OlliS - The Story Of Me [Vol2 - Unio Mystica]

By OlliS

This epic and eclectic mix was featured as a Frisky Radio's artist of the week mix about a month ago. In 2004 I made a mix called "The Story Of Me", which was a combination of sounds at the time that really represented my style. This is the second part for it, seven years later the path has taken me into this point. Relax and enjoy, you might even want to party at points ;)

I like to combine and mix various styles of electronic dance music (EDM) varying from nu-disko to tech-house to ambient and everything in-between. I usually go with the flow and changes in my current states of consciousness, but this time I decided to make a "greater", more planned and prepared effort. I spent last 2-3 days planning the mix literally spending 6-8 hours a day collecting records and buying new tracks, analyzing them, making match-tests for which tracks fit together and created a story of changing phenomenal states for the two-hour journey. There is always a story in my mixes and this was no exception.

The story begins from a beach club or really calm lounge, warming the things up with 121BPM nu-disko, creating the positive atmosphere with layered sounds and vocals. From there I shift the state to a clearly more horizontally broadened layers of sounds, with more bass and fulfilling elements and groove. At around 40 min. we're flying somewhere above the skies with Nick Warren's Buenos Aires song, which is a brand new track, and the 100th release on his "Hope" recordings. Just marvelous, blissful.

From there, flying high in the skies, I switch to a bit more melancholic moods, narrrowing the sounds to more acoustic-like "flying-in-a-ball" type of layered soundscapes. I just love epic melancholia, it changes my mood to a phenomenal state which I have no word for (something between bliss, sorrow, joy, belonging). From "My White Zebra" to Lamur (AM mix) there is an incredible flow of melancholia just merging the tracks together (I was experiencing a causal witnessing state while in the mix of this part). With "Incognito" the train starts to go a little faster, little harder, going to the climax... just to see how are things in the beach club we were at the beginning with "Tigerskin - The Beach". The people go crazy and it's time to introduce Sander Kleinenberg's MANIAC track, which literally blasts the roof of the club!

From there there are arising questions of ending, getting down-to-earth, fading on the bliss and taking the root of the Earth, grounding ourselves for the final high-point of the trip. Guy J & Miriam Vega, sure know how to "Fly", which ends the story from a 3rd person perspective, seeing all of the listeners flying high in the sky but still grounded on Earth; it's the spirit and changed state of consciousness that is flying. There is no flyer or the the sky, just the flying; non-duality arises as we emerge with this beautiful piece of music.


1. Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Rework) [Phantasy]
2. M.A.N.D.Y. & The Sunsetpeople – Our World (Our Music) [Get Physical Music]
3. Amine Edge – I Love The Way You Make Me Feel [Homes Art Music]
4. Omid 16B – Rain [Bedrock]
5. Guy J - Electric Tale [Bedrock]
6. Arithmetics – For The Faint Of Heart [Freerange]
7. Nick Warren – Buenos Aires [Balance Music]
8. Ryan Davis – My White Zebra [Wunderbar]
9. Radio Slave – My Bleep (Roman Flügel Remix) [Rekids]
10. Nomad In The Dark – Drones (Send Me Mix) [Balance Music]
11. Guy J – Lamur (AM Mix) [Bedrock]
12. Radio Slave – Incognito [R&S]
13. Tigerskin – The Beach [Monza]
14. Sander Kleinenberg – M.A.N.I.A.C. [Little Mountain]
15. Sasha – Who Killed Sparky? [emFire]
16. Ryan Davis – The Wolve (Max Cooper Remix) [Irm]
17. Lank – On A Tear [Balance Music]
18. Guy J & Miriam Vega – Fly [Bedrock]

Cover 1:57:06
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