Enhauser Solarix

By morfin_mafer

New mixtape by Morfin Ma'fer AKA Art of the Scene.


1. Electric (Dubspeeka Remix) by Kaiserdisco, Cari Golden
2. In This Chaos (Matt Mus Remix) by Marika Rossa
3. Don't Touch My Cocaine (Marika Rossa Remix) by Tonikattitude
4. Ask Me (Marika Rossa Remix) by Fabrice Torricella
5. No Way Out (Marika Rossa Remix) by David Suono
6. Gonna Fu (Original Mix) by Matthew Bomb
7. Dirty People (Sheef Lentzki Remix) by David Temessi
8. Black & White (Marika Rossa Remix) by Luix Spectrum
9. Dimension (Marika Rossa Remix) by Tobias Lueke
10. Fixed Action Pattern by SURGEON
11. Raw Hide by Ben Sims
12. This is MDFCKS! (Original Mix) by Kevin Coshner
13. Dann's (Original Mix) by Perfect Beat
14. Storm (Original Mix) by Twist3d
15. Time To Dance (Original Mix) by MINIMALFLEX
16. Spastik (Dubfire Rework) by Plastikman
17. On Hold (Original) by Juan Sanchez
18. Northern Comfort (Original Mix) by SQL, Child
19. Kat At Your Own Risk (Original Mix) by Jeff Mills
20. Minus/Orange1 (Original Mix) by Richie Hawtin
21. Don't Laugh (Richie Hawtin Remix) by Winx
22. Don't Laugh (Acapella) by Winx
23. He's a NAUGHTY BOY (Rework_PN) by DeepHouseSociety
24. Step To Enchantment (Stringent) by Jeff Mills
25. Access (Justin Bourne & Dynamic Intervention Remix) by DJ Misjah, DJ Tim
26. Pullover (Original Mix) by Speedy J
27. Klave - Original Mix by Speedy J
28. Statikphunk (Ambivalent Remix) by Richie Hawtin
29. The House Of House (Original Mix) by Cherrymoon Trax
30. Amplified Ambient 3 (Original Mix) by Morfin Ma'fer
31. Betrayer (Amplifier Mix) by Morfin Ma'fer
32. Renegade Master (Original Mix) by Takeydo
33. Sunday Bells by Reynaert
34. Shrink by Ilya Orange
35. Flat Beat (Original Mix) by Mr Oizo
36. The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella mix) by AGE OF LOVE
37. Renegade Mastah (Original Mix) by Hi-Lo
38. No Limit (Axel Karakasis Remix) by Armystrial
39. Black Hole by Alen Milivojevic
40. The Rescal (Bretthit Remix) by Sebastian Groth
41. Tramonto by Armystrial
42. Cofunction by Noise Vector
43. Raw & Beautiful by Emanuele Amendola
44. Shadow (Original Mix) by Locarini

Cover 2:00:00
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disco, house, techno