BLU X 8.2.2020 @ Tampere

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[BLU is a collective of Bass Lovers, United, from different Tampere-based crews]

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This time we celebrate our tenth BLU event, so this one’s gonna be special!! And if you’ve been to our parties before, you know how we roll… Each DJ will provide varied selections with plentiful drums and tons of bass to make your booty shake and soul vibrate.

The legendary Square Off Soundsystem - a massive pile of hand crafted quality speakers - will deliver the crispiest beats straight to your cranium while the heavy, heavenly bass will make your inner organs shift places.

So put your dancin' shoes on.. this night is all about drum&bass!

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Tickets: 10€ - CASH ONLY
Location: -TBA-
BYOB - no food or drinks sold at the venue
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BLU crew:

DPIKS [Hamara Suomi]


ESC [Straight Up Breakbeat / Medschool]

CHRIS ROBIN [Forms / Dreadmark]

JAMMYG [Tampere Puistoreggae]

SELECTA BONDAIS [Tampere Puistoreggae]

JAHNA [Tampere Puistoreggae]

RETROME [Spinni]




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