OlliS : Rumble In The Jungle Vol2 [tribal / house / techno]

By OlliS

So many people have asked me when I do Rumble In The Jungle volume 2 and here it finally is! The mood, the spirit and the atmosphere is pretty much the same as was in the Vol1, but I think this has even a little more twist and groove in it ;)

Let the tribal rhythms move you, guide you into a journey of the aboriginals...

p.s. this time with the tracklist too ;)


00. Biosphere : As The Sun Kissed The Horizon [Origo Sound] (intro)
01. Luciano : Mousa Big Band [Desolat]
02. Tim Green : Kitch In [Dirtybird]
03. Alex Dolby & Santos : Babylon [Bedrock]
04. Timo Maas & Santos : Mutant Africa feat. The African Children’s Choir [Kittball]
05. Layo & Bushwacka! : Summer Gone [Olmeto]
06. Rainer Weichhold : Reis (Carlo Lio Remix) [Blu Fin]
07. St. Maarten : Pony Express [Rockets & Ponies]
08. Santos : Primitive Cannible (Yousef Circus Remix) [Circus]
09. Mutant Clan : Chineses Massage (Alex Dolby’s Dolby Porno Remix) [Rockets & Ponies]
10. Alex Dolby & Santos : Raw Road [Rawthentic Music]
11. Reboot : Ronson [Cocoon]
12. Pappa & Gilbey : The Rhythm [React]

Cover 1:27:02
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house, trance, techno, house