From until   Tickets 25€   Age limit: 18  
Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki  
chill, hard, trance

MAIN STAGE Merikaapelihalli:
BK [Nukleuz/Frantic] (Uk)
GUFFY [Nukleuz/Frantic] (Uk)
CALLY & JUICE [Nukleuz/Bionic] (Uk)
PROTEUS [Säde/Logic]
TIN TIN [Dirty Dj´s] (Uk)

TRANCE AREA Pannuhalli:
MAGELLAN PROJECT- live! [Drizzly Recordings]
JUSSIS [Alliance, Essence]
TREMONT [Docklands, Konva, Roska]
WERT [Trinity]
ZWEK [Trinity]

CHILL: Hima & Sali
Kenjido Okiru [Kryoteknik, R-Syke Promotions]
Unik [Drama]
IDI [Trinity]
Kinli [Alternative]

Advance Tickets 20 + BF


DOORS OPEN @ 19.30



01.30-03.30 BK
23.45-01.30 CALLY & JUICE
22.15-23.45 GUFFY
21.00-22.15 PROTEUS
19.30-21.00 TIN TIN

Visuals by Jaykay & Stefu G ( Tranzexperience & Liquid)


01.30-03.30 Wert
00.30-01.30 Magellan project-live
22.30-00.30 JussiS
21.00-22.30 Tremont
20.00-21.00 Zwek


01.30- 03.30 Kinli
23.30- 01.30 Unik
21.30- 23.30 Idi
19.30 -21.30 Kenjido Okiru


Helsinki : Streetbeat (Aikatalo, aikakäytävä), Honesty (Annankatu 9)
Tampere: Spiritstore (Hämeenkatu 10)
Turku: Levypörssi (Hansakortteli / thaalia 2nd floor)
Lahti : Rouza
Hämeenlinna: Ääni ja kasetti
Loviisa: Loviisan autogrilli

Pre booking for areas not in close vicinity of major outlets;
please send your name,age, telephone number and full address to: [email protected]
Your name will be added to the paying guestlist.( 15)

[email protected]

[email protected]

This Summer...prepare to go HARD!!!

Presented by Paradox Productions in conjunction with Nukleuz Records
and INDE promotions.
There will be T-shirts sold on the night with profits going to Irti Huumeista Ry.

LISA LASHES - worlds number one female dj and queen of Hard house!
09.06.2004 @ Ravintola Maestro
Tickets on sale now!

Special priced Trinity tickets on sale during the evening!

Trinity-trance edition, coming up in the fall 2004

DJ profiles:


Ben Keen aka BK is the UK’s number 1 producer floor filling hard dance music. For 8 years BK has been the production engine behind the growth of Clapham’s (SW4) massive dance label: Nukleuz Records. From Nu NRG to Hard House to the new breed of Techno / Hard Dance, BK has led the production sounds. He has made over 100 12”s & remixes (including the massive: Hard Beat 12”s, Cortina ‘Music Is Moving’, E-Trax ‘Lets Rock, Fergie & BK ‘Hoovers n Horns’ and ‘Revolution’) and literally sold 100,000’s of 12”s without ever selling out and having a cheesy crossover hit.

As a member of the a-list DJ circuit since 2000, Ben has appeared at the biggest dance events on the planet including; Dance Valley in Holland (100,000 people), Global Gathering UK, Gatecrasher Summer Sound System UK, Impulse NL, Frantic HardHouse Academy UK, Creamfields UK, GodsKitchen NEC UK, Judgement Sunday Ibiza, Lashed Ibiza, Gallery UK, Slinky UK, Buzz @ Nation USA, Code Japan. He is resident at the two most forward thinking hard dance events in the UK: Frantic´s Convergence and Nukleuz´s Riot! at The End. As the number one producer in the UK, he has built up a reputation as the DJ with the latest productions and has been responsible for the introduction of techno into the hard house scene.
BK was voted producer of the year in this years Hard dance awards.
He has also released solo and joint productions under the following pseudonyms:
BK / Razor Babes / Cortina / Sister Suck / KY Jellybabies / Astra / Beatbusters / Twink / Hardbeat / Atomic

Guffys legendary debut was for Frantic at Creamfields in 2002 and consistently dazzling performances at almost every Frantic event since led Guffy to being announced as Frantic’s first new resident in 3 years this year – joining the elite list of Andy Farley, Phil Reynolds and Steve Hill as well as being invited to join the Nukleuz DJ agency. Quickly becoming known as ‘the DJ’s DJ’, Guffy’s technical skill has to be heard to be believed. Giving both the crowd and the mixer a thorough workout is the order of the day when Guffy climbs all over the decks.
Guffy writes the articles and reviews in the Hard Dance section of the world’s biggest selling clubbing magazine Mixmag. He also is also part of the team of four who own and control, an internationally renowned clubbing resource. Guffy recently appeared in Mixmag’s feature ‘Meet Britain’s best new DJ’s’ in April 2003 and has gained coverage in several regional and national press publications throughout the UK.

Cally & Juice

Cally has been DJing since 1993 and started his first residency in 1994, with ´Southern Exposure´, at the time Wales´ largest dance music event where he played once a month to a capacity crowd of 1,500. Since 1996 he began work at Wales´ leading independent record store, Catapult in Cardiff.
Juice started DJing in 1995 where he became a resident for Tick Tock in Swansea, which at the time was the most popular weekly dance club in the South West.
Since they both started DJing, they have also both had numerous other short-term residencies and have played regular guest spots around the U.K. most weekends. From the end of 1997, as they were competing for the same bookings and playing a similar style they decided to start playing ´back to back´ sets. They have played many sets on Cardiff´s X-Press FM radio station and also BBC Radio Wales.
Just like many other top name house DJ´s (Carl Cox, Colin Dale and more recently Billy Bunter and Brisk/Stimulant DJ´s) they came from the rave/hardcore scene where they played for many of the top promoters such as Dance Planet, Devotion, Dreamscape and Helter Skelter, playing to crowds as big as 10,000 capacity.

Tin Tin
Tin Tin is a rising star amongst the Dirty DJ ranks.From early beginnings with his residency at N.R.G. in Morden to playing almost every major event in the capital, all in the space of just one year! He has graced the decks of some of London’s greatest venues including, Ministry of Sound, The Camden Palace, The Fridge and Canvas to name but a few. In his second DJing year now you will find him playing regularly for events like Frantic, Logic, Wildchild, Oblivion, No Limits & many more.
Through his hard work and dedication he has built a very strong following that recently earned him the title of Harderfaster Up & Coming DJ of 2003, voted for by readers of London’s biggest Hard Dance Clubbing Website He has consistently shown massive signs of talent, in each of his chosen styles, constantly pushing boundaries and crossing over genres, in a passion for powerful energetic music. Tin Tin defines himself as playing ‘energetic, uplifting, hard dance music’, whether it is techno or freeform as long as its good it gets played. Famous for his diversity when playing, he has been known to surprise but always satisfy crowds and has played sets from 145 bpm and reached peaks of 170.

DirtyDjs Events
Re Generate @ The Fridge Bar
Oblivion @ The George IV
Oblivion @ The Fridge
Oblivion presents: @ The George IV Radio

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