MK-Ultra - After Hours (Deep House)

By AuralCandy.Net

The nightlife calms down and the city grows silent. First light glimmers on the horizon, but such a dawn is too beautiful to be wasted on sleep. Fellow night owl MK-Ultra charges to the rescue with a Deep House mix that keeps the party going for a moment longer. Indulge yourself with a moment of downshifting.


01) MK-Ultra - After Hours Overture [Intro]
02) Ad Brown - Calibre [Orsen Remix]
03) Andy Book - Short Circuit [Original Mix]
04) Demarkus Lewis - I Do It Naturally [Original Mix]
05) Andy Book - FlexKey [Original Mix]
06) Marco Madia - Keel-Billed [Original Mix]
07) Capryo - Entity [Original Mix]
08) Redwaxx - My Ground [Original Mix]
09) Aitra & E.F.G. - Splash Out [Hey I Was First Mix]
10) Marco Madia - 21 Souls [Original Mix]
11) Beyond Beats - Give It To Me [Original Mix]
12) Boyard - After Hours [Original Mix]

Cover 1:02:58
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chill, house