Cybred - Mix For Hytky Midnight Society 7.5.2010

By cybred

NOTE: Party location will be released only on Hytky members’ mailing list - JOIN NOW!

Techno freaks gather ’round! Most of us would agree we need less clutter in our lives, and a certain degree of physical and/or emotional space from our lives, the media, and even the things we love. Our Midnight Society has acquired a warehouse space of 600 sqm to realize our wildest fantasies of an underground techno event. Get ready to lose yourself in the music!

If you would like to become a member of the Midnight society, raise your right hand. Stand up. Whereever you are, show us your solidarity. At midnight, will you stand? If you are standing near your porchlight, would you turn it on? If you’re in water, will you splash? If you’re in bed, will you get ready to dance on your back, in Technicolor. If you’re riding or driving, will you flash your lights and honk your horn? Just to let everybody know that you are definitely down in this town. This edition of the Midnight Society has now been called to order.
May the funk be with you. Always.


Carl Graig - Twilight
MTS & RDTH - A white boy, a mexican & an engineer
Ian pooley - The beaty and the beast
Model 500 - No UFO's (D-mix)
Debbie Deb - Lookout weekend
Soundstream - Dance with me
Matthew Dear - The Crush
Razz - Say it
Jeff Mills - Fantasia
Traxx & Deecoy - Are you saved?
Fingers inc - I...'m Strong
Inner City - Big fun
Grandmaster Flash & Furious five - Survival
Ian O'Brien - Heartstrings
Van Christie - That shit's wild
Raheem Hershel - The Sneepey
Lil Louis & Diamond Corp - Why U Fall
Monolake - Plumbicon

Cover 40 plays
oldskool, trance, house, techno