Remotion - Escapism [powertrance]

By remotion

One hour trip away from all the pressures of stressful everyday life,
a journey to the ocean of trance...

Destination selected.
Press Play to Escape!


Handel - Sarabande (G&A Project)
Steffan Cambridge - Blue Moon (Brisky Warlock Remix)
Sebastian Brandt pres. Genua - Secret Staircase (Pressure Mix)
Denga and Manus - The Prophecy (Voilition Mix)
Sean Tyas - Lift (Original Mix)
Thomas Datt - Evaporate (Stoneface & Terminal Mix)
K.K.E. - Life At The Musicshop (Extended Mix)
Selu Vibra - Divine (Original Mix)
Ultraform - Colours of The Fifth Rainbow
Venom pres. Kasuma - Witness

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hard, trance