MK-Ultra - Man Plans God Laughs (Deep House)

By AuralCandy.Net

While MK-Ultra is not exactly a man of faith, this old Yiddish proverb holds true just the same. Like the Universe itself, House Music sometimes leads to strange and unexpected destinations.


01) Joyfull Family - Pamphlet [Original Mix]
02) A.M.X. - Secret Lover [Original Mix]
03) Jader Ag - Rouge [Original Mix]
04) Motiva - The Gambler [Original Mix]
05) George Moraitis - No Fate [Original Mix]
06) Jakhira - Boston Rascal [Original Mix]
07) Ritz - Way Too Many [Original Mix]
08) Ramboiage - I'm Going To NY [Original Mix]
09) Joyful Noise - Ouganda [Original Mix]
10) Dofamine - For My Love [Jakhira's Unconditional Mix]

Cover 55:56
23 plays
chill, house