Marcus Maison & Will Dragen - Another Dimension

By Marcus Maison

"Another Dimension" will be released exclusive on Beatport; April 25th.

A thick, new bass has made the ZOUK label tremble. Brace yourself for the upcoming weeks, cause summer is about to kick in with a new, spicy track by Finnish producer duo Marcus Maison & Will Dragen. Leaving us longing for more after their 'In The Horizon', 'Road To Euphoria' and 'Digital Freedom', the duo keeps things fresh and warm with new weapon 'Another Dimension'.

Playful, but with a melodramatic touch, 'Another Dimension' is one big adventure into melodic house, prog and nothing but absolute feel-good! Marcus Maison & Will Dragen have just unleashed the new summer hit of 2011!

[Armada Music / Zouk Recordings]
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