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BIO: MARK HAMILTON is a highly accomplished Techno DJ and Music Producer hailing from the vibrant electronic music scene in Finland. With his roots firmly planted in the city of Tampere, Mark has consistently pushed the boundaries of his craft, captivating audiences worldwide with his unique blend of cutting-edge sounds.

As the Owner and Founder of Spin Underground Records, Mark has been at the forefront of the industry, cultivating a distinct sonic identity for the label. His visionary approach to music production has yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by his debut single, released through Spin Underground Records, which garnered significant acclaim within the techno community.

Notably, Mark's talent extends beyond his own imprint. His exceptional skills as a producer caught the attention of Oxytech Records from Ukraine, who released his first EP. This collaboration showcased his versatility and artistic depth, further solidifying his position as a rising force in the techno scene.

Mark's illustrious career as a DJ spans over two decades, with his electrifying sets leaving an indelible mark on various events since 1997. From intimate club nights to large-scale festivals, his ability to curate powerful, immersive experiences has earned him a dedicated following of music enthusiasts. Additionally, Mark's skills as a Radio Host at Radio Star in 2015 allowed him to connect with a wider audience, sharing his passion for techno with listeners around the world.

Throughout his journey, Mark has collaborated with esteemed artists such as Ademir, Plastic Bitch, Chemical Dumpster, DJ Deep Noise, O.U.L.A., and CELEC, all of whom have contributed exceptional remixes to his tracks. This dynamic exchange of ideas and talent has further propelled Mark's artistic vision, resulting in groundbreaking releases that resonate deeply with fans and industry professionals alike.

Mark's passion for music dates back to his early days as a Bedroom DJ, honing his craft and refining his sound since 1995. This rich history of dedication and commitment is evident in his meticulously crafted mixes, which seamlessly blend a wide range of influences and genres, delivering a truly captivating sonic experience.

With a compelling narrative, remarkable achievements, and an unwavering commitment to his craft, MARK HAMILTON stands as a true pioneer in the world of techno. His innovative productions and magnetic stage presence continue to captivate audiences, ensuring his records not only sell better but leave an enduring impact on the global electronic music landscape.

[email protected]

On Youtube:

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Record Label pages at Beatport:

Record Label 1 Name: i4ware Records
Company Official Name: i4ware Software
VAT ID: FI27395946

Record Label 2 Name: Spin Underground Records
Company Official Name: i4ware Software
VAT ID: FI27395946

Past gigs

Name of Party / Venue / Date
Reclaim Street Party II, jatkot / UKK-instituutin ranta / 19.07.1997
Radio Mafia / Leena Lehitisen -radio-ohjelmassa / xx.xx.1998
Varusmies Radio / Hämeenlinna / xx.xx.1998 -->
Anvil vs. Ma'fer / Cafe-in, Nokia / 27.05.2000
Concrete Picnic / Graffittiyard, Pori Jazz / 28.07.2001
Defence Aamujatkot / NuHeaven, Tampere / 13.04.2002
Defence / NuHeaven, Tampere / 17.05.2002
Marathon (OpenMixer Session) / Pulse, Tampere / 22.10.2002
Lavatanssit / Koukkujärvi, Nokia / 29.06.2002
Tuesday Dive / Groove Bar, Tampere / 15.03.2011
Konemusiikin erikoisohjelma / Radio Star, Jälli / 9.10.2015
Konemusiikin erikoisohjelma / Radio Star, Jälli / 16.10.2015
Konemusiikin erikoisohjelma / Radio Star, Jälli / 23.10.2015
Konemusiikin erikoisohjelma / Radio Star, Jälli / 30.10.2015
Turku Goes Rave vol. 1 / Cafe Kåren, Turku / 25.05.2018
Open Decks / Twenty One, Tampere / 16.08.2018
UV-bileet / Bar Prukki, Raisio / 31.12.2018
Open Desks / Twenty One, Tampere / 25.1.2019


Where to buy or listen my music: Beatport, Juno Download, Spotify, iTunes, amazonMP3, Deezer, etc. leading electronic music stores.

Some of the my releases are here:

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Toimiikos nuo giffit? muilla vai vänkääkö tabletti vaan taas vastaa? Liian pitkä osote ku näyttäs torppaavan välin tohon loppuun ". gif" eli ".%20gif"

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Kolera: Noi .gif animaatiot on tehty Nokia Lumia 1520 -puhelimella ja se uploadaa ne Microsoftin omalle palvelimelle, josta johtuen linkit tulee pitkiksi. Joten jos sinulla ei toimi niin uploadaan noi kuvat lyhyemmässä muodossa mun omalle palvelimelle.

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Niin siis kyllähän ne kuvat toimii mutta kuhan jaksaa osoiterivistä poistaa ton "%20"
Ja tosiaan tää on vaan vanhan klubituksen ongelma. Uudessa noi pelittää ongelmitta.

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mark hamilton

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Kolera: En pysty vastaaman sulle normaalisti, koska tässä uudessa Klubituksessa on jokin vika minkä takia en näe viestejäsi jos olen kirjautunut ja tarkistin mun ignore-listan ja sun nikkiä ei ole ks. listalla.

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Sulla on ihan törkeetä klippausta about jokaisessa sun biiseistä.... gainit alas please.