Kekricore 5.11.2016 @ Tampere, Suomi

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Kovaydin.NET loudly presents..


Hecate [AT/US] (Zhark International)
₡▲L▲Ⱨ▲₦ [BG] (Game of Cores)
Noison (Kovaydin.NET)
Shatterling (Kovaydin.NET)
DJ Talman (Kovaydin.NET)

Fractal Swamp [SE/RU]
DoomsDay Sounds (Kovaydin.NET)
Stak Etop (Tenkale)
Teknoaidi (Kovaydin.NET)

VJ Mustavirta (Hamara Suomi)

22:00-22:30 EOF live (#experimental #flashcore)
22:30-23:30 Noison (#industrial_techno)
23:30-00:30 Talman (#industrial_hardcore #crossbreed)
00:30-01:00 Teknoaidi live (#shamancore)
01:00-02:00 Hecate (#breakcore #speedcore)
02:00-02:45 Stak Etop live (#acidcore)
02:45-03:30 Fractal Swamp live (#minimal_hardcore_techno)
03:30-04:30 Shatterling (#dnb #skullstep)
04:30-05:00 DoomsDay Sounds live (#hardcore #speedcore)
05:00-06:00 Callahan (#mentalcore #industrial_tribecore #early_terror)

Bileet ovat yksityinen kutsutilaisuus! Ilmoittaudu nimilistalle mailaamalla itsesi sekä mahdollisesti mukana saapuvien kaverien etu- ja sukunimet osoitteeseen avaruusveli ÄT gmail com otsikolla ”Kekricore”. Kutsuja on rajallinen määrä, joten olethan hyvissä ajoin liikkeellä! Infot bileistä lähetetään mailitse n. viikko ennen tapahtumaa. Tukimaksu 5e.

The party is a private invitation only event! Get invited on the guest list by e-mailing your and your friends’ first and surnames to the address avaruusveli ÄT gmail com with the title “Kekricore”. There is a limited number of invitations, so it’s better to act early than too late! The party info will be sent by e-mail approximately 1 week prior to the event. Support fee 5e.

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Illan headlinerin esittely:
Rachael Kozak aka HECATE has left a resounding impact on the world of dark electronics ever since the start of the record label ZHARK in 1996. Dedicated to all forms of heavy industrial, she spent many years touring the world combining these aesthetics up against the hyper speed rhythms of breakcore and speedcore to decimated dancefloors in the blackest hours of the night. Now based in Finland she will make a special appearance DJing an eclectic mix of noise, breaks, unreleased tunes and doom laden ambient.

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Fractal Swamp is an experimental music and arts group of 3 guys in 3 different cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Stockholm. Group performs improvised electronic music and video using analog devices, electroacoustic instruments and Max/MSP. This time, group will be represented by Nikita Kabardin from Stockholm who will play minimalistic hardcore techno with live electronic finger percussion.