The Sunday Mixtape present Mark Hamilton - 31.07.2022 on MixxFM

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#1 • • mark hamilton The Mogul

Name MARK HAMILTON are now in big hype. Here is my DJ set on International Radio.

Num. / Title by Artist
1 / My Acid Trip (LifeoftheParty Remix) by Tony Mafia
2 / Slave to the Rhytm (DJ Deep Noise Remix) by CELEC
3 / Atomic (Original Mix) by DJ Deep Noise
4 / Techno Rumble (CELEC Remix) by mark hamilton
5 / Despotism (CELEC Remix) by mark hamilton
6 / Techno Syndrom (Original Mix) by CELEC
7 / Push Em (Alt8 Remix) by Hennessey (UK)
8 / Hanuman (Pet Duo Remix) by AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita
9 / Dear Girl I Don't Give Fuck (CELEC Remix) by MARK HAMILTON
10 / Let The Bass Kick (Original Mix) by CELEC
11 / It Is a Techno Time [Oxytech Limited] by mark hamilton
12 Raw Techno Man (CELEC Remix) [Oxytech Planet] by mark hamilton
13 / It Is a Techno Time (CELEC Remix) [Oxytech Planet] by mark hamilton
14 / Trenbolone (Dope Amine Remix) by Nexo
15 / Addictive (Felix Reichelt Remix) by Champas
16 / Anatomic Distortion (Roentgen Limiter Remix) by Puncher, Marco Kallas
17 / The Signal (Original Mix) by Off System
18 / Vision (Original Mix) by Matt Mus, Pappenheimer
19 / Thecno (Atze Ton Remix) by Roman Faero, S.E.B (BE)
20 / Ozone (Original Mix) by Mol-A


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