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Summer has finally arrived here in Finland, and inspired by that, I got excited to play a new mixtape, with an old familiar theme. The first Sole Pop was completed fifteen years ago in May 2009 and this is now the eighth in the series. There were a few years in between, when it was hard to find enough of this kind of summer sound to put together even an hour-long set. Over the years, the sounds and playing style have intentionally changed a little, but the core idea of relaxed summery and sunny dance music has remained the same!

#house #latinhouse #soulfulhouse #vocalhouse #summer #sunshine

1 Yooks, True2Life, Andy Hague - Samba Gringo (Original Mix)
2 Blanco K - That's Why (Main Mix)
3 Toscana, Carlos Castro, LemonSouldj - Sirena (Original Mix)
4 Luis Radio, Pietro Nicosia, Walter G - Barraka (Walter G 2024 Club Mix)
5 MonsieurWilly, Funky French League - A.I.E. A Mwana (Afro Version)
6 The Coney Island Rhythm Band, Jerk Boy - Dancing Down The Path (Original Mix)
7 Tuca, Conrad Rochester, Dany Cohiba - Music (Dany Cohiba Remix)
8 Sergio D'Angelo, Aldo Bergamasco, Joe Vacchetta - Umbaia (Original Mix)
9 George Calle, Lalo Leyy, Mario Casares - Havana (Original Version)
10 Kenny Carpenter - Back 2 The Root (Original Mix)
11 Paco Caniza - That Simple (Original Mix)
12 ItaloBros - Gosadera
13 Fimiani, BPlan - Believe In Yourself (Extended Mix)
14 DJ Hermes, Fly, OR3X - Sing It Back (Cantame Spanish Version OR3X Remix)

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