MILLENNIUM ”conquest.”

  From until   Age limit: 18  
CARIBIA & 994 HALL, Turku  
, chill, hard, house, techno, trance, jotain



after all those uncertain times ... the search is finally over.
come share the treasure with us - let's conquer a new territory!

MILLENNIUM "conquest."
21.02.'004 21.00 - 06.00 @ CARIBIA & 994 HALL, TURKU - FINLAND. >> www

capacity 3000 people. | age limit 18. | 4 arenas. | map.

tickets from door : main event 20 eur | 25 eur with caribia spa.
advance tickets (available 12.01.'004 >>) : silver 16 eur + booking fee | gold 20 eur + booking fee.

SILVER advance ticket = warm-up + main event only.
GOLD advance ticket = warm-up + main event with caribia spa.

GOLD and SILVER tickets from internet :

PIRJON BAZAARI. | humalistonkatu 8 - TURKU.
STREET BEAT. | mikonkatu 8 - HELSINKI. | mon - fri 10.00 - 20.00. sat 11.00 - 17.00.

// MAIN ARENA. // 994 HALL. / 23.00 - 06.00.
04.00 - 05.30 RADIOTRANCE-live. // RUSSIA | ESTONIA.
02.30 - 04.00 MIKE KOGLIN. // noys records. finrg agency. / UK.
01.00 - 02.30 COSMONAUT. // RUSSIA | ESTONIA.
23.00 - 01.00 COSMO. // millennium resident. GODSkitchen - FINLAND.

+ videoscreens by VJ JFish & VJ espion. // millennium. / turku.
+ LJ theba // millennium. / turku. & LJ jussi // ILSS / turku.

// CLUB PROGRESS ARENA. // CARIBIA CLUB. / 21.00 - 04.00.
01.30 - 03.30 HENRIK LÖWENHAMN. // focused. monday bar. / SWEDEN.
23.30 - 01.30 MR.A. // misc. / helsinki.
22.30 - 23.30 HOMEGROVE. // / rauma.
21.00 - 22.30 SEB & ATEAH FALL. // klubi. / turku. & progress. / turku.

+ videoscreens by VISUAL SYSTEEMI : VJ Naive & VJ Hahmo. / turku. >> www

// CLATTER ARENA. // LOBBY. / 21.00 - 06.00.
04.00 - 05.30 BURDOCK. // X-rust. / turku.
02.00 - 04.00 SERGEI SHKUROFF. // millennium music management. madwave. unreal. / tampere.
00.00 - 02.00 BENEDIX. // millennium resident. GODSkitchen - FINLAND. / turku.
21.00 - 00.00 URMAZ & TOMMY DEEJAY. // drama. / helsinki.

// FIILIS ARENA. // CARIBIA SPA with swimming pools, waterfalls & -slides. / 21.00 - 01.00.
21.00 - 00.30 DJAY-B & TOUKKA. // fiilis. / kouvola.

the inner tube - slide. | measuring 117 metres (383 ft.).
the black hole -slide. | 80 metres (262 ft.) long and has light and sound effects.
the wild river -slide. | 25 metres (82 ft.) long.

FIILIS. / KOUVOLA. - strong candidate for nominate this year :
club of the year / website of the year / new dj of the year (dj niki)

// PLUS.
• HESBURGER. // extended opening hours til 01.00.
• IGOR clothing. // shop open 21.00 - 06.00.
• magician JiiPee. // magician of the year 2001 (CITY-magazine). / kouvola.
• MOSSO-dancers. // KIDi & heini. / helsinki.
• MILLENNIUM-info. // kitty. / turku.
• sound & lights by ILSS. / turku. & NIGHTLIGHT. / helsinki.
• decorations. // SACO. // dust decorations. / helsinki.
• event photographer. // JONE. // sessions. / helsinki.
• event photographer. // TfO. / turku.
• event photographer. // JENNI JÄRVI-LATURI. / turku.

MILLENNIUM "conquest warm-up."
friday 20.02.´004 2200 - 0400 @ KINO, kauppiaskatu 8 TURKU. >> www

01.45 - 03.30 FUNK MECHANICS. // turku.
00.30 - 01.45 MIIKA KUISMA -live. // subtraxx. JOOF. / helsinki.
22.00 - 00.30 CINNAMON & LUCY LUKE. // millennium house babies. / turku.

22.00 - 03.30 hosted by : DEFA & CAJ WIRMAN. // turku.

22.00 - 03.30 hosted by : DIFFÁS. // flavor. / lahti.

age limit 18.
tickets : 5 eur / free entrance with advance tickets!

MILLENNIUM "conquest after-party."
sunday 22.02.´004 0500 - 1200 @ KLUBI, humalistonkatu 8 TURKU. >> www

10.00 - 11.30 Mr."D". // millennium resident. GODSkitchen - FINLAND. / lahti.
08.30 - 10.00 COSMONAUT. // RUSSIA | ESTONIA.
06.30 - 08.30 PETE INPUT. // millennium resident. GODSkitchen - FINLAND. / turku.
05.00 - 06.30 SEB. // klubi. / turku.

age limit 18.
tickets : 8 eur / 5 eur tickets from the main event!

HELSINKI : 040-772 5068 / [email protected]
TAMPERE : 040-046 6835 / [email protected]



Sokos Hotel Seurahuone, Eerikinkatu 23 TURKU.

Aivan Turun keskustassa. 131 uudistettua huonetta, 3 eri sisustustyyliä – valittavana amerikkalais-, italialais- ja itämaistyylisiä huoneita. Osa huoneista savuttomia. Kaikissa huoneissa huoneistokohtainen jäähdytysjärjestelmä, minibar, silitysrauta ja -lauta, housuprässi, hiustenkuivaaja, satelliittikanavat sekä Pay-TV sekä osassa huoneita ISDN-linjamahdollisuus.

Hotellissa välimerenhenkinen ruoka- ja seurusteluravintola Sevilla.

Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs, Kauppiaskatu 6 TURKU.

Suosittu hotelli aivan ydinkeskustassa, Kauppatorin laidalla. Hotellissa 346 huonetta, joista 6 suitea, huoneet uudistettu v. 1999-2001. Osa huoneista savuttomia. Kaikissa huoneissa huoneistokohtainen jäähdytysjärjestelmä, minibar, silitysrauta ja -lauta, housuprässi , hiustenkuivaaja, satelliittikanavat, Pay-TV sekä osassa huoneita myös ISDN-linjamahdollisuus.

Hotellissa kattava ravintolamaailma; Oskarin Olohuone, Fransmanni, Shamrock Café, Börs Night Club, Börs Bar, Cafe Börs ja tilausravintola Jugendsali.

Sokos Hotel City Börs, Eerikinkatu 11 TURKU.

Edullinen hotellivaihtoehto Hamburger Börsiä vastapäätä. 60 tilavaa ja viihtyisää huonetta; vastaanotto, aamiainen ja muut palvelut Hamburger Börsissä.


Sokos Hotel Seurahuone
50 / 1hh / vrk
58 / 2hh / vrk

Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs
55 / 1hh / vrk
65 / 2hh / vrk

Sokos Hotel City Börs
48 / 1hh / vrk
54 / 2hh / vrk

Huonehintoihin sisältyy buffet aamiainen ja Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börsissä aamusauna ja -uinti.


Myyntitoimisto avoinna ma-pe klo 08.30-16.30, puh 02-337 3800, fax 02-2311010, e-mail [email protected]. Varatessa on mainittava tunnus ”MILLENNIUM”, jotta erikoishinta on voimassa.

Huoneita on rajallinen määrä.

pirate dictionary. // some terms and sayings that pirates have been known to use.

pirates rules and black'n'white rocks the shore.





Radiotrance project was founded in Tallinn in 1993, now based in Moscow. Famous project in Russia, they already have made many live performances and dj-sets in hundreds of cities of Russia and other countries, on such big events as Loveparade (Berlin), Freedom Parade (Estonian loveparade), Instation (Moscow), Orbita rave (Moscow), Vostochny Udar (S-Peterburg), DJ Parade (S-Peterburg), SunDance Music Festival (Tallinn), Revolution (Tallinn), and many other events, on one stage with THE PRODIGY, WESTBAM, LEXY, DA HOOL, MELLOW D, COLIN DALE, LIBERATORS, ASTRAL PROJECTION, COSMOSIS, ROBERT MILES, ANTILOOP, HYBRID, DARUDE, PPK and many other musitians. They have 12" releases on following labels: Transient (UK), MFS (Germany), Apelsin (Estonia), Extraphone (Russia). Three CD albums released. Their "Russian EP" was in Paul Oakenfold's TOP 10. Radiotrance were voted as best Russian electronic band (Funny House Dance Awards).

After they've been to Finland last time in 2002, Radiotrance have made two releases in Russia: maxi-single "PALEVO" (december 2002) on new label UPLIFTO (run by their friends PPK), and new album "3RD REATHING" (august 2003) on Extraphone rec, Moscow. Video for the first track of the album can be seen on music channels in Russia and other countries. It's available for free downloading:

These days Radiotrance perform on stage as band of 3 members:

Ed Cosmonaut, founder of the band. Creates basic electronic sound of Radiotrance. Operates electronic devices and plays percussions;

Olesya, young and pretty member of the band. Sings and plays flute;

Michael Voinov, professional musician since 1991. Plays guitar and other instruments.

Free of style-frames, they make energetic sounds full of positive emotions, mixing electronic beats with live sounds. That turns their live performance into a real show!

Soon they are going to be on stage near you... don't miss!

Radiotrance on stage photos : 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07


COSMONAUT. // radiotrance. uplifto rec. mfs rec. / RUSSIA | ESTONIA. >> www

Eduard Gubin, also known as DJ Cosmonaut, was born and spent his childhood in Riga, a town of USSR that days. After moving to Tallinn, He has graduated in school, which was slightly specified on music. There was some equipment in a music class, and Ed started to play in one row punkrock schoolband. At the same time he started to DJ at school partys. So, DJing and making music has become Ed's favourite things from his soviet youth. From 1988 Ed was a member of sintie-pop band Modest League, which became quite popular in Estonia. In 1990 he became a resident DJ in discoteque TMK in Tallinn. Then he played in many other clubs, partys, and in 1993 has founded Radiotrance together with DJ Zayats and other friends. The idea was just to make some good dance tracks for clubs, and to make performance with that. But things has developed far: the tracks has became big hits in Russia, and Ed has got many gigs and record contracts. After moving to Moscow in 1995, he played in many partys around Russia and Baltic states as DJ and with Radiotrance.

After release on MFS records (1998) Cosmonaut was a DJ on MFS track on Loveparade (Berlin), played also in legendary club Tresor and then in many other partys worldwide. Three albums, many singles, mixes, compilations with Cosmonaut's tracks and remixes already released... new music is on the way!


MIKE KOGLIN. // noys records. finrg agency. / UK. >> www

Mike Koglin is a producer, remixer and DJ based in London, UK.

Having grown up in Bonn, Germany he relocated to London in 1990 where he was inspired by the early british dance music scene and he soon started to work with dj's and producers from the UK underground. Having made a name for himself as a talented producer it wasn't long before he began to work with dance legends such as Boy George and Jeremy Healy. Koglin's and Healy's track 'Stamp' reached no 11 in the UK charts in summer '96, and since then many of his productions have entered the top40. His production of 'When Will You Learn' co-written with Boy George even got nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording in '97.

But it was in 1998, bitten by the Trance bug that was flooding into the UK that Mike truly found his forte; moving away from the House sounds into the powerful, driven world of Trance. This soon yielded production gems such as "The Silence" and "On My Way" on Multiply which both hit the UK charts in 1998/99, and with the success of Mikes clean, polished trance sound remix offers soon began to come in. With over 50 remixes in the last 5 years, Mike has remixed not only dance classics such as Lustral "Everytime"; DreamCatcher ''I Don't Wanna Loose My Way''; and Brainchild "Symmetry C"; but also such big tunes as ''Fine Day'' (Kirsty Hawkshaw from Opus 3) or Dido's "All You Want " (see discography)

Besides releasing records under his own name he has worked under many different guises such as 'Clubzone', 'The Argonauts' (with DJ Dave Ralph), 'Planet K', 'Divide&Rule', or most recently 'KoTa' and 'State One'.

In 2002 Mike forged an ongoing working relationship with Trance master Darren Tate (of Jurgen Vries and Angelic fame) which recently brought us Tate vs Koglin - ''Now Is The Time'' and 'KoTa - 'Waiting', and with the Dirt Devils he's formed the 'Skoob' project. Another collaboration to look out for this summer is his work with U.T.O, a Trance workout of truly anthemic proportions...

This year is the year Mike has chosen to launch two massive projects - one under the name of "State One" out as a major release on Incentive in august. The first State One single ''Forever And A Day'' is already being caned by the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Graham Gold. Cleverly utlising a seriously well known but so far untouched sample this tune looks set to be one of the summer anthems of 2003..

His other project is the launch of his label NOYS MUSIC. Designed as an outlet for new tunes on the harder side of Trance this label - as the name suggests - is here to make some serious noise in both the world of Hard Dance and Trance. On the darker, harder side the first release on NOYS is a collaboration with japanese dance floor master Energy Dai, entitled "Loaded". Championed by the likes of Nick Sentience, Tom Harding and Phil Reynolds this Hard Trancer was awarded 'sureplayer of the month' in DJ Magazine (5 stars).

Having had so many years of success producing gems of Trance for the dancefloor Mike has turned his attention onto the decks, and this is presently reaping its rewards - internationally having played at huge events in Japan three times in the last year, in Germany and around the UK. Mike, an immensly talented producer and a wizzard on the decks should show himself to be one of the ones to watch as a DJ in the next year.


HENRIK LÖWENHAMN. // focused. monday bar. / SWEDEN.

Starting out at the local nightclubs and student pubs on Gotland in the early nineties, gave Henrik the appetite for more, but moving to Stockholm meant a full-time job, and no time for djing. He kept buying records, and played at friends partys, but after going to Ibiza and London in 1999, he felt like it was time to get some gigs. Playing at some bars weren't enough so Henrik promoted some small partys in 2001, bringing over Paul Louth from the UK. Doing that, other promotors in Stockholm noticed Henrik, and in february 2002, he landed his first proper clubgig.

After the summer he got to play at both Fokuseds weekly club, and the big break, playing with Monday Bar-promotor Johnny Boy at the legendary Monday Bar. A gig Henrik had dreamt about for at least 8 years.

2003 kicked off with a great gig at Monday Bars friday club, warming up for some of Swedens best djs. After that, Henrik got his mixed aired on Paul Louths Protonradioshow, and on swedish national radios dancemusicshow.

In april, Henrik made his first appearance on the main floor at one of Stockholms biggest venues, Munchenbryggeriet, warming up for Trance Nation (!). A few days later, he headlined the breaksfloor together with Putte Ponsbach at Renaissance, Stockholm.

In may, Henrik again warmed up the main floor at Munchenbryggeriet, this time for Steve Lawler and Sander Kleinenberg at the Global Underground vs. Excession party.

August 2003 has been the most successful month so far, playing the main floor at Monday Bar with Dana and the gig of his life, warming up for James Zabiela and Sasha, once again at Munchenbryggeriet.

Henriks style is mostly techhouse and breaks, but stretches over the whole housespectrum, from the deep stuff to the more banging, often mixed up with breaks. It's always funky, and the main objective is to make people dance and enjoy themselves. Regarded by many as one of Swedens best warmup-djs, but also known to play a bit harder when the opportunity is there. Favourite producers are among many, Jesper Dahlbäck, Terry Francis, Bushwacka! and Gideon Jackson.


COSMO. // millennium resident. GODSkitchen - FINLAND. >> www

In 1994, the adventurous, fifteen-year-old Cosmo attended his first techno-oriented event, which awakened him to the wonderful world of rave. Inspired by the experience, he wanted to rediscover the thrill he had while creating tunes on his Amiga 500 as a young boy and thus headed out to become a Dj.

The first gigs Cosmo had mostly took place in events organized by him and a small group of friends in his former home town, Vaasa, during 1995-1997. After a while Cosmo often found himself travelling to other cities and playing for larger crowds in well-known venues.

Early in the year 2000 he received an invitation to play as a resident-Dj in the Millennium Organisation, which established his position in the ranks of finnish club artists. "My aim is to embrace the world through melodic trance with deeper and more progressive tunes in between, which has always been my sound."

Nowadays he has had the pleasure to play alongside the hottest Dj-names in Finland as well as top class foreign club culture heroes. His future plans include getting a foothold in other countries and finally releasing some of his own production.


MIIKA KUISMA -live. // subtraxx. JOOF. / helsinki. >> www

Miika kuisma is an electronic music producer based in finland. His interest in electronic music production began in 1992, citing influences from Oliver Lieb, Faithless, Way Out West, Sven Vath, Moby and early Eye-Q. Today, his main styles straddle dark, atmospheric trance, tech-house, and introspective chill-out music, often with his uniquely dark and aggressive underlying elements. Miika is mainly producing music for London based JOOF Recordings owned by John “00” Fleming. Apart from his solo project he has also involved in several other projects collaborating with other producers (including John “00” Fleming and Misja Helsloot). His other projects include AR52 (with Dj Tab) and Fluid In Motion (Luke Chen).

Apart from original productions, Miika is also heavily engaged as a remixer and worldwide well known as the founder of Subtraxx collective. Subtraxx is gathering all the rising top producers under the same roof and their bi-weekly radio show Subtraxx Experience has become one the most popular shows on this leading electronic net radio.

During 2003 Miika has developed strong reputation and respect among the worlds trance scene. At the moment he is considered as one of the most promising Scandinavian producers.

So far his music has been playlisted and supported by Djs such as : John “00” Fleming, Armin Van Buuren, Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, Matt Hardwick, Scott Bond, Graham Gold, Misja Helsloot, Lange, Tall Paul, Sarah G, Gareth Emery, Andy Perring, James Cosgrove, Anjunabeats, Niklas Harding, Gary Dillon, Richard Hitchell, Alex Kidd, Jason Kinch, Paul Mendez, Jon o’Bir, Camilo Perales, Marc West and more...



FUNK MECHANICS on kahden turkulaisen, ari porolan aka. phace ja teemu laineen, muodostama DJ-duo. ari ja teemu tapasivat toisensa ensimmäisen kerran vuoden 2002 syksyllä turussa.

ari aloitti DJ-keikkailun vuonna 2000 pienissä underground-bileissä ja on sen jälkeen soittanut ympäri suomea eri kokoisissa tapahtumissa. uran alkuaikoina arin setit koostuivat trancesta ja teknosta, mutta ovat muodostuneet myöhemmin groovaavaksi houseksi & teknoksi.

teemu on soittanut levyjä 90-luvun puolesta välistä alkaen erinäisissä UG-tapahtumissa. keikkailut vähentyivät radikaalisti viime vuosina ja hän keskittyi enemmän oman musiikin tekemiseen. teemu on julkaissut musiikkiaan parilla suomalaisella levy-yhtiöllä. yksi biisi on löytänyt tiensä myös saksalaisen electrocord levy-yhtiön "electro empire" kokoelma ep:lle. samaisella levy-yhtiöllä ovat levyttäneet mm. sellaiset maailmalla tunnetut nimet, kuin hardfloor ja freddie fresh.

ari ja teemu saivat pitkän suunnittelun jälkeen ensimmäisen B2B-keikan vuoden 2003 syksyllä. näissä absolute millennium -tapahtuman warm-up bileissä nähdyt yleisön hurmokselliset reaktiot ja lukemattomat keikkatarjoukset johtivat konseptin vakavempaan suunnitteluun ja FUNK MECHANICS sai alkunsa.

FUNK MECHANICS tunnetaan rautaisesta selektiosta, rullaavista biiteistä, groovaavista bassolinjoista ja tiukasta, karismaattisesta, lavaesiintymisestä. selektio on kaikkea mahdollista likaisen breaksin, elektron, housen ja teknon väliltä. omin sanoin he kuvailevat soundiaan näin: "rullaavia biittejä, rullaavia bassolinjoja ja kilkattavia perkussioita - sellaista mikä saa omankin pyllyn pyörimään".

stay tuned for more.