TammerRUSH - Hocus Pocus

  From until   Tickets 8€   Age limit: 18   http://www.clubrush.org  
Diva, Tampere  
, hard,

PROTEUS (Säde, Logic, Teflon Bullet) - SEBASTIAN (Rush, Nousu, Teflon Bullet) starring KRIS KYLVEN (Atomic Reactor, Rush, Teflon Bullet) - CARBON BASED live (Rush, Finrg, Electronic) - PAIN ON CREATION live (Teflon Bullet, Finrg Hard, Camel, Electronic) - RX (Teflon Bullet, Finrg) - CIRCLE (Dragon) - VINCENT VEGA (Dragon) - FRIIK (Säde) - TRITON (Säde)


it`s going to be hard as nails ....

the top of the Finnish artists, all together for this night only + VJ Move, Chix on Dix, double laser attack!

.... these are the moments of our life, we never forget!

Advance tickets 8 e (+bf) available from:

Tampere Epe`s
Helsinki: Nousu (Iso Robertinkatu 36), Street Beat & Tiketti

From door 10e, members 8

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