X-Treme presents: CONNECTED 12.6.2015 @ Helsinki

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#1 • • mack.the.producer
We are Connected

Connected through the styles, we party together. United for one purpose, the Kicks raising, our heartbeats are going crazy together!

We have taken you on trips of Xtreme genres of music, and this time we will take it a step further!!

As the night gets darker the BPM goes up.

Are you ready for it?
Can you handle the madness and destruction?

*Special LIVE ACT from Germany !


:::LINE UP:::

-The Finnishing Dutch (X-treme Crew) - Millennium

-Nexa (X-treme Crew) - Mainstream

-TNF (X-treme Crew) - Frenchcore/Terror

-LIVE ACT: Del_F64.0 (Antigenitalistic Rrrriot Rec) - Speedcore (DE)
Zara Paz and Zustand D. from Berlin form a duo called Del_F64.0. Del_F64.0 is resisting pathologization of gender minorities and calls their music depathologizing realtime music.


Where: SIDE CLUB, Hietaniemenkatu 7
00100 Helsinki, Finland.

Damage: 7 €

Time: 22.30 hrs.

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#2 • • Karski Pomon kätyri
Mahtava lineup, hyvä nähdä uusia kavereita puikoissa *joo*

Paid by the Alliance
to slay all the giants.