AuralCandy.Net 9th Anniversary Radio Show @ 15.9.2017

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#1 • • AuralCandy.Net Premium House Music Podcast
Exclusive live broadcast featuring Deep House, Tech House, Latin House, Funky House, Techno and Hip-Hop mixes by DJs MK-Ultra & Mesmic. Slots are limited, so be sure to tune in early.

Time & Date

Friday 15th of September @ 19:00 (UTC+3)

Facebook Event

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  • Deep House & Tech House Session by Mesmic (60 min)
  • Latin House & Funky House Session by MK-Ultra (60 min)
  • Techno Session by Mesmic (30 min)
  • Hip-Hop Vinyl Session by MK-Ultra (30 min)

About AuralCandy.Net

AuralCandy.Net is a House Music podcast hosted by MK-Ultra & Mesmic - a Finnish DJ duo with a quarter century of combined experience under their belt. Over eight years running, AuralCandy.Net podcasts have reached thousands of listeners all over the world. AuralCandy.Net collaborates with over 50 record labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Piston Recordings, Tall House Digital and Vision Collective Recordings.