Club Interface Wäiski takeover 26.8.2017 @ Helsinki

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Club Interface takes over Wäiski's two floors on this special event that will rock the boat!

Server Room (Synthpop, ebm etc.)

Vogon Poetry Live (Sweden)
Dj E-Prom (Resident DJ at Synthetic and AMP. Founder of Electronic Force. Sweden)
Dj PhObiA (Club PhObiA resident, Sweden)
Dj E-110
DJ µ
Dj Ikari (Resident)

Firewall stage (Psy trance)

Miikka L (Ravenation, Special psy set)
Polly (Sangoma records, Kosmos Festival)
Stone Cold (Special Hi-Tech set)
Dj NoiZu (Infektio,Industrial Psy set)

Visuals VJ Move at Server Room
Visuals VJ MetaMystik at Firewall stage

Early Bird tickets 11€ inc. cloackroom (Limited time)
Pre-sale tickets 13€ Includes cloackroom fee (3€)
Door 10€ + 3€ cloackroom

Free entry for Birthday people (+/-5 days)