Breaque - Hausaufgabe 03 (House)

By breaque

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Wattie Green - Fly Away (Real Time Hand Motion Remix) [Coyote Cuts]
Inland Knights - Do It Again [Drop Music]
K-nto - Call the Unknown [Claphouse]
Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - What We Do Today [OFF]
Larry Fives - Make a Move [Drop Music]
Soydan - Wanna Move [Yakuza]
Giano - Disco Dancer (Real Time Hand Motion Remix) [Soul Fuel]
Robert Boogert - Turn Me [Drop Music]
Fergus - Hold Tight (Jeremy Joshua Remix) [Greenhouse]
Salvatore Vitrano - The Jazz Room (4Peace Upright Remix) [Cabbie Hat]
DJ Sneak - Sneak Time Acid [Magnetic]
Leonardus - Calling the Shots [Flapjack]

Cover 1:03:25
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