MK-Ultra - Playa del Carmen (Deep House)

By AuralCandy.Net

Revived by the warm sun and the white beaches of the Yucatán Peninsula, señor MK-Ultra serves up a Deep House treat sweeter than a churro and hotter than a habanero. Inspired by the rhythms of Playa del Carmen, this sensual mix flows like the waves of the Caribbean sea. Arriba, arriba! Andale, andale!


01) Tuneon - We Don't Learn [Original Mix]
02) Marius - London Chicago [Original Mix]
03) Leandro Silva - Rewind [Original Mix]
04) Twitchin Skratch - Nightfall [Original Mix]
05) Capryo - Move On [Original Mix]
06) Joyfull Family - Take Me Up [Original Mix]
07) Bicycle Corporation - Everybody Wants a Swimming Pool [Original Mix]
08) Capryo - Hold Back [Original Mix]
19) Jerico - Hollywood [Original Mix]
10) Alexey Lisin feat. Ann Di - Gloss [Original Mix]
11) Toka & MATTuK - Antidote [Arturo Garces Remix]
12) MK-Ultra - Sunrise at 07:26 [Outro]

Cover 1:04:50
39 plays
chill, house