OlliS : Dark July Vol9 [Cosmic Storm]

By OlliS

Remember Dark July Vol3? For many, it has been the ultimate favorite mix of the Dark July series. It was titled "Storm Rising" and now after 6 years the storm is back as an evolved form, arising deep inside the Cosmos and flushing over us at a blink of an eye leaving us wonder what just happened? This is dark, groovy, melancholic, progressive, epic and straight-forward...

cover-art by: James Hill


01. Luis Junior : Colache (Sometimes Mix) [Bedrock]
02. Timo Maas : Kick1Kick3 [Rockets & Ponies]
03. Steve Lawler : Violet [Viva Music]
04. Behrouz & Andy Chatterley : Lost In Translation (Timo Maas Mad Day Remix) [Audio Therapy]
05. Timo Maas : Cash Johnny [Rockets & Ponies]
06. Pappa & Gilbey : Validate (Blackwatch Remix) [Regress]
07. Oliver Huntemann : La Boum [Confused]
08. Sven Väth : The Beauty And The Beast (Eric Prydz Re-edit) [Cocoon]
09. Shlomi Aber : Propaganda (Paul Ritch Remix) [Ovum]
10. Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick : Human Reason [Drumcode]
11. Joseph Capriati : The Gallery [Drumcode]
12. Guy Mantzur : Amorphous Love (Ian O’Donovan Loveless Mix) [Flow Vinyl]

Cover 1:15:01
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trance, techno, house