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Annetaan seuraavat 12" vinyylilevyt ilmaiseksi. Nouto Espoosta Laaksolahdesta.

(Discogsin myyntihistorian mukaan koko setin arvo on välillä 126–482 €, mutta nyt lähtee mukaan hintaan 0€ ensimmäiselle joka hakee lätyt pois.)

Progressive House/Trance, Breaks, House, etc.

In: Musika (Katana Remix) [Jinx Records, MD Records, 2002]
  • Musika (Katana Remix)

Spacejump: I Found A Reason [Lowered Recordings, 2001]
  • I Found A Reason (Original Mix)
  • I Found A Reason (Instrumental)
  • I Found A Reason (Tarts From Tech Valley Mix)

Amiel: Love Song [Hedonism, 2004]
  • Love Song (Scumfrog Club Mix)
  • Love Song (Scumfrog Dub)

Miro (2): By Your Side [euphonic, 2003]
  • By Your Side (Ronski Speed Mix)
  • By Your Side (Ronski Speed Dub)
  • By Your Side (Sonorous' Bright Side Mix)

Miro (2): Spaceman [Traveller, 2002]
  • Spaceman (Mr Sam & Marko's 'Definition Of Weird Minds' Remix)
  • Spaceman (Dan Maze Remix)
  • Spaceman (Original Mix)

Ramirez: Hablando [Bonzai Classics, 2001]
  • Hablando (Push Remix)
  • Hablando (Accordeon Mix)
  • Hablando (Elektrochemie LK Remix)

Niels Van Gogh: One Way Out [BXR, 2004]
  • One Way Out (Club Mix)
  • One Way Out (Radio Mix)
  • One Way Out (Martin Eyerer Remix)

The DJ: Dee-Jay [Digi White, 2001]
  • Dee-Jay (Original)
  • Dee-Jay (DJ Boozy Woozy DJ Remix)
  • Dee-Jay (DJ Boozy Woozy Remix)

Mach 747: Invading Privately [Perfecto, 2002]
  • Invading Privately (29 Palms Remix)
  • Invading Privately (Sabata Drum & Bass Mix)

2x Marc Aurel: Sound Of Love [Trigger Records, 2002]
  • Sound Of Love (Marc Aurel Mix)
  • Sound Of Love (Rank 1 Remix)
  • Sound Of Love (Dominator Club Mix)
  • Sound Of Love (Jayezz Mix)
  • Sound Of Love (2M Edit)
  • Sound Of Love (Rank 1 Instrumental)
  • Sound Of Love (Acapella)

Aluna: All I Need Is Time [Soundpiercing, 2004]
  • All I Need Is Time (Slusnik Luna Club Mix)
  • All I Need Is Time (Noel Sanger Club Mix)
  • All I Need Is Time (Slusnik Luna Dub)

Alsou: He Loves Me (The G-Club Dub) [Universal Records, 2001]
  • He Loves Me (The G-Club Dub)

Grace: Not Over Yet (Jakob Carrison Rmx) [Not On Label (Grace), 2006]
  • Not Over Yet (Jakob Carrison Rmx)

Afrika Duran, Wildboy: She Shox / All U Want [Not On Label, 2004]
  • She Shox
  • All U Want

Minimalistix: Close Cover [Universal Dance, 2001]
  • Close Cover (Mr. Bishi Mix)

Timo Maas, Simpson Tune: Bring It Down [Not On Label (Simpson Tune), Not On Label (Timo Maas), 2002]
  • Bring It Down (Untitled Mix 1)
  • Bring It Down (Untitled Mix 2)

Fluid In Motion: Insurgency [UG, 2003]
  • Insurgency
  • Transatlantic

Trance etc.

Castaneda: Floor Control [Duty Free Recordings, 2003]
  • Floor Control (Original Mix)
  • Floor Control (John Askew's 5am Gallery Mix)

Mono (4): Rise [Mondo Records, 2004]
  • Rise (Original Mix)
  • Rise (Smith & Pledger Mix)

2x Nu NRG: Take Your Air [Stik Trance, 2003]
  • Take Your Air (Nu-NRG Extended Mix)
  • Take Your Air (Tankis vs Deep Project Rmx)

Various: In Trance We Trust Special Collector's Edition 1 [In Trance We Trust, 2003]
  • C Sharp
  • Clubbin' On Sunshine (Abnea Remix)
  • Open Your Mind (Magikal Remake)
  • Blaze Of Night (Misja Helsloot Remix)

DJ Tatana, The Mystery: Soul Cry [RR Records, 2003]
  • Soul Cry (The Mystery Remix)
  • Soul Cry (Sam Sharp Remix)
  • Soul Cry (Original Mix)

Örtz: Secret Garden (So Beautiful) [Big Star Records, 2003]
  • Secret Garden (So Beautiful) (F&W Beautiful Remix)
  • Secret Garden (So Beautiful) (F&W Instrumental Mix)

Matt Darey, Marcella Woods: Voice Of An Angel EP [Incentive, 2004]
  • Nocturnal Delight
  • Voice Of An Angel (Michael Woods Vs Matt Darey Remix)
  • Voice Of An Angel (Vocal Dub)

Vinylgroover & The Red Hed: Feel The Music [Red Records, 2001]
  • Feel The Music (Up Mix)
  • Feel The Music (Under Mix)

Rank 1: It's Up To You (Symsonic) [ID&T, 2003]
  • It's Up To You (Symsonic) (Original)
  • It's Up To You (Symsonic) (Instrumental Dub)

Salt Lake: Rendezvous [Dedicated (2), 2004]
  • Rendezvous (Original Mix)
  • Rendezvous (Recluse Remix)

Dogma: In The Club [Harem Records, 2002]
  • In The Club (Ibiza Club Mix)
  • In The Club (Original Trance Mix)

Robert Lidstroem: My Spirit [Exciter (2), 2003]
  • My Spirit (Transa vs Inzite Remix)
  • Recitation (Misja Helsloot Remix)
  • My Spirit (Blue Amazon Remix)

Revolution 9: Pacific [Intensive Music, 2003]
  • Pacific (Original Mix)
  • Pacific (Prime Mover Remix)

Yves Deruyter: Calling Earth 2002 [Bonzai Records Italy, 2002]
  • Calling Earth (2002 Remix)
  • Calling Earth (Original Mix)
  • Calling Earth (DJ Erikk's Total Reconstruction Mix)
  • Calling Earth (Interstellar Mix)

Frank T.R.A.X.: Nebuchan [Neo (2), 2002]
  • Nebuchan (O.R.G.A.N. Mix)
  • Nebuchan (Original Mix)

Katana: In The Line Of Things / Gemini [Silver Premium, 2002]
  • In The Line Of Things
  • Gemini

Blank & Jones: Desire (Part 3) [Gang Go Music, Edel Records, 2002]
  • Desire (Silverblue Remix)
  • Desire (Accuface Remix)
  • Desire (DJ Garry Remix)

JFK: Whiplash [Y2K, 2001]
  • Whiplash (Original Mix)
  • Whiplash (Bad Habit Boys Mix)

Shadow (7), Mel (7): Eternity [Twisted Minds, 2002]
  • Eternity (Gary D. Hardbass Mixx)
  • Eternity (Gary D. Out Of Space Mix)
  • Eternity (Espuma's Trance Mix)

Slipmatt: Space [Concept Music, 2003]
  • Space (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)

Pagano: Packet Of Peace / Blade [BXR, 2003]
  • Packet Of Peace
  • Blade

2x 2OU: Timeless [Massive Records, 2002]
  • Timeless
  • Black Hole

Fragma: Man In The Moon [WEA Records, Gang Go Music, 2003]
  • Man In The Moon (2003 Club Mix)
  • Man In The Moon (Duderstadt Remix)
  • Man In The Moon (DJ Kadozer Remix)
  • Man In The Moon (DJ Kadozer Dub Mix)

2x The Mystery: All I Ever Wanted (Devotion) [Xtravaganza Recordings, 2002]
  • All I Ever Wanted (Devotion) (Vocal Mix)
  • All I Ever Wanted (Devotion) (Instrumental Mix)

Aluna: All Of My Life [Nukleuz, 2003]
  • All Of My Life (Van Check & Fierce Extended Mix)
  • All Of My Life (Airpanel Remix)

Creative Lab: Unreal [Liquid Recordings, 2002]
  • Unreal (Original Mix)
  • Unreal (Club Mix)

Pale-X: Hibernation [Seventh Sense Records, 2003]
  • Hibernation
  • Hibernation (X-Ceptional Mix)

Christopher Lawrence: Nitro [UG, 2003]
  • Nitro (Fluid In Motion Remix)
  • Nitro (Machineries Mix)

Silvester: Believe [Impetuous, 2003]
  • Believe (Original Mix)
  • Believe (Midsummernight Remix)

Andy Jay Powell: Summerwave [Active Sense Records, 2003]
  • Summerwave (Andy Jay Powell's Mix)
  • Summerwave (Mike Nero Remix)

Jessy: Look At Me Now [Ultra Records, 2003]
  • Look At Me Now (Extended Vocal Mix)
  • Look At Me Now (Radio Edit)
  • Look At Me Now (DJ Philip Remix)

Alex Gold, Philip Oakey: L.A. Today [Xtravaganza Recordings, 2003]
  • L.A. Today (Greed Is Good Mix)
  • L.A. Today (Original Minimalist Mix)

Erotic Starlet: Do You Love Me [Music Man Records, 1993]
  • Do You Love Me (Lovesexy Music)
  • Do You Love Me (Original)
  • Love Me To (B Sexual Mix)

2x Trinity-X: Fantasy [Not On Label, 2002]
  • Fantasy (Original)
  • Fantasy (Remix)

Hi-Gate: Hurricane [Incentive, 2003]
  • Hurricane (Instrumental)
  • Hurricane (Vocal)
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