Mental & Sindissential & Klubi presents VIOLENZ

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Klubi, Turku  
, hard, trance, psy, techno, jotain

Sienis (Swe / LIVE), Proteus, Circle, Tom Cruel, Negatiivi,Positiivi, Luna G, Ujin, Psygen, Rocca, Mekha, Dynamia

Sienis (SWE) -LIVE .:: Dreamtime Recordings
Sienis is Eki Jokisalo, born the year 1981 in the southern parts of Stockholm, Sweden. His musical career started in 1997 with a short period of making hiphop music, that after a year lead to his co-project called Axiomis.
But after Eki’s visit in Goa, India for the new years of 2000, there was inspiration and ideas for a new sound. This resulted in the 'Sienis' project. So now, with influences from every soundwave he hears, he creates music that is focused on to make the dancefloors go wild & crazy in a psychedelic frenzy with hard, funky, weird & twisted party psy.

Proteus .:: Säde, Logic UK (

Circle .:: Defence

Tom Cruel .:: Sindissential

Negatiivi&Positiivi .:: Mental

Luna G .:: Tku (psy)

Mekha .:: New talent! (hard house)

Ujin .:: Mental (psy)

Rocca .:: New talent! (hard house)

Psygen .:: Mental (psy)

Dynamia .:: Sindissential (hard house)

Lights: Tourtek
Decorations: Violenz Decoration


0115-0230 PROTEUS
0000-0115 SIENIS -LIVE
2300-0000 CIRCLE
2200-2300 TOM CRUEL

0115-0230 LUNA G
0000-0115 DYNAMIA
2300-0000 UJIN
2200-2300 PSY-GEN
2100-2200 MEKHA
2000-2100 ROCCA

Trip from darkness to hallucinations