OlliS presents: The Sunday School of Spirit [downtempo/ambient/chill/house]

By OlliS

This mix is a live recording from last weekend’s The House Special party. I was playing while people were dining. Expect to hear very atmoshperic soundscapes and a deep trancey flow for the first half. The second half is featured with more electronica and deep house music. In my opinion this is a perfect combo for chillout sundays.


01. Diatonis : White Sand Blue Water [Diatonis]
02. Deuter : Cinque [New Earth]
03. Kenji Williams : Buddha Embryo [ABA Structure]
04. Kenji Williams : Progress of The Soul [ABA Structure]
05. Tokyo Boulevard : Thinner Horizons [Subtraxx]
06. Kaito : Nothing Could Be More Peaceful (Beatless Version) [Kompakt]
07. Exoplanet : Owl Crosses River And Sea [Particles]
08. Solee : Legends (Slow Motion Mix) [Parquet]
09. Dinka : Hotel Summerville [Enormous Tunes]
10. Kaito : The Breath Of Spring (Beatless Version) [Kompakt]
11. Nebular Spool : A Plankton Affair [Uncanny Planet]
12. Robert Leiner : Dream Or Reality [R&S]
13. Erik Sumo Band : Disco In My Head (Synus0006 Remix) [Chi]
14. Sven Van Hees : Matrass Mambo [Life Enhancing Audio]
15. Digby Jones : Pinacolada (Jazz Mix) [Zero One Music]
16. Trickski : The Warm Up (CB Funk Remix) [Delusions Of Grandeur]
17. Kaito : And That Was The Way (Echospace’s Shinjuku Sedative) [Kompakt]
18. Jay Shepheard : Movin In [Retrofit]
19. Kink : Bitter Sweet [Liebe Detail]
20. Nalin & Kane : Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix) [Superfly]
21. Bomb The Bass : Up The Mountain feat. The Battle Of Land And Sea (Gui Boratto Remix) [K7]
22. Burial : Dog Shelter [Late Night Tales]
23. Kuniyuki Takahashi : Ocean Waves (Minilogue Moves The Waves To The Woods Remix) [Mule Electronic]
24. House Of House : Rushing To Paradise [House Of House]
25. Caribou : Sun [Cooperative Music]

Cover 2:35:49
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chill, chill, house, disco, house