Haux Haux 17.6.2023 @ Tallinn

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Electronic music through various traditions and cultural spaces of the Earth awaits you again! Organic sound vibrations, in which you hear various musical instruments, the sounds of nature and the jungle, shamanistic sounds, oriental rhythms, drums, shamanic and tribal shouts, and deep beats, are uplifting and liberating.

This time is also special because the summer solstice is just around the corner. The Solstice signifies the time when the Earth is at the fullness of her strength, fertility, and abundance, so we too can celebrate our strength in joining together and pollinating, co-creating and sharing, and offering gratitude for the abundance that which we experience daily.

Fire is used symbolically throughout summer solstice celebrations in praise of the sun, to bring luck and to ward off the darkness. Therefore we will bring fireartist perfomances, music, our tribe and make magic all together. We can do it both inside and outside in open air!

Haux (haušš) is an indigenous word from Brazilian Amazon tribes meaning a greeting, an honouring, a confirmation or a thank you. Shamans use it to initiate and finish a song or a teaching, but also to greet spiritual dimensions.

We have chosen this term for our event to offer gratitude towards the World, the Universe, You, and Ourselves through creating a space of joy, freedom of expression and uplifting of all senses. Through our co-creation we invite You to enjoy life, each other and Presence that is everywhere and in everyone.

In addition to music and great atmosphere in that magical space there will be artists, who will share their best talents with us. Detailed program will be announced, on our facebook page Haux Haux, soon.
We invite you to take part in neon jungle in the middle of Botanical garden Palmimaja spacious nature to fly high and ground lightly.

🚨 Dresscode:
neon jungle/ tribal/ fire & sun

🦋 35€ presale Ticketer
🦋 40€ at event in cash

👉 Space is limited. Get the ticket at Ticketer: https://www.ticketer.ee/haux-haux
Final practical information will be announced on our facebook event page.