OlliS :: Circle Of Love [Vol2]

By OlliS

"Where there is end there is beginning. Where there is death there is birth. Love is the Universal force that makes us all thrive from life to life in a circular motion."

This mix is dedicated to my soul mate <3


01. Rue Du Soleil : Always Mine [Café Del Mar Music]
02. Bliss : A Way Of Life [Music For Dreams
03. Bliss : Highlander's Heart [Music For Dreams]
04. Lux : 100 Billion Stars [Tundra]
05. Lux : Northern Lights [Tundra]
06. Brian Eno : And Then So Clear [Hannibal]
07. A Man Called Adam : Easter Song [Other]
08. Nitin Sawhney : Tides [Outcaste]
09. Lustral : Everytime (A Man Called Adam Mix) [Hooj Choons]
10. Michael Franks : You Were Meant For Me [Naïve]
11. Bliss : Kissing [Music For Dreams]
12. Bliss : Remember My Name [Music For Dreams]

Cover 1:05:19
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