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Savage Rehab ( V Recs, UK)
Physics (HJM)
Burma (HJM)


Paitoja myynnissä paikan päällä! kysele!

Savage Rehab have been busy of recent months with their signing to V recordingss. The summer is fast approaching and there is currently a steady stream of sunshine bangers reaching Bryan Gee’s desk in time for the heat of the festivals and outdoor events. Having tunes like “Desire” and “Keep You Close” dropping imminently on Liquid V with their warm bass laden synths and seminal vocal hooks, the Savage duo are aiming huge anthemic vibes at the listener. Colaborating with artists such as Bcee, Bladerunner, Pfm, Mcleod, and Dominator & Flat T; a slew of remix projects will accompany the original music from Savage Rehab headed your way.

Their ethos is to cover the drum and bass music spectrum from Deep liquid to Jungle, through the contemporary Jump Up vibe into the Dark and Tech sounds which they certainly do. This allows them to reach out to the scene as a whole, and also to encourage the listener to explore more of what DnB really has to offer.

First and foremost, Savage Rehab are Dj's. They bring an assortion of mixing techniques to the table including standard '3up' back to back mixes and '1up' dubplate sets comprising of entirely of their own material, to full on 4 deck mixing slamming up to 60 cross the board tunes an hour. Coming from the rural countryside of East Anglia, Savage Rehab cut their teeth playing on the free party scene and putting on nights in and around the local area as well as being booked as far afield as Italy, Corfu, and Amsterdam. Having worked with some of the scenes originators from EZ Rollers to Kenny Ken and PFM, Savage are carving an inevitable new path into Drum and Bass.
If you're looking for something different.. Check into Savage Rehab!!

"I first got to hear their stuff from Roni Size who passed on a CD and told me to keep a eye out... A year later they've had releases on V , Liquid v and Chronic... reason being is they've got it in them to produce music from tech d&b to liquid, jump-up, jungle style and minimal also.. What i love about these guys is their music always sounds like they're having fun and seeing them perform definitely confirms it with their energy..." - BRYAN GEE, V Recordings


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valaiskaa tietämätöntä was is tba
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vappu oli ja meni mutta perjantaina jatkuu meno! Savage Rehab ja V Recordings in the house!!! tulkaa mestoille!