Molly(CZ), Oso + Elektrus Erektus 7.2.2018 @ Helsinki

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Minimalistista ja synkkää turpaanveto-teknoa ja lähiö-discoa hardware-syntikoilla.


OSO is a new experimental music expedition that is destined to fail miserably in all its ambitious endeavors. OSO has started its journey with simple idea of combining sound aesthetics of lo-fi black metal with throbbing beats from techno music. This kind of forced marriage rarely works and OSO is no exception. Nevertheless – if OSO leaves you disappointed – you can comfort yourself with the fact that the feeling is mutual. OSO holds no hope or interest for you or your pathetic meaningless existence.


Prague based electronic producer MOLLY is mining sound from the very bottom of his gear and balancing on the edge of techno, acid, minimal and other unidetified genres. Outsourcing the classics, but always out of the cliche.




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