Mix #8

By morfin_mafer

Mixed with two Traktor Kontrol D2 and Traktor Kontrol S4 plus Machine Jam and Studio.
Traktor Remix Set is self made by Morfin Ma'fer with Maschine MKII and Maschine 1 software.


1. Sisko System (Original Mix) by AnGy KoRe
2. Do you want (Original Mix) by AnGy KoRe
3. Do You Know (Original Mix) by AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita
4. Get em all (Original Mix) by AnGy KoRe
5. One Hat (Original Mix) by AnGy KoRe, Gabriel Padrevita
6. Radio Therapy (Original Mix) by Tonikattitude
7. Z6 (Torsten Kanzler & Alexander Weinstein Remix) by Hackler & Kuch
8. Darkness (Tonikattitude Remix) by Timao
9. Narco Techno (Ekomatik Remix) by Tonikattitude
10. Hidden Vision 01 (Original Mix) by Tonikattitude
11. Advertise With The Death (Shadym Remix) by Tonikattitude
12. Armageddon (D.N.S Remix) by Tonikattitude
13. Mind Control (Fabrizio Pettorelli Remix) by Abductions
14. Chopping (Marika Rossa Remix) by Gabeen
15. Subconscious (Original Mix) by Kaiserdisco, The Southern
16. R13 (Original Mix) by F-Rontal
17. Wobble Butt (Marika Rossa Remix) by Hell Driver
18. Sphere (Original Mix) by D-Deck, Alex Mine
19. Spring Splash (Angy Kore Remix) by Pappenheimer
20. Cylinder (Original Mix) by Hell Driver
21. System Hack (Original Mix) by Carlo Ruetz
22. Sincero (Hell Driver Remix) by Marc B, Juan Mora
23. Sentence (Hell Driver Remix) by Valerio Panizio
24. Damaged (Original Mix) by Hell Driver
25. Demolition Floor (Angy Korermx) by Gathy

Cover 1:35:55
76 plays
hard, techno