M:2 KPL Eurolite LED SCY-100 RGBW DMX

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noin 1-2h käytetty eli uudet!

myydään yhdessä hintaan 200e. mukaan halutessa pieni strobo kaupanpäälle.

Eurolite LED SCY-100 RGBW DMX - classic beam effect in RGB and white, 1x row of lenses with 7x thomann glass lenses, 27x beams exit from every lens, each colour (RGB & white) can be controlled at every lens, DMX-512 controlled via any standard DMX-controller (9 channels), sound controlled via built-in microphone (microphone sensitivity adjustable via rotary control), strobe effect, auto-mode, internal thomann programs, master/slave function. Suitable for bands, stages or solo entertainers. Includes mounting bracket for trussing installation.

thomann hinta 145e/kpl