsem, Tempo Giusto, Tomi K, Tommy Court, Tolerance, Unik, Urmaz, Vertigo, Wiljam, Wispy, Zwek, Zaion, Zanta.

Airbase (SWE), Ali King (UK), Ali Wilson (UK), Boykott (N.Ireland: UK), Chris Cargo (N.Ireland: UK), Darren Drake (N.Ireland: UK) Deggy Long (N.Ireland: UK), DJ Gena (SWE), Greg Downey (UK), Grooverider (UK), Jay Lumen (HU), Jaywink (UK), Jody J (TR), Jean Jacques Smoothie (UK), Marc Kirkbride (DE), Mark Kinnier (N.Ireland: UK), Mark Monaghan (N.Ireland: UK), Mauro Picotto (IT), Miah (USA), Methodik (EST), Miniminds (N.Ireland: UK), Myon & Shane 54 (HU), Ohmna aka: Johan Cyber (NL), Opulent (UK), Oxid (TR), Ric James (N.Ireland: UK), Scott Bond (UK), Sean Marx (IE), Sean McGlinchey (N.Ireland: UK), Shola (UK), Stephen Porter (IE), Stevie Jones (Scotland: UK), Storyteller (NL), Simon London (UK), Tall Paul (UK), Tim Davison (UK), Tim Deluxe (UK), Tom Glass (POL), Vxn (LAT)


1989-1991 - Hardcore / Techno
1991-1993 - Hardcore / Happy Hardcore / Jungle / Drum n' Bass
1993-1994 - Happy Hardcore / Drum n' Bass / House
1994-1996 - Intilligent Drum n' Bass / House
1996-1997 - House / Progressive / Breaks
1997-1999 - House / Progressive / Trance
1999-2001 - Tech-House / Trance
2001-2003 - Tech-House / Progressive / Trance
2003-2005 - Progressive / Trance
2005-2006 - Electro / Progressive / Prog-Trance
2006-2007 - Electro / Progressive House / Prog-Trance
2007-2008 - Progressive House / Prog-Trance / Deep-Tech
2008-2009 - House / Progressive House / Tech House
2009-2010 - House / Progressive House / Techno
2010-2011 - Deep House / Tech+Prog House / Techno
2011-2012 - Deep House / Tech+Prog House / Techno
2012-2013 - Deep House / Tech+Prog House / Techno


CREAM @ Amnesia (IBIZA)
PEACH @ The Camden Palace (London, UK)
THE GALLERY @ Turnmills / Ministry Of Sound (London, UK)
BUGGED OUT @ The EndClub (London, UK)
CREAM Courtyard @ Nation (Liverpool, UK)
HEAVEN @ Bedrock (London, UK)
FABRIC LIVE @ Fabric (London, UK)
STRAWBERRY SUNDAE @ Cloud9, Vauxhall Bridge (London, UK)
SLINKY @ The Opera House (Bournemouth, UK)
GATECRASHER @ The Republic (Sheffield, UK)
THE ARCHES (Sheffield, UK)
GODSKITCHEN @ Air (Birmingham, UK)


Liquid Crystal Sounds pres. "Aguas Blancas" (Part II) @ DONNA [TKU, FINLAND]

Liquid Crystal Sounds pres. "Aguas Blancas" (Part III) @ DONNA [TKU, FINLAND]

Liquid Crystal Sounds pres. "xxxxxx" @ KLUBI [TKU, FINLAND]

Liquid Crystal Sounds pres. "7th Birthday" @ KLUBI [TKU, FINLAND]



18.05.2013 @ Klubi, Live (LCS: Transference w/ Mr. A) [TKU]
23.03.2013 @ Caribia Waterpark (Paradise: w/ Mauro Picotto) [TKU]
16.03.2013 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Deliquescence w/ Rico Tubbs) [TKU]


31.01.2012 @ Underground (Private) [TKU]
16.11.2012 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: 6th Birthday w/ Darren Drake) [TKU]
31.08.2012 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Ibiza Closing w/ Ric James) [TKU]
15.08.2012 @ Underground (Private) [HKI]
05.08.2012 @ Donna (LCS: Aguas Blancas w/ Stevie Jones) [TKU]
04.08.2012 @ Hirvensalo (Tranquility Bass part: 6) [TKU]
26.05.2012 @ Apollo (House Classics) [RAUMA]
21.04.2012 @ Klubi, Live (LCS: Nostalgia w/ Stevie Jones) [TKU]


31.12.2011 @ Blanko (Superfint w/ Progression) [TKU]
31.12.2011 @ Underground (NYE Afterparty) [TKU]
25.11.2011 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Devotion w/ Shola) [TKU]
26.08.2011 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Amplitude w/ Mr. A) [TKU]
06.08.2010 @ Hirvensalo (Tranquility Bass part: 5) [TKU]
17.06.2011 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Infusion w/ Jaywink) [TKU]
24.04.2011 @ The Monkey (Millennium: Spring with Orkidea) [TKU]
09.03.2011 @ Eye1 Radio guestmix (Radio Broadcast) [NL]
28.01.2011 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Sequential w/ Tom Glass) [TKU]


11.12.2010 @ Blanko (Superfint w/ Progression) [TKU]
27.11.2010 @ Underground 8hr set (Private) [TKU]
05.11.2010 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Xpansion w/ Sean Marx) [TKU]
31.10.2010 @ Masons, Derry (Halloween 'Part II' with Miniminds) [N.IRELAND]
30.10.2010 @ Masons, Derry (Halloween 'Part I') [N.IRELAND]
13.10.2010 @ Eye1 Radio guestmix (Radio Broadcast) [NL]
17.09.2010 @ Onnela (Pinky: Equinox w/ Myon & Shane 54) [TKU]
07.08.2010 @ Hirvensalo (Tranquility Bass part: 4) [TKU]
23.07.2010 @ 1bar (Affinity 'Part II') [TRE]
11.06.2010 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Solarism w/ Stevie Jones) [TKU]
07.05.2010 @ Tabu Bar (LCS: Nocturnal 'Part 2' w/ OCS) [TRE]
30.04.2010 @ Underground 6hr set (Private) [TKU]
24.04.2010 @ Klubi, Live (Dis n' Dat) [TKU]
16.04.2010 @ Tabu Bar (LCS: Nocturnal 'Part 1' with Chantola) [TRE]
10.04.2010 @ Club Coyote (Xperience Nights: Springressive) [LAHTI]
17.03.2010 @ Eye1 Radio guestmix (Radio Broadcast) [NL]
10.03.2010 @ Syke (Supercool w/ Jay Merlin) *cancelled* [TKU]
26.02.2010 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Progression w/ Joonas Hahmo) [TKU]


25.12.2009 @ Klubi, Kolo (Turunskene) [TKU]
12.12.2009 @ Gillesgården (Private) [TKU]
13.11.2009 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Expression with Chris Cargo) [TKU]
17.10.2009 @ Underground (Private) [HKI]
11.09.2009 @ Tabu Bar (LCS: Temptation with Ric James) [TRE]
11.07.2009 @ Hirvensalo (Tranquility Bass part: 3) [TKU]
04.07.2009 @ Seurahuone / Memphis (Millennium Summerclub) [LAHTI]
03.07.2009 @ Bar Hovi (LCS: Sensuality with Vertigo) [RAUMA]
20.06.2009 @ RMJ Festival (Dance Factory) [PORI]
19.06.2009 @ RMJ Festival (Dance Factory) [PORI]
18.06.2009 @ RMJ Festival (Dance Factory) [PORI]
12.06.2009 @ Tabu Lounge (LCS: Cadence with Storyteller) [TRE]
06.06.2009 @ Underground 6hr set (Private) [TKU]
30.05.2009 @ Klubi, Ilta (LCS: Recollection with Marc Kirkbride) [TKU]
26.05.2009 @ Finity Essentials (Radio Broadcast) [FINLAND]
12.04.2009 @ Bar Hovi (Easter Sunday Showcase) [RAUMA]
04.04.2009 @ Raatihuone UG (Diiva vs. LCS) [TKU]
27.03.2009 @ Groove Bar (LCS: Dominance with OCS) [TRE]
20.03.2009 @ Klubi, Live (LCS: Eloquence with Tim Davison) [TKU]
21.02.2009 @ Lupi (LCS & Diiva: Exposure Day II) [OULU]
20.02.2009 @ Lupi (LCS & Diiva: Exposure Day I) [OULU]
15.02.2009 @ Klubi, Live (Chooned! LCS Afterparty) [TKU]
30.01.2009 @ Groove Bar (LCS: Subliminal with Aki.A) [TRE]
10.01.2009 @ Underground (Private) [RMA]


31.12.2008 @ Underground (Private) [UK]
14.12.2008 @ Underground (LCS Afterhours) [TKU]
13.12.2008 @ Klubi, Live (LCS: Establishment with Jay Lumen) [TKU]
07.12.2008 @ Åbo Diskotek (Millennium 10th Anniversary) [TKU]
06.12.2008 @ Åbo Diskotek (Millennium 10th Anniversary) [TKU]
15.11.2008 @ Bar Loop (LCS: Resonance) [HKI]
08.11.2008 @ Åbo Diskotek (Affinity 'Part I') [TKU]
18.10.2008 @ Superstereo (LCS: Diffusion) -Cancelled- [VAASA]
26.09.2008 @ Underground (Private Event) [SALO]
06.09.2008 @ Wäinö (Superfint 'House Classics' Part II) [TKU]
05.09.2008 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: Emanation with Jace) [TKU]
30.08.2008 @ Bar Loop (LCS + Bar Loop: Emanation) [HKI]
19.07.2008 @ Kaarina Beach (Luna) [TKU]
11.07.2008 @ Hirvensalo Sorttamäen Beach (Disbalance) [TKU]
20.06.2008 @ Underground (Midsummer Beach Party) [SALO]
19.06.2008 @ Klubi, Ilta (Turunskene Juhannus) [TKU]
23.05.2008 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: Imagination with Storyteller) [TKU]
30.04.2008 @ Klubi, Live (Choon! Carnival Of Lust: with Ali Wilson) [TKU]
19.04.2008 @ Wäinö (Superfint 'House Classics' Part I) [TKU]
29.03.2008 @ Bar Loop (LCS + Bar Loop: Vibrance) [HKI]
28.03.2008 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: Vibrance with Chris Cargo) [TKU]
14.03.2008 @ Highlight (Private: VIP DJ set) [HKI]
27.02.2008 @ (Radio Broadcast) [USA]
25.01.2008 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: Momentum) [TKU]


31.12.2007 @ Underground (Private :P) [ESP]
16.11.2007 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: Foundations with Ohmna) [TKU]
07.11.2007 @ with Storyteller (Radio Broadcast) [USA]
13.10.2007 @ Barbi (Millennium: Firestarter with Super8 & DJ Tab) [TKU]
22.09.2007 @ Raatihuone UG ([LCS: Transitions with OlliS) [TKU]
01.09.2007 @ Giggling Marlin (Pinky: with Greg Downey) [TKU]
24.08.2007 @ Myrbacka (Beach Party) [TKU]
18.08.2007 @ Hirvensalo (Tranquility Bass part: 2) [TKU]
11.08.2007 @ Salonseutu (Clubber's Bay) [SALO]
25.07.2007 @ Rose Garden (Club Elite vs. LCS) [HKI]
15.06.2007 @ Kino (Millennium vs. Sunrise) [KERAVA]
09.06.2007 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: Horizons with Homegrove) [TKU]
31.05.2007 @ Päiväkoti (Open Decks) [TKU]
11.05.2007 @ Helsinki Club (Euphonic Records: 10yrs & LCS Lounge) [HKI]
30.04.2007 @ Klubi, Live (Choon! Airborne: with Airbase) [TKU]
20.04.2007 @ Underground (Private) [TKU]
06.04.2007 @ Åbo Diskotek (Millenium: Flashback After Hours) [TKU]
24.03.2007 @ Lex (Private) [TKU]
16.03.2007 @ Superstereo (Virtual Factory 11: with Millennium) [VAASA]
28.02.2007 @ Uniq Nightlife (Supercool) [HKI]
24.02.2007 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: Movement with Orion) [TKU]
12.01.2007 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: New Beginning with Stephen Porter) [TKU]


31.12.2006 @ Underground (Private) [TKU]
25.12.2006 @ Klubi, Live (Turunskene) [TKU]
02.12.2006 @ Underground (Private) [TKU]
25.11.2006 @ Underground (Private) [TKU]
04.11.2006 @ Raatihuone UG (LCS: Launch Night with Mark Kinnier) [TKU]
01.11.2006 @ Uniq Nightlife (Supercool) [HKI]
26.10.2006 @ Sonicradio (Radio Broadcast) [NETHERLANDS]
27.09.2006 @ Klubi (Turunskene Open Decks) [TKU]
29.07.2006 @ Myrbacka (Tranquility Bass part: 1] [TKU]
24.06.2006 @ Sonicradio (Midsummer Live Radio Broadcast] [NETHERLANDS]
10.06.2006 @ Liberte (Bass Heroes) [HKI]
07.06.2006 @ Uniq Nightlife (Club Elite: with Alex Kunnari) [HKI]
12.05.2006 @ La Vida (Terminal: Kandy Club) [LAHTI]
12.05.2006 @ Liberte (Bass Heroes Re-Launch) [HKI]
27.04.2006 @ Sonicradio (Radio Broadcast) [NETHERLANDS]
21.04.2006 @ Superbar (HUGC Is Super) [HKI]
13.04.2006 @ Barbi (Pinky: Launch Night) [TKU]
05.04.2006 @ Uniq Nighlife (Supercool) [HKI]
16.03.2006 @ Club Volume (Zen: Drum n' Bass) [HKI]
25.02.2006 @ Lex (Private) [TKU]
05.02.2006 @ Eatz Outback (Laserpoint 2006) [HKI]
21.01.2006 @ Superbar (HUGC Is Super) [HKI]
16.01.2006 @ Opera House (Fashion Show) [HKI]


28.12.2005 @ Klubi, Live (Turunskene) [TKU]
11.12.2005 @ Eatz Outback (Sunday Sessions) [HKI]
04.12.2005 @ Eatz Outback (Sunday Sessions) [HKI]
26.11.2005 @ Iso Roba (Private) [HKI]
11.11.2005 @ Liberte (Bass Heroes) [HKI]
21.10.2005 @ Töölö (Private) [HKI]
17.09.2005 @ Oitti (Project 74)
15.09.2005 @ Gloria (Back2Back) [HKI]
10.09.2005 @ Stockholm Discotek [HKI]
11.06.2005 @ Iso Roba (Private) [HKI]
21.05.2005 @ Premier Nights UG (Bass Heroes) [HKI]
30.04.2005 @ Underground (Vappu '05) [HKI]
25.02.2005 @ Töölö (Private) [HKI]


31.12.2004 @ Underground (London NYE Private) [UK]
31.07.2004 @ M-Bar (Bass Heroes) [HKI]
30.04.2004 @ Underground (Vappu '04) [HKI]


02.05.2003 @ Memphis, Erottaja (Vappu '03) [HKI]
23.04.2003 @ System Bar (Club Quality) [HKI]
09.04.2003 @ System Bar (Club Quality) [HKI]
29.03.2003 @ Memphis, Erottaja [HKI]
25.03.2003 @ Labyrinth Bar (Club Sweet) [HKI]
04.03.2003 @ Labyrinth Bar (Club Sweet) [HKI]
18.02.2003 @ Labyrinth Bar (Club Sweet) [HKI]
08.02.2003 @ Memphis, Erottaja [HKI]
04.02.2003 @ Labyrinth Bar (Club Sweet) [HKI]
21.01.2003 @ Labyrinth Bar (Club Sweet) [HKI]
11.01.2003 @ Memphis, Erottaja [HKI]
31.12.2002 @ Memphis, Erottaja [HKI]
05.12.2002 @ Memphis, Erottaja [HKI]


Resident @ Brunel University Student Union, West London.
Fridays: [Pre-Club] "Your Weekend Starts Here..." (house, progressive, trance)
Saturdays: [Main Event] "Trancemission" (trance, progressive)

Guest Appearances @
Uxbridge, Twickenham, Osterly [Brunel University]
Royal Holloway [University Of London]
De Montford [Leicester University]
Imperial [London University, South Kensington]

Private Parties @ Bars in: Windsor, Kingston, Watford, Croydon (Greater London)


Bars, Rented venues, Outdoor events in Bedford, Cambridge, London.
Organisation of own Private Parties & underground Events.


Genre - House, Progressive, Techno
Date Mixed - September 2010
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Deep, House, Progressive, Trance
Date Mixed - April 2010
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Deep, House, Progressive, Techno
Date Mixed - January 2010
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Progressive House, Progressive Trance
Date Mixed - May 2009
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance
Date Mixed - December 2007
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Full-on Trance
Date Mixed - October 2007
Venue - Recorded LIVE @ Millennium, Firestarter, Barbi (TKU)

Genre - Uplifting Progressive, Trance
Date Mixed - April 2007
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Deep, Progressive House, Progressive Trance
Date Mixed - March 2007
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Old Skool, Happy Hardcore, Hard NRG
Mixed By - DJ Progression & Jnks (Back2Back)
Date Mixed - November 2006
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Electro, Progressive, Trance
Date Mixed - November 2006
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Intelligent Drum n' Bass, Trance
Date Mixed - September 2006
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Breakbeat, Progressive, Trance
Date Mixed - August 2006
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Progressive, Trance
Date Mixed - January 2006
Venue - Studio Recording

Genre - Old Skool, Happy Hardcore
Mixed By - DJ Progression & Biga Rane (Back2Back)
Date Mixed - November 2005
Venue - Studio Recording


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#3 • • Anny Hurricane-Munster
*odottaa innolla* Just can't wait.... *tanssittel*

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#5 • • Anny Hurricane-Munster
Hopefully this hero is coming to paly in Turku someday...*hihu*

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being. - Oscar Wilde


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#6 • • Klabi HUGC
Hi Gavin...


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#9 • • Unik
Rspct! *vink*

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#10 • • Anny Hurricane-Munster
Three more days 'till his playing live!!! *counting the hours* *tanssittel*

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being. - Oscar Wilde


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#11 • • ratsastuskoulu
Hi mate!

I'm sorry but ML - Calm Waters/Leave The Shores are only released as digital download, no on vinyl or cd :(

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#12 • • Rocca Diiva UG / Superfint Crew
Nice mate, you got gigs *jiihaa*

Dj Rocca

yes, ROBIN, i`ve become a human fish!


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#13 • • jaywink bass warrior
'lo... nice flyer mate *piis*

hopefully survive the laserpoint party to hang around here for a proper hangover house session *hih*

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#14 • • Anny Hurricane-Munster
Hmph... Too bad these Supercool nights are on Wednesdays... *nyyh*

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being. - Oscar Wilde


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#15 • • Edited Progression


This recent mix typifies my more Trance/Progressive sets at the beginning of an event. The emphasis is on building up to a faster more energetic Trance... Then essentially to an uplifting vocal Trance. There is certainly shades of Markus Schulz as Electronic Elements is the influential record label...

Listen and enjoy... *plur*

To Download the Mix, Click The Link Below:

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#16 • • Edited Progression

The following mix was bonded using both older and newer tunes. It's purpose is to be a genre building journey. The opening tracks concentrate more on chilled to Breaky Trance. This is merged with uplifting Trance in the more central segment tailing off with a more progressive feeling in the latter stages. Download, Volume Up, Sit back, Fill that glass and sample the Accumulative Effect.

To Download the Mix, Click The Link Below:

Listen & Enjoy... As per usual... *plur*

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#17 • • Edited Progression
[iso]NEW MIX !!![/iso]

[Trance/Drum n' Bass]

Both Drum n' Bass and Trance have been merged into this 2hr mix. It's aim... to literally offer 'Another Perspective'.

This cross section of tracks alone reach way back to 1991 and finish the timespan by hitting the year 2006 with some recent Trance cuts. The Drum n' Bass tunes are those that first filled my record box. My number one producer in the early 90's was LTJ Bukem; Creater and connoisseur of the more 'Intelligent' atmospheric D&B. The second hour concentrating on some Oakenfold trademarks with a dusting of a few classics.

It wasn't easy to mix these two genres in straight succession... but once again... download, sit back, crank up that volume and enjoy! *plur*

To Download the Mix, Click The Link Below:


We continue....

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#18 • • Edited Progression
[iso] L I Q U I D | C R Y S T A L | S O U N D S [/iso]

P r o u d l y P r e s e n t s......


[iso] L A U N C H | N I G H T [/iso]

Tucked away in Turku's Suutori (Great Square) Liquid Crystal Sounds have targeted two underground rooms to host their official club launch night. This compact yet very intimate venue will be completely immersed in the finest upfront sounds of Trance, Progressive, Electro and House.

The musical journey kicks off on November 4th at 21.00 and unravels a host of Finnish and International DJ'ing talents hailing the decks until the early hours of 5.00! Expect to be drunk on music as we won't dissapoint. Our aim as we state is 'Crystal Clear'. To provide you, the clubber with a 8hr treatment of electronic musical enlightenment...

We at Liquid Crystal Sounds warmly welcome you on November 4th and hope to see you all there. Please arrive early to avoid dissapointment as places are limited due to the capacity of the venue. Tickets are not sold in advance but are priced at 5 on the door.

Information Refreshed:

Venue: Raatihuone Underground, Vanha Suurtori 5, Turku
Date: Saturday 4th November
Time: 22.00 - 05.00
Cost: 5
Age Limit: 18yrs
Musical Genres: Trance, Progressive, House, Electro

Mark Kinnier (N.Ireland) [Futura] [Liquid Crystal]
Progression (UK) [Tranceparance] [Liquid Crystal]
Defa (Fin) [Pinky]
Ali Catin (N.Ireland) [Solstice] [Liquid Crystal]

For More Information Please visit the Klubitus link:
[iso]Liquid Crystal Sounds - Launch Night[/iso]

Or Check Out The Brand New Website:

See you all there...

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#20 • • Edited Progression
[iso]NEW MIX !!![/iso]


With the launch of the recent ‘Liquid Crystal Sounds’ club event, this mix has been placed on the ’back burner’ for almost 5-6 weeks! Now it’s finally uploaded; all 106mins of Trance-Progressive tunes.

The emphasis on this occasion being aimed at ‘Euphonious’ sounds. The mix utilises the more atmospheric rolling dreamy side of tunes with one or two deeper tracks. So grab a glögi, Lock on, Download and enjoy…

To Download the Mix, Click The Link Below:


More stuff to follow....